Goth Nights: How to Fix Them?

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picture of DJ Hex, goth night promoter

I started blogging because I figured I have lots of opinions on things and that I should write them down somewhere. Maybe someone who found one of my many editorials on things entertaining, would also check out my music. However, sometimes I find someone who has a similar opinion and also offers a different perspective. Here is a guest post from DJ Hex, a promoter and DJ friend of mine on the state of “goth culture.” I agree with many of the points he makes here. At some later date, I shall write an article of my own, but for now,

DJ Hex has the floor:

“I noticed in a conversation with a friend tonight that had me really thinking about the nature of most goth nights and the song selections and traditions (this includes deathrock too). It’s true that it’s a big problem when people keep requesting the same songs from decades ago not just because they’re classics but because they don’t seem to want to hear anything else.

There’s hundreds of new bands…

out now in the current goth, post punk, deathrock and darkwave scenes and the prevalent attitude is that for a chunk of bands it’s ok to constantly ape a select few acts instead of going off on your own tear and doing something original. I do agree that it’s incredibly lazy to keep picking bands based upon how much they sound like the flagship acts and that some songs do need to be retired because they’ve been played to death and (this includes a few Sisters songs, Bauhaus tracks and the like) no matter how much people request them, you need to focus either on lesser known tracks by those bands or preferably, just play excellent tracks by new talented bands to keep ushering in new eras in the genres so that they can survive and hack away at the various cliches and conventions that are holding the styles back.

Goth now is associated with…

so many negative traits such as narcissism, greed, selfishness, and back stabbing that it makes people forget that it used to be a beautiful thing when it first branched off from punk. It was just a dark, beautiful and thoughtful and progressive form of music that still had the anger and energy and sarcasm of punk without the dumbed down aspects that were trying to work their way into the punk scene.

What needs to happen is…

to do away with all of the old attitudes and views about what goth needs to be and focus on bringing back the emphasis on saying what you really want to say or have to say, trying out new ideas, not worrying so much about a tag and working with others. If we can do that, then perhaps just maybe, goth, for all the label is worth, will at least lose some of the ugliness that’s associated with it now through the media and people spurned by it; even if people no longer want to use it. At least with that, if someone ever calls them that, at any period of their careers as bands, they won’t have to be ashamed.”

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House of Lies

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This video for my song “House of Lies,” was made on a very slim budget with the help of two good friends of mine. The song was written about the many cultural “truths” that are actually lies that we are trained to believe from birth. These lies form the walls and roof of a house that we are then forced to dwell in, limited and ignorant. People are now starting to question their validity, and thus the building materials of the “house of lies” are revealed for what they are, shoddy and brittle facades preventing one from seeing the truth.

Many people have told me that they have enjoyed it, so if you like it, please give it a “thumbs up.” I would be grateful! :-)



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2011 Theatre of the Vampires Ball Promo

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Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat Fan Club used some chamber music that I composed in the background for a video promoting the 2011 Theatre of the Vampires Ball. This annual event, will be held in New Orleans on the evening of Oct 28th, 2011. This is very exciting for me personally, because I’ve finally gotten a piece “placed” in a video, and it’s being put in front of people who will probably like Sapphire Rebellion!

In addition, local New Orleans Literature Examiner and renaissance fair queen, Dionne Charlet, has published a piece detailing Ms. Rice’s posting of the video, and a summary of the event and the promotional video: Read Dionne’s article. I am also mentioned in the article, so I “made the news” so to speak! :-D

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