⭐SHARK WEEK Return to Isle of Jaws Review 👈

hey today we’re gonna take a look at this cool toy we found it’s a Shark Week discovery toy aisle of jawbone asset return to aisle of Jaws it’s got a cool boat in a cage it comes with three different sharks and two figures and some little accessories I’m gonna I don’t know you can take them out we’re gonna take them out and hold on can you take these little accessories out of course we’re gonna take them out and playing with them and see what we got oh that’s a surfboard you can put the guy on it let’s see and we have a little there’s a best look you totally fits let’s get the trap out where’s the baby shark here it is oh he’s in the cage okay go oh that’s too big for his head okay this guy yeah so you can take this little helmet on and off but it doesn’t come completely off we’ve got a little camera tripod so we can set that up here and take pictures of the Sharks oh oh oh look at that it’s a really big camera oh you got to be careful with your little pcs and snap that but it can go around his neck what is it it goes look this goes around this neck it’s like Oh a little pair of binoculars a little shirt briefcase there was no instruction books it was there makes the noises and it’s got wheels you would think they would at least say last time remember last time so I’m thinking it doesn’t really say well you know whether you can put it water or not but I’m assuming because there’s a battery compartment that it’s that you don’t but it would be nice if they said at least said warning this boat will just not go with no water yeah but if it’s a better Department it doesn’t say that it’s watertight oh there is a notice on the side that says attention the batteries are intended for in-store demonstration purposes only they may become weak or discharged prior to purchase okay so don’t expect your batteries to last long very nice hey guys oh you know what I think he gets in here okay that’s what it is he gets in here and he’s protective so when the shark swim by I can’t get in so what kind of sharks turbos those aren’t hammering great like job they’re not hammerheads Wow no you want to get mr. shark maybe this is supposed to be like a great white are the great white sharks I thought they were gross right whales is that no I don’t know you sure I don’t know my sharks they are one of the biggest shirt well the biggest shark is actually a whale shark the biggest one but they don’t they eat plankton like a fish eat your finger family look at this video scuba diving now voting the way oh wait oh wait I’m gonna drop and he did good yeah where’s the traffic oh oh I think his brother tried to put his binoculars on I think this works right oh that’s a little big for his head he’s falling over that’s clever ex really really cute while you lose in the water level right he’s got his he’s got his waterproof flashlight I can eat you you know yeah oh oh we gonna vote oh this will all these sex reason foggy sorry over well that is the return to Isle of Jaws Shark Week boat sets it’s a cute little fun playset thanks for watching thanks for watching you

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