0617 – O Juízo Final

Truth and Life, a moment of reflection and
inspiration for your life a program of the Presbyterian Church of the
Brazil Truth and Life with the Shepherd Hello, by the grace of God we are starting
another Truth and Life program, God has given us the opportunity to enter the
your home to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ, on the word of God.
A program aimed at glory of the Lord Jesus.
Thank you very much for your attention and whole family.
In today’s program, Pastor Hernandes will bring us a message that
generally do not listen in the TV,
we may not have heard a message like this in many religious temples of our country,
he will talk about the doomsday. But before we talk about this topic through
a biblical message from the Reverend Hernandes,
I would like to invite you to do with us from this ministry of
evangelization here on television. You can contact us at
Monday to Friday during business hours free of charge as a sign of our
gratitude the book by Pastor Hernandes:”Drops of
hope for the soul, “there is a meditation for each day of the year,
It will be a blessing, it will build you and Thank you! As announced,
We are going to deal with today’s program. on the final judgment and we will base this
message in 2 Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 10.
Let’s hear the text read. The Bible is absolutely eloquent and clear in informing us that there will be a
where God will judge the living and the dead.
There will be kings and vassals, servants and doctors, illiterates, the rich and the
poor, religious and atheists. We will all have to appear before the
court of Christ to give an account of the our life and we receive a good or evil,
according to our works. The final judgment is an absolute necessity, claimed by the holiness of God.
In this world on this side of the grave, innocent are often regarded as
guilty and guilty as innocent. Here the courts run the risk of
being unfair, witnesses are bought, judges sell their conscience,
criminals are able to circumvent the law and escape the rigor of justice,
but there is a fair court, the court of God, and from that, men do not
can escape. Who is the judge? Jesus Christ, was constituted by the Father as
judge, No one can bribe you, no one can
corrupt it. Who are the defendants in this court?
All men, because all of us We need to appear before the court.
of Christ. No one will escape, no one will run away,
no one will be able to sneak the law, nobody will be able to bribe this
court, no one will be able to escape the rigor of
law. The Bible says that the wages of sin it is death and the soul that sinning will die.
Who will be the witnesses in this court?
The Bible says that on that day the books will be opened and we will be judged
according to what is written in the books. And then witnesses will rise
against us, first, our words. The Bible says that you will handle the
day of judgment for every word frivolous you uttered.
Do you remember them all? Do you speak bad language? Are you scolding? You speak evil of the
others? Do you tell immoral jokes? Do not you remember? Ah yes, but everything is
recorded in the annals of the court of God. Second, we will account for the day of the
judgment for our works, What did you do, your father did not see your mother?
did not see, your wife did not see, your husband no, he saw his children did not see, his
neighbors did not see, the law did not God was there.
When you closed the bedroom door for no one to see,
he was there. You can not escape the judgment of God,
and you will account on the day of judgment for their works. Yet, says the Bible,
we will be judged for our omissions. If you know you should
do good and do not do it, you are sinning. When you fail to succor the afflicted
at your door, you are sinning; when you fail to give bread to the hungry,
water the thirsty, clothes to the naked, when you stops watching the stranger and also
visiting the sick, you are sinning. How many things do we not do that
constitutes a terrible sin of omission; and we’re going to have to be accountable
on the day of judgment. But even more so in fourth place, the Bible says we’re going to give
account on the day of judgment for what we we think, for what we
heart to our secret desires. The court of God has jurisdiction over
judging were intimate, God judging the secret of our hearts.
Who can escape? Who can go through this fine comb of God?
Absolutely, by merits, by works, no one will escape.
Therefore, the Bible says that another book shall be opened, the book of the life of the lamb.
If someone has not been found with your name written in the book of life, this one
will be thrown into the lake of fire and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for
all eternity. This final judgment knows why?
Because you do not have a higher instance to appeal.
This is the last judgment, there are only two sentences:justified or
damned How can you escape? The only way is
you today recognize that you are a sinner, Today you confess your sins, it is
today you look to Jesus Christ, Son of God, because only in him, now, you
finds redemption. For his works you will inexorably be condemned;
because it would not be enough for you multitudes of sin for you to be
condemned, one sin moves you away from the heaven, because in heaven nothing can enter
contaminated. But the Bible says that Jesus Christ came into the world as his guarantor,
as his substitute, as his redeemer, and when he was there on the cross, God cast
on him the iniquity we all. He was made sin for us, he
carried on his body on wood the his sins and when he was there in the
he cried out in a loud voice: consummate
it’s paid! He who believes in me should not nothing more! It’s justified!
Then on that glorious day of judgment, When you come, Jesus, your
lawyer, who paid for his sins with your blood will say to you:
“Come, you blessed of my father, enter into possession of the kingdom that is prepared for you
from the foundation of the world. “But if you not recognize their sin today, not
confess your sin, do not regret of him, not to put his trust in Jesus,
word on that day will be very hard: “Depart from the accursed to the fire.
eternal, prepared for the devil and his angels “.
What’s your choice? What is your decision?
We do not have time to lose, flee from the wrath to come, run to the
arms of Jesus, seek shelter in it, there is still time.
Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near. Today
Jesus is your advocate, today Jesus is the your Savior, today the door of grace is
open to you, tomorrow may be too late, tomorrow you
will face the judgment. The Bible says that when man is ordained to die once,
after which the judgment came. After you die there is no more
today is the opportune day, today is the day of salvation.
I want to pray with you, I want to pray for you.
Where are you, pray with me, repent, believe in Jesus and you will receive life
eternal. And the Bible says that the one who is in Christ, will not enter into judgment, but
passed from death to life. God, I pray that your Word will be
applied to the hearts of those who watch, that they may repent,
that they believe, that they may be saved, in the name of Jesus, amen. Pastor Mota, come and join us Pastor Ricardo Mota:thinking there, you need courage to
get a message like this. You that watching us I ask:what was the
last time you hear a message about the Last Judgment?
It’s not a message that we like listen, we like to hear more than
We are going to dominate the world, not we will have illnesses and everything will be a
sea ​​of ​​roses But it is not what the Bible says, and we have the commitment
with the Holy Bible, Pastor Hernandes has a commitment to preach the gospel
what’s he like. I hope the Holy Spirit speaks to the
your heart. Thank you for being here with us.
Our program is terminating, but we We will be back next Saturday,
at the same time, on this same station. God bless you and your family!

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  • Jesus Cristo tenha misericórdia de nós ! Essa mensagem é pra ser pregada todos os dias , porque é pra lá q estamos indo !

  • Pastor a paz do senhor Jesus, me explica uma coisa que fiquei meio na dúvida. Até os que já confessaram que Jesus Cristo é o Filho de Deus e que morreu por nós, irão passar pelo juízo? Por que a Bíblia diz que nós não somos salvos por nossas obras, mas pela graça e misericórdia de Deus. E no início você fala que nós seremos cobrados pelas nossas obras. Desculpe pela minha ignorância,devo não ter compreendido direito a pregação.

  • Essa mensagem e necessaria em cada pulpito
    Que Deus abencoe esse ministerio
    Que Jesus multiplique os anunciadores da verdade biblica
    Que a paz do Senhor Jesus seja com todos
    Otimo sabado a tds

  • Uma feliz semana de bencaos

  • Deus abencoe o ministerio . Boa semana

  • Que palavra maravilhosa

  • Muito bom… Hernandes Dias Lopes é benção

  • poxa pastor de coração msm admiro o senhor mora no meu coração sério sério mesmo pastor

  • Aleluias! !!

  • Mensagem abençoada

  • Amém meu Deus obrigado pela palavra meu pastor

  • A um equívoco, o Rev. Misturou, três julgamentos distintos, como se fosse um só.

    Seguindo a ordem bíblica:

    1° O Tribunal de Cristo, só os CRENTES.

    ( Porque é necessário que todos nós sejamos manifestos diante do tribunal de Cristo, para que cada um receba o que fez por meio do corpo, segundo o que praticou, o bem ou o mal.
    (2 Coríntios, 5).

    2° O Julgamento das nações, no final da grande tribulação.

    ( Quando, pois vier o Filho do homem na sua glória, e todos os anjos com ele, então se assentará no trono da sua glória; e diante dele serão reunidas todas as nações; e ele separará uns dos outros, como o pastor separa as ovelhas dos cabritos;
    (Mateus, 25).

    3° O Juízo Final, todos os ímpios de todas as épocas.

    ( E vi um grande trono branco e o que estava assentado sobre ele, de cuja presença fugiram a terra e o céu; e não foi achado lugar para eles.
    E vi os mortos, grandes e pequenos, em pé diante do trono; e abriram-se uns livros; e abriu-se outro livro, que é o da vida; e os mortos foram julgados pelas coisas que estavam escritas nos livros, segundo as suas obras.
    O mar entregou os mortos que nele havia; e a morte e o além entregaram os mortos que neles havia; e foram julgados, cada um segundo as suas obras.
    E a morte e o inferno foram lançados no lago de fogo. Esta é a segunda morte, o lago de fogo.
    E todo aquele que não foi achado inscrito no livro da vida, foi lançado no lago de fogo.
    (Apocalipse, 20).

  • Tribunal de cristo é uma coisa, juízo final é outra.

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