25 Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

– There are numerous reasons why sleeping is many people’s favorite activity. This peaceful part of
our day or night, rather, it is vital for both our
physical and mental wellbeing. It’s a state of mind
when we can dream, relax, restore our energy, etc. We often tend to think of our slumber as a very inactive and quiet activity, but as you’ll see in this video today, that’s not true at all. You’ll be surprised to learn how many things are actually
going on in our bodies when we are having a doze. You don’t need to worry, though. All the things are totally normal, helping your body to work
properly once you’re awake again. As long-term sleep deprivation
can have devastating effects on your health, it’s important to understand
and appreciate your sleep. After all, we spend a whole
1/3 of our lives sleeping. Therefore, today’s video
with things your body does while you sleep might come in handy, as it’ll help you better
understand what’s going on in our body while we slumber away. From bruxism and sleepwalking
to exploding head syndrome and sleep apnea, here are
25 things your body does while you sleep. (upbeat music) (light music) 25, as most of our muscles
become inactive during sleep, the body burns fewer
calories than during the day. So the body’s temperatures drop. Scientists have figured out that your body temperature
is usually lowest at around 2:30 a.m. 24, though covered with your eyelids, your eyes move during sleep. In fact, their movement even differs with the particular stages of sleep. First they roll, and later on when we
get into a deeper sleep, they twitch and dart about. However, we usually don’t remember this. 23, sudden twitches and hypnic
jerks are mostly associated with the first stages of sleep. They’re usually harmless, but they might be strong
enough to actually wake you up. 22, there’s a good reason why most of your muscles become
paralyzed during sleep. If they were active, you’d be
able to act out your dreams, which would be, of course,
extremely dangerous. 21, the top layer of the skin is made of closely packed dead cells, which are constantly shed during the day. During sleep, the skin’s
metabolic rate speeds up, and many of the body’s cells
show increased production and reduced breakdown of proteins. As proteins are needed for
cell growth and damage repair from factors like UV rays, deep sleep may, indeed, be beauty sleep. 20, we take in all this
information all day long, and most of it is luckily forgotten, says sleep specialist Christopher Cowell at UCLA School of Medicine. If you remembered everything,
it would fill up your brain. So a sorting process
takes place during sleep. 19, unlike most other muscles, throat muscles do not become paralyzed and are needed for us to breathe. However, they are more relaxed, causing the throat to narrow. This might also help
contribute to snoring. 18, during slow wave sleep, the human body secretes
bursts of growth hormones that stimulate growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. All sleep, even during the day, is associated with secretion of prolactin, an important regulator
of the immune system. 17, one study showed that
people who received flu shots and were sleep deprived the
next night did not create the antibodies required to
protect against the flu. Therefore, if you notice the
first signs of an infection, try to sleep as long as you can to give your immune system
time to beat the illness. 16, while sleeping, you lose water through perspiring and
breathing out human air. This happens during the day, too, but eating and drinking
negates any weight loss. Therefore, having a good
and long sleep is necessary for any diet to be successful. You can trust me on that one. That’s coming for me. 15, as saliva is mostly needed for eating, and we don’t eat while sleeping, the salivary flow is reduced at night. Consequently, you might have dry mouth and be thirsty when you
wake up in the morning. 14, it’s estimated that
about 5% of people suffer from a bizarre condition
known as sleep bruxism. This para-functional
activity manifests itself by excessive teeth grinding
and may eventually lead to damage of the teeth. Scientists aren’t sure what
exactly causes this condition, but they believe it might be
a form of stress relieving. 13, it’s been discovered
that people can be up to several centimeters taller in the morning than
they are in the evening. While sleeping in a horizontal position, your spine extends as the weight of your body doesn’t press down on it. 12, when sleeping, you experience what is known as nocturnal
dipping of your blood pressure. If you’re otherwise fit,
your blood pressure can drop by about five to seven points
with a good night’s sleep. 11, scientifically known as parasomnias, sleepwalking and other
mid-sleep activities include behaviors, emotions, perceptions, and dreams that usually
occur during the transitions between some of the sleep stages. Parasomnias are mostly harmless, but there have been cases
when people injured themselves while sleepwalking. 10, both men and women might
get sexually stimulated while sleeping. As your brain is more active during sleep, it requires more oxygen. As a result, blood flow all
over the body increases, causing the swelling of the genitalia. Nine, the content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, but it is known that an average person has
three to five dreams per night. Dreams mainly occur in
the first stage of sleep, when your brain is the most active. However, most dreams are
immediately or quickly forgotten, and yet, all of you in the
comments section will now tell me that you don’t dream. Eight, a recent study has found that the brain can process information and prepare for actions during sleep, effectively making
decisions while unconscious. In fact, your brain can even
make important connections and discoveries while you’re dozing. Seven, you won’t be happy to hear this, but during the night, your anal sphincter
muscles loosen slightly, making it easier for the gases
in your intestines to go out. The good news is that your
and everyone else’s sense of smell is reduced while sleeping. So your farts will probably
go unnoticed during the night. Six, getting rid of
toxins allows your body and brain to rejuvenate. In people who don’t sleep well, the filtration isn’t as effective. So experts say that may help explain why people who are sleep
deprived can go a little crazy. Five, scientific studies have found that people wake up many
times while sleeping, but these awakening are so brief that we don’t remember them. They usually occur during
the transition periods between different sleep stages. Four, millions of people
all over the world suffer from a sleep disorder
known as sleep apnea. The disorder is characterized
by pauses in breathing or instances of shallow
breathing during sleep. Each pause can last for a few seconds or even several minutes. Three, exploding head syndrome
is a rare benign condition, in which a person hears
loud, imagined noises, such as a bomb exploding, a
gunshot, or a symbol crash, or experiences an explosive feeling when falling asleep or waking up. It’s painless but
frightening for the sufferer. Two, sleep talking is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud while asleep. It can be quite loud, ranging from simple mumbling
sounds too loud shouts and long, frequently
inarticulated speeches. It can occur many times
during a sleep cycle. One, when your body is totally relaxed to the point of being paralyzed, the nerves can’t receive pain signals and report those signals to the brain. This is also why we
don’t hear, smell, see, or feel well during sleep. (upbeat music) Enjoying our lists? Be sure to click that subscribe
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  • I once dreamed that i fucked my friends mom and then i turned into my friends mom in my dream so i was getting fucked

  • My husband sings spice girl songs in his sleep 😂😂😂 I wish I were joking but….. sadly I'm not 😂😂

  • Once when I was a teenager, the fire alarm went off while we were all sleeping. At the Texas School for the blind it is required to have at least one nocturnal fire drill. Well, my blind arse not only sighted guided my best friend's down 4 flights of stairs, but apparently I checked my watch and told her the time. To this day I actually have no memory of it only what my two best friends told me happened. Only problem was apparently I told her the time in Irish Gaelic.

  • My woman likes to play with my dick while I sleep, it's very annoying .

  • Whilst I have always talked in my sleep, recently I have begun to sleep sing. Hubby, who never bothers waking me up when I sleep talk, definitely wakes me up when I start singing. Don’t know why I have suddenly started doing this after nearly 50 years.

  • Number 10 is interesting. Sometimes I'll have orgasms in my dreams and I suspect they might be happening irl. Lmao

  • I often dream I'm at work, then I wake up and have to go do it all over again. It's aggravating.

  • Yeah when I rolled off the bed and hit my head on the fan I damn sure felt it

  • I was once told I bark in my sleep.

  • the side effects of grand mas bean soup

  • Um that explains why one night I literally grew an inch

  • I dont agree at all about the not feeling pain in your sleep. If I go to bed with a headache I dream about my head hurting. Also when I had my cornea damaged during an accident I couldnt sleep well for awhile from dreaming and feeling pain in my sleep. SMH

  • Not to worry about weight… you are a gorgeous man!

  • I have been told that I sometimes talked in my sleep as a kid — in Old English. I grew up in 1980's suburban America!

  • What about those of us who can predict things during sleep?

  • You have "Rapid Eye Movements" (REM). This only happens while you are dreaming. Your eyes probably move in other ways while you are not dreaming.
    Dogs, Cats and other animals also experience REM while sleeping. Since REM is a tell tale sign in humans that they are dreaming, Scientists believe that animals dream to, just like humans.
    Not only does blood flow increase to the sexual organs when we sleep, but, it increases to the point of giving most men an erection.
    (There is no bone in the penis. An erection is caused by increased blood flow to the penis. Blood fills up erectile tissue in the penis, causing it to grow and become erect.) The erection doesn't last all night, but, some men will get an erection multiple times each night.

  • Mike, A few years ago I came across this Ted Talk that was talking about sleep. You might find this interesting. Best part, it is not that long. https://youtu.be/MJK-dMlATmM

  • I have sleep apnea and I use a C -PAP machine to help me sleep better!!

  • #7 also F.Y.I. If you smell something, that means the smell is in the nose and not around you.

  • I'm 37 and only heard about exploding head syndrome about 2 years ago but it was nice to have a name for what was making it so hard to go to sleep all these years. Mine usually sounds like a slammed door.

  • Jokes on you I don't get rem sleep and sleep only 2-3 hours a night and therefore dont dream

    Edit: I've had multiple sleep tests done that prove this to be fact

  • While I was sharing a hotel room with my dad and brother, they both told me that I was trying to talk out loud. The strange thing is that they told me that my voice was WAY different. I have an abnormal deep voice but they said that my sleep voice was pretty high pitched. I have no idea what that's about. Lol

  • Sometimes, I wake up hearing a knocking on my door, but no one is there…weird!

  • I hate when you are trying to sleep and your body decides "hey I'm jumping out of the sky" and gives you a burst of adrenaline

  • I really wish I could STOP grinding my teeth while I sleep! Talk about stress releasing… 😬

  • I have exploding head.

  • When you're dehydrated when you stand sit or lay it changes your blood pressure dramatically which can make you extremely tired believe it or not

  • I used to be able to remember multiple dreams per night. Wish I still could

  • Yeah no hon I’m still sleeping

  • With #24 & #9, these are linked to REM sleep, or rapid eye movement. This stage of sleep is then you dream, and, you guessed it, the movement of the eyes

  • Bonus: Lucid dreaming is a condition in witch you are aware of your dreams, and due to that, you can actually control your dreams. There are steps and methods to use to learn how to Lucid dream. Mike, can you make a video about Lucid dreamin

  • I love sleeping a lot

  • I've suffered from exploding head syndrome. Scary as hell. It sounds like someone shoots you in the head with a shotgun. So loud and explosive….

  • Over time my dreams fade away some raqure over night's but I reameber a lot of my dreams from awhile ago

  • one time I slept walked into the kitchen and told my mom and sister that I was hungry and then walked back to bed.

  • I usually always know when I wake up and remember the times during the nite that I woke up. If dreams r usually at the beginning of sleep then that proves my proper sleep don’t happen til after 4am no matter what time I go to bed. As most of my dreams r between 4 and 10am.

  • We can hear in our sleep

  • What about the feeling of falling back into ur body ?

  • I am a day sleeper

  • I dream every night and remember them very well. I usually stay in bed with my eyes closed and finish the dream however I want it to end. My husband is always worried because I laugh a lot in my sleep, but I dont particularly have good dreams.

  • Whatches this when supposed to be sleeping

  • Damn I am wasting 1/3 of my life sleeping yikes lol ohh yea and if my bf reading this rn…Can I have some of that comforter please? Tonight, hehehe I got a secret comforter under our bed…shhhhh our secret😉

  • I cherish my sleep and get pissed off if it gets interrupted 😤

  • One time I had this weird dream where I was being choked then I woke up to find that my blanket was around my neck

  • 2hours sleep might not be enough

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  • Swelling of the genitalia? Are you a virgin? Lol. The fuck

  • The narrator made me fall to sleep…😒

  • I broke my foot on the stairs while sleep walking. The pain and loud snapping sound woke me up immediately. I was in pitch darkness on a stairway in severe pain and very confused!

  • I'm literally watching this at 11:26 when I should be asleep

  • Where did Hope and Tristian go?

  • Right before I sleep too!!!

  • "Quiet and inactive" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 For me, I'm always moving and talk in my sleep. I also use to sleep walk

  • #22 I used to punch my wall when I punched in dreams, now I have to sleep with pillows around me because I used to cut my knuckles alot

  • I disagree with number one. I have a chronic pain condition, and I can and do feel pain while asleep It then wakes me up, so I have to move from my bed to my lazyboy in the lounge, in order to attempt to get comfortable enough to sleep.

  • i do remember some of my dreams (in bits and pieces)

  • My partner is multilingual and whenever he talks in his sleep, he talks in different languages. The first part of the night he may speak Spanish, while closer to morning he may switch to German or French.

  • Amazing video very informative.

  • I have sleep apnea and I sucks

  • i wonder if my dogs'..who sleep under the blankets..noses are less receptive to my farts!! man i couldn't even type that without scream laffing

  • Apparently I fart in my sleep. Two summers ago I had a sleepover with my friend and she told me the next day I farted in my sleep 24 times. And that I kicked her in my sleep. Oh and my boyfriend told me that one of my big loud farts actually woke him up. Damn I need to control myself in my sleep 😂😂😂😂

  • I recently found out how out of the norm it is that I remember all my dreams

  • This dude talks so fucking S L O W…

  • can't feel pain during sleep? What IDIOT came up with that?? Pain works it's way into dreams and wakes you up if you suffer from a chronic problem. I've known and experienced that for the last 33 years.

  • I sleep talk about random stuff and sometimes I sleep walk

  • Right before I fall asleep I can hear voices and sometimes see a dream coming

  • Is it morning wood or breakfast in bed?

  • I feel like this guy’s trying to sell me a brain

  • I just sleep in dream phase mostly about my dead family I don't sleep well I have insomnia

  • I woke everyone up while sleeping because I was screaming… this happens more than it should.

  • I speak and moan during sleep and sometimes I wake up because of my own sounds, thats very freaky

  • know anything about sleep paralysis? id love an episode about that

  • Bruxim. My newest dentist walked in the exam room looking at my x-rays. She hadn't even seen me yet. Her fist words "So. You're a SEVERE grinder". All my adult molars were cracked lengthwise by 12yrs old. I have literally spit out pieces of teeth. I have dislocated each side of my jaw, individually, at least once. I dislocated both sides at the same time. Couldn't open my mouth for 3 days. Major case of TMJ. People can hear me grinding while in another room, with the door closed. Extreme option, MAJOR jaw surgery. Only 1 surgeon in my state does it. I'm talking my whole lower jaw slipped out, bones on back of upper and lower jaw ground smooth, implants attached on both jaws, wired shut for 2 or so months. Like car wreck reconstructive surgery. Those thick rubber bite guards? Think Chihuahua sized chew toy used by a Great Dane. They only last maybe a year. And yes, stress is a major factor.

  • I have bruxism, sometimes I wake up clenching my teeth. I got dysport injections for it (they're known as jaw slimming injections when used cosmetically) works well, but wears off after about 2 months. I'm also a horrible sleep talker and am prone to exploding head. I wake up from a loud bang (sounds like metal clanging usually) and nothing happened. The only other things that may make a loud noise at night would be my dog having a grand mal seizure, that wakes me up, which is a good thing, so I can attend to him. I stopped sleep talking once, it was when I switched from cymbalta to prozac, then I was upped in dosage, so for a while there I was really quiet during the night. It was when I started taking seroquel (don't ask, my psychiatrist has me on a combo that has kept me really stable in the last two years) that I started sleep talking again. I obviously don't notice, but my parents are always telling me I yell at people when I was asleep. I do have night terrors sometimes where I suddenly feel my arms flail, but I'm mostly just a talker.

  • Its like dying without the commitment

  • anyone else have panic attacks while asleep the jar awake all freaked out ? my husband told me i hum songs while i am sleeping and i seem really happy.

  • I have the teeth grinding quirk. It sucks because i’ve had so many trips to the dentist because of it. Even brushing and flossing twice a day i still end up with chips and cracks out of my control!

  • Hmmm what about hyper sleep

  • #24 That's called REM (Rapid Eye Movement).
    #19 I snore VERY loudly.
    #07 I do that. 😛
    #04 I got that.

  • During sleep, your body mgiht dream of a burned man wearing a dirty sweater and hat. This might cause your to never wake up again.

  • I actually have experienced the Exploding Head Syndrome erratically and only occasionally for about 7 years. It's like a cherry bomb went off right under my ear. Only about 5% of the time do I experienced it at night. Most of the time, it's interrupts daytime naps.

  • Obviously, the metric system is still confusing to you: the body could be 7 MILLIMETERS taller, when we wake up…… not 7 CENTIMETERS (almost 3 inches!!!!!!!!!!)as you mistakenly claim……….

  • Bruxing in quite common
    Also you can die from sleep
    Deprivation – which makes it an effective torture technique

  • "I don't dream"

  • There's also sleep paralysis. Anyone in the comment section who has experienced it will know how terrifying that little phenomenon can be.

  • I just woke up with a nightmare. What was that about? It gave me severe headache and bitter taste in the mouth.

  • Sometimes I sleep deep, but most of the time I sleep so light that I can literally hear and see my surroundings, although this only happens around 6 am and I don't realize this is happening until I really fully wake up.

  • I'm watching this video right before I sleep.

  • I sit up and fish in my sleep; complete with full animations. I also have exploding head noises quite often as I am falling asleep. I'm getting used to that now.

  • I have actually woke myself up before because I was talking in my sleep

  • what about dreams that stay with you all day?

  • Nap time!

  • 1:59 So that's why I nearly threw myself out of the bed when I was about to fall asleep once. It'd literally felt like somebody pulled on me to wake up and was like "WAKE UP DAMN IT! NO SLEEP TONIGHT!".

  • …interesting!! I twitch sometimes pretty hard when I’m first dozing off, & it sucks cuz it usually wakes me up ugh

  • I sometimes laugh in my sleep lol like really loud.. or move around like reenact my dreams in my bed… I’m really into my dreamz apparently lol… Sometimes I really think I’m like possessed or something tho, 😩 cuz so many times I’ll be having a crazy reallyyy bad nightmare with like demons in it or whatever, and I’ll start thrashing around everywhere in my bed and feel my eyes like flicker it’s so scary, like I’m actually being attacked & it feels sooo weird n so scary, & My body is just moving so much like I’m being held down or suttin, until I finally end up waking myself up & sit str8 up in bed so confused.. and my bf gets so freaked out. He’s like, I couldn’t tell if u were having a seizure or was being possessed! And gets literally terrified to the point he was about to call 911! And I just dunno why it happens! Maybe too much scary/freaky YT before bed! Lol ugh.. well, fingers crossed I’ll be good tonite, Goodnight y’all!! Xx 🤞❤️😴

  • Sleep Apena Can also be a side effect of medication as well as paranoia and forgetfulness. Had to go to the ER once for pain that I thought was from a kidney infection and at some point passed out and woke up with all these side effects from the medication they had me on and was too exhausted to keep myself from fall asleep so I would constantly stop breathing every time I dozed off till I finally was able to sleep. Yeah not a good experience.

  • Well – fuck

  • I tend to dream in the hours before I wake up and I remember my dreams!!

  • Sorry to disappoint you, but I do dream. There are several recurring themes and some get really strange. I don 't get nightmares though; I trained myself not to have them when I was a child.

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