3D Printing in Dental Innovations | Dr. Nader Salib

I’m a board-certified oral and
maxillofacial surgeon, and a diplomat in the American Board of Oral &
Maxillofacial Surgery. A dental implant is the permanent replacement of a
missing tooth, where a dental implant goes into your bone and after a period
of time your bone will fuse to the dental implant. Once it’s fused, a tooth
or a crown can then be attached on to the implant. If a dental implant isn’t
placed in the proper position it can be disastrous. Infections can occur, bone loss will happen, and
patients can be left disfigured. 3D printing has allowed us to
visualize what the missing tooth will be, and what it will look like
as well as to be able to print guides which help facilitate our placement of dental
implants into the absolute correct position. Digital impressions in 3D printing have changed my dental practice in the following way. Now I can take a small wand
take a laser scan of your mouth which is actually More accurate than traditional methods. That file is saved, I can add virtual teeth
we can move teeth in our software take that file and then print you a new model. 3D printing is a true paradigm shift in all of dentristry. Not just implant dentistry, but in all disciplines.
It will touch orthodontic care, It will touch removable appliances. There will be a time where we will
print dentures for our patients, temporary crowns, and their models
for orthodontic wear. The RAISE3D printer
has amazing resolution, ease of use, low maintenance, precision and reliability. My RAISE3D printer has
allowed me to give my patients the absolute highest quality
of care, in a minimally invasive fashion and my patients really appreciate that.

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