$45 million clinical trial to test sleep apnea treatment in stroke survivors nationwide

(bright music) – Sleep SMART stands for
Sleep for Stroke Management and Recovery Trial. It’s going to be a large randomized study to see whether treating sleep apnea after people have had a stroke reduces the chance that they
will have another stroke or helps them in their recovery. – We’ve known for a long
time that sleep apnea is related to poor outcomes after stroke. And so it would stand to
reason that treatment may be helpful for stroke recovery
and stroke prevention, and that’s really what we’re
testing here in this trial. – Sleep SMART will
involve 110 sites across the United States. Those sites will be looking to
screen about 15,000 patients within a short period after they have had a stroke or high risk TIA. We will be screening
those people, number one, to see whether they have sleep apnea. The second thing we’re going to do is screen patients to see
if they can tolerate CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure. If they have sleep apnea and
they can tolerate the CPAP on one night of a trial,
then they will be randomized. We hope to randomize about 3,000 patients. – There are many innovative
facets to the trial, and one of them involves trying to get to people very early during
their hospitalization. For the most part,
patients with recent stroke are not offered sleep studies
to identify sleep apnea and they’re also not offered treatment. And we know that sleep apnea is something that is very common in the
post-stroke population. About 70% of stroke
patients have sleep apnea, but most of those are undiagnosed,
and therefore untreated. So we want to be able to
identify patients early so that we can initiate treatment early. We’re hopeful that the
earlier we start it, the more chance for improvement and more opportunity for
improvement that they’ll be. And, we feel like this is the
time where the iron is hot and we want to strike. During the hospitalization
is really a time for patients to focus in on their health and we’re trying to capitalize
on that opportunity. (bright music)

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