48hrs After Having a Wisdom Tooth Removed // Very Swollen Still

Day 2 so… in about an hour it will be exactly 48 hours that i’ve had my tooth removed I don’t think it could swell up much more its pretty, uhm.. hard and maybe cuz its stretching the skin? It’s itchy and it feels really hot to the touch So, I’m hoping that the antibiotics hurry up and kick in, and I don’t get a massive infection cuz that would suck My husband said I look like Quagmire (family guy) That’s not really something a woman wants to hear But the pain is under control Um, the antibiotics that I was on yesterday, the amoxicillin made me feel like I had the flu It was.. That was the worst part But I’m on azithromyacin now and uh I’m feeling a lot better It still hurts, but I would much rather have the pain, than feeling like I need to puke So… I think that’s all for today is that all for today? You’re such a weird cat I don’t get cats. I really don’t. Im, I’m a dog person. But anyways Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow Bye Oh, I’m smiling by the way. I don’t know if you can tell Bye! 🙂

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  • I’m going through this right now and am suffering so much. Please tell me it gets better?

  • Just got mine done Monday, its Friday and still hurts

  • I had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday. I didn’t get any stitches, I didn’t get any gorz pads to soak up the blood, I didn’t get any antibiotics or anything from my dentist. Only thing I got was pain from the removed tooth and at the corner of my mouth on the lips where the dentist pulled too hard and cracked the skin. I barely slept last night due to the pain. I hope it doesn’t take too long for the pain to go.

  • i couldn't tell if boy or girl

  • she reminds me of the Terminator with the wandering I

  • How come some people are out of it longer than others, does it depend on the anesthesia that you get? My teacher told me he didn't remember 3 days of his life.

  • mine has swollen twice as much.i have to keep enduring till monday ,4 days from now to get it removed.last night was one of the worst ive ever had.no pain relief even with liquid algocalmin

  • Y’all are scarying me cuz I’m about to get my wisdom teeth pulled

  • Just got 4 pulled out yesterday morning and so far no pain or swelling. Wish me the best for today and so on cause ik if it didn't hit already it's going to eventually lol

  • My throat is sore and I kinda vomit after the pill is that normal?

  • Now it's day 3

  • Just got 2 pulled 3 days ago and I have to get a tumor removed that grew above another one next Friday.

  • Your husbands a savage

  • I just got 3 pulled and im 14, had to do it at this age because i needed to complete my braces procedure, Slight pain… other than that im fine. 😃

  • I have 4 impacted wisdoms and a impacted molar I get cut out Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to this at all x_x

  • I’m getting all 4 taken out soon, and I’m so nervous!

  • I think I might have an infection or dry socket. I take meds constantly but nothing helps. The medicine they gave me made me vomit this morning so I’m not using it anymore. I also have a canker sore now right next to the incision… I think. Unless that’s the infection

  • No. You're a cat person now.

  • I had 2 pulled out today, I’m very tired, and feeling sick,

  • I got mine pulled today and in pain watching lifetime in bed

  • I'm so upset that my mom is forcing me to go out into public and my face is so swollen on only one side. I'm embarrassed

  • Just got 2 pulled 2 days ago and I still feel so much pain!!! I have to say that this is the worst pain I ever felt in my life. Hope I recover soon. I don’t want this pain even for my worst enemy 😫

  • I had my tooth pulled yesterday and my cheek is so swollen

  • Girl not as swollen as me aha

  • I got all 4 of mine pulled a week and 2 days ago I’m in no pain anymore I developed a infection on my right side and my face was bloated like crazy dealt with the pain for 3 days and went back to doctor and they had to inject me with the numb shot so they could drain the puss I must say that was painful as hell after that I was prescribed antibiotics and returned back to the dentist 2 days later I was feeling nauseated because I could not eat anything and was on antibiotics she told me there was still a little bit of puss but if I stay on the antibiotics and keep rinsing with the antiseptic mouthwash and apply heat cloth to it it should go down for good. There I still little bit of swelling but went down good I think I’ll be all good by end of next week hopefully because I’ve lost 17 lbs so far only ate 3 yogurts and 4 shakes 😂😂😂 definitely ain’t a fun process. Still can’t fully open my mouth which kinda sucks too lol

  • had mine pulled this morning i was back in work the same day not sure why people are complaining, man up people.

  • I had mine removed yesterday. It wasn't that scary. I refused to take painkillers the doctor prescribed me so I felt quite a nagging pain which fortunately lasted only for two hours. I didn't eat anything except breakfast yesterday, I took antibiotics in the evening on an empty stomach (I didn't feel like I have a flu or anything, I honestly felt even better after taking them.) Today I feel no pain at all, but still I have big trouble eating. For the moment it's TERRIBLY swollen. I hope it will come back to normal after some time.

  • Just had mine out

  • I've got swelling too . Feels like i've put in a tomato in my mouth

  • felt no pain when all 4 wisdom teeth came out all of them were deeply impacted and the bottom set sitting on the nerve. partly erupted

    everyone tolerance to pain is different, didn't get swollen jaw just light headache and felt dizzy afterwards , follow the instructions of sugeons no smoking etc..

    you'll be fine

  • Came. Skipped to 0:40 to get to the point. First thing I heard was "That's not really something a woman wants to hear." Got a feminist vibe immediately – heard nothing about teeth. Wrote this comment. Now I'm outta here.

  • Quagmire 😂😂😂


  • You are allergic to amoxicillin like me.

  • I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out to day I fell ehh😒

  • Woah you're gorgeous 👌🙏🙏

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