5 BEST Dental Health and Oral Hygiene TIPS from an EXPERT

Hi mamaps! Hi papaps! Yes, welcome back and
well we’re still in Korea. We are doing a lot of series about oral hygiene and today we will be discussing certain tips on how to properly use so that you’ll be able to do tooth brushing do the rinsing and all this oral hygiene to increase the chances of not going to the dentist anymore So the idea is for you not to go to the dentist very frequently So we will be giving you five tips for today on how to do it properly so here we go What’s the number one tip, Doc? She’s the dentist so she should know. I will teach you how to do it You know even if you’re a dentist you’re also human so sometimes you do it the wrong way so you know a lot of toothbrushes have come out in the market there’s the motorized one and then there’s the one that is manual so of course like any other hygiene it’s really important that you brush your teeth. Do we really have to brush our teeth? How many times a day? At least three times a day or every time you eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner okay But if you’re too lazy I guess you really have to brush your teeth before you go to sleep so once a day? No, I will lose my license if I will say yes in brushing, a lot of people think
that the first thing is you have to choose the right brush yes, it is true. But, Jec, the most important thing in brushing your teeth is not really
the type of toothbrush that you use although it helps but the most important thing is how you brush your teeth so whether it’s manual brush, motorized brush, or the one
with the charcoal Yes or whatever it is the brushing, the toothbrush is not really a
critical factor but what is critical is how long you brush your teeth is how you brush your teeth how you brush your teeth Does it mean how long you brush your teeth? the reason why there is a motorized
toothbrush is because it already helps you in the in the way it cleans your
teeth Okay so this is for the lazy ones. It is expensive. you’re really in a this is actually ideal for men why for men? because men have a tendency to really not brush their teeth properly because as I’ve said, if it’s skincare, you cannot relate. It is non-compliance. so so it helps a lot and even for children you know you have the motorized brush it makes them like mix brushing teeth and then you’re not too lazy to do it. I think men we like it because this is like a gadget for you. It’s just automatically brushes your teeth when you use it. Even if it’s motorized, you have to use the very tip of your toothbrush (bristle). So that’s the one. and you need to do it at a 45 degree angle so if you’re brushing your teeth like that and then you go like this and this toothbrush. By the way we would like to thank Aquapick for their
special location for us this is their office yes, this is their office and
we’re in Seoul. It’s beautiful, huh. Yes, we look rich today. So again, when you brush the tip of your toothbrush, it goes
at 45-degree angle if you’re brushing on the upper part so you go down because you don’t want to do like this or you don’t want to do like that because what it hurts is your gums so you go for up and you know just down up down you know in the up part go down in the lower part go up down and up That’s in a 45 angle and you’re using just the tip of the brush that’s why your bristle once it becomes sharp at least three months you have to replace it okay because brushing also affects it like the force this is what’s good about motorized because you know don’t put too much force because if you’re doing manual some people like me when I was young I do that oh yes you think that by pressing it hard it will make your teeth cleaner but what it does it hurts more of your gums so what is very important whether you use a motorized toothbrush or you use a manual brush is that the bristle has to be good like some bristles that are rounded then it shouldn’t be painful on the gums that’s why you need to replace it after
3 months if it becomes sharp and then you brush it in the upper teeth move it down on the lower teeth, going up and another thing is you have to brush the
one at the back see like this one see because sometimes a lot of people they just brush in the front but they don’t brush at the bottom even the back part even in the molars you go like that see so that’s why if the the bristles is like a little bit small in length then it’s easier because if it’s too long sometimes it’s very hard to push it at the back So now whether it is soft or hard, I recommend at least soft to medium
bristle for brushing because again you do not want to hurt your gums brushing the teeth is as important as taking care of yes and honestly at the entire thing you can well supposedly ideally per quadrant when you divide you divide the face into four and also upper right upper left lower right so there are quadrants yes lower left supposedly five minutes per quadrant but that’s too that’s 20 minutes Yes for brushing so as a compromise you can actually really brush it for the entire five minutes for everything but we have a tip because while we were interviewing please watch our interview with the owner of Aquapick when we were discussing Aquapick versus manual
flossing now during our interview with him he introduced us with a very nice oh yeah the second part is doing mouthwash applying mouthwash after you know the brushing and flossing and the good thing about this it will really become effective if you place the foam on the mouth
and then you brush it because Jec and I when we saw Jec we tested his teeth and they swabbed it they used some materials, and got the saliva from my teeth over my mouth then they placed it under a microscope, of course I didn’t expect that there was like a forest under a microscope and the brush case, you wouldn’t like to use it after When Kevin informed us some of the items, to make it like for example if you’re too lazy place it here and then because the reason why you’re trying to brush a longer period of time is basically you want to remove all the debris on your tooth especially in between in between
the deep, Jec. because if it is the middle it is a bit difficult so that’s why you wanted to to scrub it longer and then of course to kill the bacteria okay but again sometimes you don’t get all the bacteria away so if you’re too lazy you just pump this and then brush it so it’s all in the same time and then you wash it with an oral irrigator wash it, don’t spray it it’s very interesting but first you don’t really I’m not telling you to buy all these gadgets but what I’m telling you is that brushing is very important so you need to at least brush for five minutes go for 45-degree angle and then brush it f it’s the upper teeth go down if it’s the lower teeth go up okay and then you have to
use the floss so that’s number one then the second one we discussed the mouthwash that is why I showed the cleaning foam okay so in the mouthwash, there are different kinds of mouthwash okay there’s a cosmetic mouthwash there’s medicated mouthwash and this is the natural mouthwash natural ingredients I think it has green tea, oh wow yeah, so the flavor is green tea it really tastes very good it’s not like medical mouthwash and it’s not dry that’s why when I tried to a lot of mouthwash before I didn’t want to use them because it’s dry, it’s either too spicy the flavor’s too sharp but this one, it is refreshing. It’s like you just ate candy. absolutely yes, because you know in mouthwash, they put alcohol on it so it alcohol based. then sometimes they they also put in ingredients
like chlorhexidine that also helps in the killing of the bacteria okay so normally the steps are you brush your teeth you floss and then you do the mouthwash, then you’re not supposed to drink anymore water especially in the evening, after at least 30 minutes to one hour or you just go to sleep so that you know you’re not introducing new bacteria in your mouth that is the interesting part so as I’ve said you do the mouthwash and and this one we are really very surprised, right so it is really exciting watch the video yes, you’ll see how effective it is, particularly this product. If you like this video and
you learn a lot from it on how you keep your oral hygiene please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and hit the notification bell. Do give comments below on any questions you have for me, and in regards for Jec about his experience or if you have any tips also on how to do proper oral hygiene, please comment below. We would like to hear from you but anyway we go back to the mouthwash so there are different kinds of mouthwash but I honestly don’t recommend those that contain alcohol anymore because these are really dehydrating materials also when it comes to medicated mouthwash like chlorhexidine it is very good but you cannot use it more than seven days oh yeah because chlorhexidine is very good but has a tendency to cause sting If you have a tooth withening procedure, then you use chlorhexidine it is good for seven days it’s like a certain medicine it has a specific time frame where you can use it to get the
benefits but after while it’s just have to stop using it. a product like this is highly recommended to use since it is a natural product and it is not painful we will show you, as you can see in the video the microscope the microscopic image Papaps are very familiar with the cream you use when shaving they developed the foaming technology this one I think it’s the first one, the first mouthwash that has foaming technology, it is so easy you don’t have to do the gargling and you don’t even have to rinse it because it’s safe yeah you just have to spit the
excess that’s it and then you can use it once a day yes so it’s very exciting so after using you also do the floss now Jec, can you hold the different floss now again there are different kinds to remove the debris in between the teeth you can do the floss you can do the oral irrigator and of course, the well-known toothpick and then the interdental brush okay so there’s a lot of stuff to clean in between the teeth now of course the most common is the flossing when you’re doing the floss yeah so what you do is like what Jec does there’s no space you demo it you put it on the index finger and then you follow the V, inverted V of the upper and in and the same on the lower so you just follow the group of your gums some patients, they put up and then down that’s too painful and then it damages the V section so it bleeds so it is the wrong way to insert the floss you have to follow the group of your gums honestly, I am not a believer of toothpick why? because it’s the convenient way, and it is the cheapest one as well but the problem is they poke it too much and it damages the gums. sometimes I see a twig and uses it You’re so stingy. Anyway, there is another one. Actually you can get this from a dentist and it’s very convenient you just push it and then it’s safe we call it opal pix but again it comes with the price so but if you like the toothpick, fine but please be very careful with your
gums so first you brush properly at the right inhalation and right the second one is that if you use the floss do it properly also because if you you have to
change the location every time you change when you floss because once the dirt is on the floss and then you transfer it on another things you’re just transferring the dirt from one area to another yeah, this one so the of course after the floss then you do the mouth mouthwash and the mouthwash and then of course the fourth one is eating the right kind of food you know so like for example yogurt, apple because apples are fibrous, so when you bite when you bite the apple it’s like if you’re already brushing
your teeth yes because there’s a lot of fruits that have vitamin A and then also kind of protein pineapple, not so much because it is very acidic. What else? Carrots are good because it has vitamin A nuts like almonds gummy bears So, that’s the thing you have to avoid why because it is high in sugar, it can cause caries it’s rubbery and it cleans your teeth, right? I love gummy bears because it is tasty to eat. But it can cause caries so try to avoid food with high sugar content so it is also not good for your waist. What is the fifth one? if you want to have the detailed tips please go to www.dmd.center and I will place the link below so I finished the toothbrush I’m sorry because we, we came to Korea
just yesterday, right? so the tooth brush, your mouth rinse, you’re flossing and then you’re food, and then what’s the fifth one? oh the lifestyle thank you very much because a person’s lifestyle is very important like for example you shouldn’t be smoking and then Oh that hit me. Ouch! Oh that hit me as well. Of course you have to eat healthy as well. Diet is also very important. Of course like for example if you have other bad habits like you you grind at night but sometimes you cannot avoid it because when you’re sleeping but there’s a way for you know to have a treatment on that because sometimes patients they don’t want to visit their dentist how do you treat that? you can use a mouth guard It’s like you’re boxing. yeah, what happens when you grind your teeth at night aside from your partner not being able to sleep at night, you abrade your teeth, so have a protection and of course it is difficult to sleep having a mouthguard initially yes but later on look at you you’re wearing a splint and then after a while it doesn’t matter anymore okay when I was first wearing the splint it took me a while to adjust on the first week yeah but in the second week it was already okay as you can see as I said you create a certain habit or lifestyle so that your teeth will be healthy not only you teeth but also your gums and of course the most important part in lifestyle is at least visiting your dentist once or twice a year not because you have a problem but
because it’s necessary for them to check if everything is okay because you know prevention is worth a pound of cure. Am I saying it right? what is it in Tagalog? It is better that you consider prevention first. so we will write in the description below where you can find the much detailed tips on how to take care and have a good oral hygiene so you don’t have to spend so much money on
your dentists for treatments more on prevention yeah so again if you like
this video please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and then I would really
appreciate it if you can also go in the comments below or whatever topic should
be interested to see I’ll become a guinea pig again. before we say goodbye we would really like to thank Mr. Kevin Lee thanks Kevin yes, and all the people in Aquapick who are very generous and made
us use their facility and provided us at least a lot of materials to give some information for you about taking care of your oral health. This is all for you. Make sure to drop us a comment below Thank you and bye.

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