5 Reasons You Should Brush With Remineralizing Tooth Powder

(hushed music) – Hey Trina Felber here, and today I’m gonna give you five reasons that you should brush with a
remineralizing tooth powder. Tooth paste is a major culprit of adding toxins to your body. Yes, that tube that you grab
every few months at the store and brush with every morning and night, has harmful ingredients. And when you’re brushing with it, two or more times a day, those toxic ingredients can add
up quickly inside your body. Many traditional toothpastes
contain harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS, propylene glycol, diethanolamine, triclosan, artificial
flavors, artificial colors, artificial sugars and even fluoride. One way to avoid these toxic ingredients, start brushing with a
remineralizing tooth powder. Here are the top five benefits. It contains all natural ingredients. Tooth powder doesn’t contain any of the harmful
ingredients I just listed. Instead, its made with
all natural ingredients such as natural clays and essential oils. They are safer for you, for your mouth, and your body, and as effective, or more effective than regular toothpaste. Number two, it gently cleans your teeth. Tooth powder will clean
your teeth really well. Some studies have found that it’s actually more effective at removing plaque and tartar, when compared to regular toothpaste. When you switch to
remineralizing tooth powder, your mouths will feel cleaner, and fresher, much longer. Number three, it will
strengthen your teeth. The natural clays used in tooth powder are rich in important
minerals your teeth need. Unlike toothpastes, you can
find calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium hiding in your tooth powder. Introducing minerals to
your mouth and your teeth, will make your teeth stronger and less susceptible to harmful bacteria. Number four, you’ll
have better oral health. Brushing with the tooth powder, helps detoxify the mouth. It will also help keep it more alkaline, lowering the chances of decay and bad breath. And number five, it’s super safe for kids. Kids tend to swallow a lot of the toothpaste they brush with. If too much fluoride is ingested, it can lead to skeletal
and dental fluorosis, as well as damage to bones and joints. So if you have kids, you have even more reason to switch to brushing with tooth powder. It’s naturally fluoride-free. Most people grab store bought toothpaste and call it a day. You don’t have to though. Keep your teeth clean, without dangerous risks, switch to remineralizing tooth powder. Learn more by visiting thehealthyme blog, at thehealthyme.com (hushed music) Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe to keep learning how to create your healthy self. See you next time.

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