50. Get quick relief from TMJ, jaw pain, headaches with energy healing

Hello there I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv and I wanted to start off by apologizing once again
to those of you who have told me you like to see more than one exercise on a
video I will try to do that there is one video I will be doing this week I might
actually do that one today I’ll show you two different energy
exercises or energy healing procedures you can do to help with one particular
problem but with the other two exercises I think it’s gonna be one video for
exercise partly this week in part next week so I apologize in advance for that
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so I’m going to do two exercises for you right now this is for if you’re having
problems say with jaw pain headache TMG which stands for temporomandibular
joint chopping anything like this these two exercises can go a long way to
helping you I’m going to show you the quicker of the two first I learned
things from Donna Eden’s daughters their names are Dombey
and titania Dallman the last name on that is d8h LAN they’re all awesome I
learned energy medicine from Donnie Aiden she was the one who brought me
into the world of energy medicine and then I ended up getting certified by at
IOD at the academy of energy medicine or sorry energy healing anyway
this very first one is a very quick and easy one if you have all these pains
what you want to do is there is a divot right up here towards your ear you’ll
feel like right towards the top of your ear
you might feel what feels almost like a little hole it’s right at the top of
your jaw and you want to do this on both sides you want to find that little divot
again it’s a divot and you want to just press and rub in extremely vigorously in
other words you’re kind of digging it might feel a little bit sore but you
want to massage these spots for a couple of minutes that’s all there is to it for
that first exercise the other one that I sought to Tania Dahlan to is she talked
about just taking where the jaw is and just taking your fingers and pulling and
stretching going up to the ear stretching out you can also stretch this
way and stretch and again you do these on both sides you’re stretching on the
jaw line right at the ear and then going up and stretching this is something else
that can also help you can also stretch doing here too if you feel like that
helps and that’s pretty much it so once again that’s an energy healing exercise
you can do if you have TMJ headaches jaw pain I’m just looking at the notes that
I took here headaches this can also help with headaches I guess this is a fairly
common problem I’m not really sure I’m assuming TMG or temporomandibular joint
problems they’re probably not the sort of issue you’d be aware of unless you
had those problems but if you ever find yourself having any pain right along
here that could cause a head it could cause head pains it could cause a
headache any sort of pains like that those two energy healing exercises
should help you I really hope they do please leave a note down below and again
as always thank you so much for coming namaste peace and light and I will be
back with more energy healing exercises for you soon thanks as always take care
of yourself

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