7 Signs You Have Sleep Apnea & What to Do About It

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  • Sup fellas. First comment✊

  • Audio was fine 🙂 Good video guys. Is the device you showed similar to what an incentive spirometer does?

  • Hey guys! Is sleeping in a hammock a good idea for someone with lower back pain?

  • Great info guys!

  • Love you guys!! Always informative with a bite of humor.

  • Damn. I was issued a CPAP and the end of December. 😥 Breathing stopped 143 times the 1st night and 151 times the next night. Average length was 56 seconds😵. Would this device be helpful for folks with COPD?

  • Ordered it. Hope it works. I just started using a cpap machine four days ago, and I can't stand it.

  • Another way to easily determine if you have sleep apnea is to download the snore lab App onto your phone or iPad. It will record your snoring and produce a graph that you can see your snoring levels throughout the night. It was show you the amount of light snoring, heavy snoring, and epic snoring over the evening. You can even listen to it so that you can hear how loud you are and also the gaps in your breathing. You will be amazed and it is a free app. It was recommended in an AARP bulletin.

  • Hello I have been watching your channel since I have had a particle lamendectomy 1 1/2. Have since relocated from the state I had my surgery in and I think I have reinjured myself. The only difference is I have extreme sriffness and aching, and cramps on a regular basis. Whatare sifns that I could have reinjured myself

  • Does it help with Broncheactesis?

  • Need a upgrade on the audio

  • Super valuable content guys! I'll share it in my stroke community!

  • Lately I noticed that you guys take too long to come on the main point and you sway away from the topic by doing other discussion maybe keeping your video up to a 5 minutes would justify you viewers time

  • Thank you Bob Brad great information once again🌵

  • They are like click and clack the car guys from NPR but not funny, bad audio and long winded.

  • Thanks guys. I was tested by VA in sleep study lab. Sleep apnea pretty bad. So, I already know.. 😒

  • Something went wrong with the audio in this one. Much poorer quality than the others.

  • I really try to listen to these vids. I try each time but invariable get bored before a minute…but still persist and even get alerts for new vids cos I think the titles are cool and useful, but I just don't past beyond 4mins cos the thumbnails of others things on the page catch my eye and I'm off…..down the YouTube rabbit hole ( wading through other things). Oh jeez, I haven't heard a word as I'm writing.

  • Going to the hospital tonight to get my cpap calibrated!!!

  • Could the product possibly help someone that massive scarring on their lungs and subsequent asthma/breathing issues during hot and frigid temperatures?

  • Similar to 02 Trainer by Bas Rutten–there is no evidence that this device or his will "strengthen" your lungs and make you more efficient/stronger at breathing. It sounds nice, but the evidence is not there that this device works.

  • Thanks for all of your comments! Our mics weren't working properly, so we apologize for the poor sound quality. We will be adding subtitles in the next day or so, and will make sure it's up and working for our next round of videos. Thanks for your support! – The Bob and Brad Team

  • Where is the link and discount? I don’t see it on you tube or Facebook?

  • This video is like a long ad. Very disappointed! You don’t mention much but That machine, no alternatives given… 😕 that artefact would not beat the benefits of pranayama and breathing techniques to increase lung capacity and strengthening of muscles that aids breathing.

  • Would the breathing exerciser be helpful if the cause of the obstruction was a long soft palate combined with a narrow throat? My relative is a petite young woman, very athletic, and it took a while for her to even convince an ENT to test her, because she was so far from the expected OSA sufferer.

  • Sleep apnea is also a cause of childhood and adult bed wetting. It stresses the heart and can greatly contribute to early heart attacks. I learned this from a lung specialist many years ago when I was first diagnosed.

  • Volume levels are normal now. Thank you!!!

  • Can you guys do a video on how to regain/retrain control of hips abs and glutes (8 years removed from a pretty severe brain injury and still going at it)

  • You 2 are hilarious !
    great infortmation
    Thank you 💓

  • I was diagnosed with OSA because of my hypothroidism.

  • thank you Bob Brad great information ..i suffering from back pain for a while..after wake up sever pain i have in my buttocks and my back .if you give me some opining it will be very helpful for me..

  • I feel like I might have this because I’m constantly staying up late, I get a morning headache almost every day now, I’m tired, and I can’t breathe during the night😂

  • I think i need that breathing tool thingie cuz i have scoliosis in my thoracic region. I noticed it IS very hard to breathe sometimes. I practice yoga too to work that whole respiratory system & t is hard! Thanks Bob & Brad! 🙌✌✌😃🌟

  • Blowing up balloons from the 99 cent store will do the same thing as this device.

  • This condition made not only my married life but also my very existence awful. My husband couldn’t sleep and we wound up in separate rooms. After using this sleep apnea treatment ( check the link below ), my loud snoring has all but ended. now and I’m not gasping for breath as I was, my husband and I now have the same bed once again. t.co/EmbhmJFTfC

  • Are you gentlemen are so helpful the content you provide is so excellent. You have already help me with the hip issue that I have and now this content regarding the sleep apnea is just off the charts good

  • I’m a 20 year old male. My dad died from sleep apnea and my mother has it pretty severe. Should I go get checked? I’m just nervous. I don’t want to wear that damn mask, especially at such a young age.

  • I love their theme song.

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