8 Jaw-Dropping ‘Room Raiders’ Discoveries 👀 | MTV Ranked

– [Tru] What do we have here? Wait, what is this? – What is what, what is what? – [Tru] Oh, my god, that’s disgusting. I need my spy kit for this one. – [Izzy] Oh my god, what did he find? – [Nikki] There’s always
good stuff under the bed. – Oh, wonderful. – [Nikki] Okay, we’ve got
a middle school yearbook. – Don’t look in there! – Oh, wow. We have more porn. (Mark laughing) Are you some kind of porn freak? – Oh my god. – Yo, your yearbook committee is awesome. – That’s from middle school, come on guys. – [Nikki] Another negative. – Whatever. – Let’s see what else we can find. Ugh, what’s that? I think I’m gonna need
my spy kit for this one. – Oh my god, he’s already
scared of stuff in your room. (spy music) – I’m gonna use these rubber gloves to protect my hands from
whatever might be in that bag. – That’s not a good sign. – What is it? – It looks like a half-eaten jawbreaker. – That’s gross. – I like a girl who starts
something and then can finish it. – Well I don’t know how much
time he has on his hands that he could sit there and
finish a jawbreaker in a day. – Disgusting. – Oh look, we have candy. – What is it?
– I don’t know. – I have definitely got to
get my spy kit for this. – How do you not know what’s on your desk? – I mean, mints I’m assuming. (spy music) – It’s rubber glove time. – Why’s he need rubber gloves for mints? – What? – Definitely need it for this. Why do you still have your teeth? (loud objections) – When I was a little
kid, I had my teeth pulled ’cause I had cavities and
I decided to keep them. – That’s really disgusting. – Whatever happened to
the tooth fairy, dude? – Let’s take a look around. You still play with dolls? (girls laughing) – Oh man! – And look at that head. – Oh, it got a cracked head. – [Dayne] This baby is seriously hurt. (girls laughing) – I’m gonna need my spy kit for this one. – Oh god, why’s he taking out the spy kit? (spy music) – I think I’m gonna use the cell phone. I need to text you and find
out what’s going on ASAP. – Oh my god, I wonder
what he’s gonna text me. (cell phone rings) – Uh oh, it’s ringing. – Oh snap. – [Kimesha] Let’s see what he says. – What’d he say, what’d he say? – [Kimesha] What is up with
this busted old raggedy doll? – You tell him that it
looks just like you. – No, no, no, no, no. – That’s what you’re gonna tell him. – No. (cell phone rings) – That’s the doll I’ve had all my life. You don’t like her? Obviously I don’t like it. Come on now, look at this thing. (girls laughing) You’ve had it all your
life, it’s dead now. – I can’t get rid of it. It has sentimental value. – No. – Oh look, this is disgusting. What, do you test your own
urine every now and again? – Oh, no! – [Shawn] What is this? – It’s ethanal and bugs
so you can preserve them. – Oh, why would you do that? – I have to collect them for my class. – I’m gonna have to get my trusty spy kit. – Trusty spy, what’s he
gonna pull out, dude? (spy music) – The evidence bag. I’m gonna have to put
this in here so that you can tell me about this later on. Cause this is really, really weird. – Yeah, that’s pretty weird, man. – You’re weird! – That’s pretty weird. – Up here, wait, what is this? – What is what, what is what? – Oh my god, that’s disgusting. I need my spy kit for this one. – Oh my god, what did he find? – He’s getting the spy kit.
– No. – He’s getting the spy kit. – Put on some rubber gloves here. It’s time to get down and dirty. – What is it? – Funny, real funny. (girls yelling) It’s fake but I don’t
know why you have fake poo lying around in your room. Not the most appealing thing. – Why don’t I have fake poo on my ground? – Let’s start over here. Over here we have these gnomes
which really don’t fit in with anything else in the room. I don’t know if you have some kind of a gnome fetish, or what. – No, I don’t have a gnome fetish. Oh my god. They’re so cute, how could you. – I think I’m gonna
have to go to my spy kit and take out my spy kit cell phone. – What, spy kit cell phone? – Oh, my god, I can’t
believe there’s a cell phone on this spy kit now too. (cell phone rings) – Oh my god. (cell phone rings) – [Girl] What’d he say? – What’s the deal with the garden gnomes? – We have a response. She says, me and my friends
steal them when we’re bored LOL. I used to have more. You sound like a little
bit of a troublemaker and I like a girl who gets into
a little bit of trouble. – Oh my god, that little
lady down the street’s gonna know I stole them. – Nice job, klepto. – Think I need my gloves. (guys laughing) Now I got them, it’s safe to enter. What is this, a meat dehydrator? – What? – You like dehydrated meat? – Is that like a time machine? – I don’t even know what to say to that. – This is gross. Enough with that.

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