A Broken Jaw Didn’t Stop This Man From Fighting LOUD Against Money In Politics

so I know a lot of people say hey you
know what I you will you folks at walk back in a year you’re trying to get a
constitutional man we get money out of politics I the trip going at it and now because
they don’t want us to mobilize they want us to say discouraged because the one
thing that could defeat them is that we were united and if we pushed hard well it turns out
of course there our Wolfpack resolutions to pull push for Conservation Commission
to get that amendment are in 10 different states backed by
over 50 legislators all cross country another state
legislators okay the National guys are totally corrupt but at the state level
can work in right now in maryland is going really well actually there’s a HJ seven proposed by Jamie Raskin was a
great state legislator and that is to call for can mention to
get money out of politics awesome perfect right and of course walk
back supports at and right now the Maryland House Rules Committee is
considering a the problem was it was his major snowstorm so it appeared that a lot of people
could show up in Maryland on the day the here the Wolf Pack show up anyway your batch and a guy who showed up testified for us
it’s just the resin a maryland was working hard to make sure he didn’t
do his part his name is urge Obama on D the problem is not only was there a
massive snowstorm the day before the testimony he broke
his job so obviously couldn’t testify wrong he testified anyway here’s assessment clothes underscored understand birth control %uh pretty interesting both true great deal over issues they’re all likes purple
support further reason deductions elections
congress a cluster disappointed more those issues until I realized pro politicians frugally words old last long the most people little thrillers circle which is currently working over or
mistakes hey at least tell solutions similar exchange lyle state legislatures here we’re over
10,000 people finder volunteers and turns it down more worse
I’ll so-called change gears bristling folder your collected to the Young Turks to the
worst all unusual their overall military instructors over
one billion views on YouTube which is %uh celebrities lecture further OK Go their little 31 the trial let me put it this way girl or girls triple watching Jay anger and the Young
Turks love you too there are conservatives
listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio the authors in this audience is all they
see is the biggest troll conjured money 46 drove to Washington DC to do this we can solve this problem cancer example right here in this tier
world country poll that there wasn’t any word will see
their urging all support this is a are enormous blood I of course I love
job on what he said there and not just because a he had good
praise press plus your brother respected but because he was indomitable the snow is not going to stop ’em a
broken jaws not going to stop ’em nothing’s gonna stop us he’s not a
lobbyist who doesn’t get paid for this up at before I saw the video I’d never
heard about my I have to be honest I didn’t know he was
gonna testify that day I momentum but that’s what we do we set up an
organization we say if you believe in this in your real citizens and waxy wanna
make change in this country you join us only bad he’s testifying
before the committee that bill has a very good chance to pass
in maryland because there’s a lot of people like to bottom working in
maryland calling all their legislators and say
you gotta do this for us and when they hear from them they say hey you know what these people aren’t a
little excited about this look at what their wanna go through to
make sure that they get this change and it’s obvious they’re not
professional lobbyists there we’ll citizens state leaders across country for us
literally veterans farmers teachers got a great teacher in california has an
awesome state leader who’s helping train other state leaders
shoe just tired all the money in politics dominating are a elections the ruling
our democracy we engage backed through the state level
through great actions like this so if you live
in Maryland definitely join us wabash pack dot com
get that passed the Maryland that would be awesome he but in all the
states we need volunteers we need members we people T at the very least sign the
petition nets if he can go and testify to build a snow
storm with a broken jaw nearly sign the petition brother so come
join us man because together the can stop us

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  • Yes Chiban Amde, you legend

  • i wish i lived in USA so i could help :/

  • Support from Sweden im not in the US but i watch tyt everyday and hope you get money out of politics because whatever tve US does effects me aswell.

  • fuck yeah, respect.

  • black guy with broken jaw…typical

  • I tried to make that voice to see if he was faking it… nope… seems legit

  • Maryland? Well then it's time to do my part. 

  • Bravo, bra-fucking-vo.

  • Incredible. Good to know that actual human beings with intelligence and sense roam this planet preaching goodness and well-being. I salute you sir!

  • So proud of Chiban. That must of been agony speak with of broken jaw. The speech was eloquent, passionate and full of heart and truth. More of this please xxx

  • Sorry it's 1am and I'm ""tired and emotional"" but you get, how much I love this piece. Much love to TYT hugs ( see tired & emotion sic) .

  • Before I watch this clip I was a little depressed. Now I feel like I could eat a lion.
    Thanks TYT!

  • so what happens when the legislators in the 10 states drop out of office by the time you get 2/3rds of the states? What happens then?

  • He's got my hairstyle and political views. 🙂 And skin color, not that it matters.

  • The only high ranking state official that isn't corrupt in New Jersey is Sen. Shirley Turner. She needs help badly ya'll…

  • This man is the definition of "boss". I love this guy so much.

  • as long as he can draw a breathe. nothing was going to stop him from making it to that hearing. 

    if his city is on the TYT leader board for that TYT meetup contest or whatever. I think he scored a shit load of points here and now sits atop of it. if not, he should. 

  • Burt Reynolds level balls.

  • I'm Nathan from Chattanooga, TN. I believe the biggest problem with our country is money in politics. My generation has already been greatly effected and forward progress slowed. Lets change that for our children and the generations to come. We are Wolf-Pac. We are the hope of the future.

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Chiban 2016! 😉

  • Wolf Pc has more to do with the sprit of historical fighters like the Tea Party of 1773 then any conservative could ever dream

  • Wow, this is amazing!

  • A massive snowstorm and a broken jaw will not stop this man from advocating for getting money out of politics!

  • Well done to this man for standing up for democracy. A real inspiration.

  • Salute to the guy.
    Whatever ideology you have, getting money out of politic is the correct way.

  • Well deserved respect to Chiban for your commitment towards Wolf-Pack!!

  • Power To The People Dude !!

  • Chiban Amde, I Salute thee!!

  • Beautiful

  • Like a Boss!

  • o way to go chiban-that was inspirational by the fact your getting off your ass and taking up the cause.

  • Now there is an honest political guy.   Money doesn't belong in democratic politics,   the politicians represent the voters,   not the corporations.

  • I didn't see CM here, so I'll speak for him..
    These liberals wanting to get money out of politics, this kind of thinking will bring down our democracy, not save it!  Here are a few links to help support my claim…


  • Fuck………Yes…..

  • Howard bloom in the background?

  • Not the same guy that was in  on murder charge. This guy is totally different looking.

  • Speaking from experience here, the teens in conservative areas like my own state of Kansas everyday get closer and closer towards progressive beliefs. Right now, I'd say we stand about at the level of a libertarian view, but we would have the future of the conservative party by the BALLS if we could somehow spread the word in schools.
    Wolf Pac, mind helping out underage contributors such as myself spread the word?

  • Where did the name Wolf-Pac come from?

  • "A wolf will chew his own leg off to survive if trapped"

     This guy is a wolf.

  • At this rate it will be 1000 years

  • At this rate it will be 1000 years

  • Oh shit that's that felon who booked for murder. Did the cops break his jaw?

  • Oh shit that's that felon who booked for murder. Did the cops break his jaw?

  • Did anyone else notice that a broken jaw make you sound like a British aristocrat?

  • Awesome. Pretty inspiring.

  • Killa Kam, I saw that clip your talking about and have to addmit I had the same thought. Well ok almost. The idea the videos both are hoaxes is just crap. Why is it that rather than looking to find the answer, so many label things hoaxes?  Anyway, the other guys last name is Jones and yes they have a simular look, but I highly doubt its the same guy. Just a bazaar coincidence

  • Jew are planning to send Americans to war & death for Israel.

  • I'm sure you are right erni but it will be interesting to see what crap they come up with.

  • I agree with the young Turks on almost nothing except for this. I really appreciate their efforts on this and I have no idea why this isn't on news.

    For the first time in history, I must say… Young Turks, carry on.

  • Give this man a medal! Donating to WOLF PAC now!

  • Kudos, I've broken my jaw. and the day after I was still vomiting blood

  • Hell yeah. Get the money out. No more income tax or irs! I'm with you on that

  • "You may break our jaws but you will not prevent us from speaking" Would be a nice slogan here. XD

  • ".. together they can't stop us!" You won't hear that on CNN.

  • All i got to say is Chiban Amde, bada$$ MF!.

  • making politics illegal is the next step on a planet that should be only about three family states. 1st state is Existant Beings of which humans can only claim they exist and aknowledge that all that moves is also existant and must admit that everything they cannot see also exists. 2nd state in Life (as per earth normalcy which is more obvious 3rd state and last is the human state and sees all as family. Anything less is non existant as it requires people to use skin color as a seperational thing instead of just an environmental quark and others thinsg along this line. and that is where it all ends, no country exists beyong human imagination and money only exists because these three states of reality which are fact and not imaginary like countries or inferior reasons like religions or what have yu. Throughout these three states it is obvious that only talented people of extraordinary proportions can even begin to try to understand its depth so obviously no politicians babbling about economy has any real value in a true system that is for the individual rights of all Beings in the three states  which are true and above all political or religious hierarchies based on the stone age past. Coupled with the obvious valued characterisics like compassion with out need to get patted on the head from those who have obviously abused humanity or life.

  • Turk of the year? Must be in contention. Politics aside that guy is a boss.

  • He sounds really mad about money in politics. 😛

  • get the money out of politics now!!!!!!!!


  • He broke his jaw?…. Lol I think not!!!

  • Maybe he needs to learn to stfu? Maybe?

  • That man is a real inspiration

  • This man made my day. Keep kicking ass TYT Wolf-PAC

  • This guy's got passion

  • anyone who is digusted and tense with how things are will talk like that….broken jaw or not

  • Maryland REPRESENT

  • I disagree with TYT & criticise them on many issues, but with  http://www.wolf-pac.com I have nothing be admiration.

    Of course repealing Citizens United is an end, but it is not the end. But it could be the end of the beginning of the end. Eliminating legalised bribery from US politics is the first step in disarming the plutocrats who have corrupted Congress.

    Representatives spend too much time raising campaign donations. It's no wonder their feet aren't put to the fire come election time. They don't have to defend their record in office, they just have to buy enough ad time.

    Here in the UK we now have fixed general elections every 5 years, & real restrictions on political broadcasts & advertising. And we still fuck up. But it's nothing like the constant election cycles & soundbite politics in the US. We subject our elected officials to constant interrogation, & we don't elect batshit crazies.

    Religion, Evolution & AGW are not political issues here. We don't give a hair on a monkey's left nut if a candidate is an atheist, we care if people are fit for the office they're requesting us to elect them into.

    Sure we make mistakes, but we suffer the consequences, & try to do better next time. We oscillate about the center.

    US politics are so different.

    I don't want judges elected, I want them to be selected by merit from within the legal profession.

    I don't want police chiefs to be elected, I want them to gain their rank by a record of honest & unbiased service.

    I don't want local school board members to be appointed by elections. 

    I want them to go through a selection process conducted by professional educators that are given clear guidelines about who is eligible.

    Age, race, colour, creed, & sexual orientation should not disqualify candidates. I don't want a pig farmer with money & a religious bent, having a vote on what kids should be taught in public schools.

    Personally I have no dog in this fight, but this is YT. A place where I come to chat & throw out my ideas. Obviously I think my thoughts are right, but I'm happy to be better informed or corrected. 

  • Oh boy, 10/33 done already!!!

  • Goosebumps

  • CHEERSSS !!!!

  • this just made my day

  • the old guy in the background looks really uncomfortable with what he's saying

  • Turk of the year indeed

  • God and gods bless Chiban Amde.

  • This man has a cast iron jaw! If I was there I'd shake his hand with a smile on my face!

  • TyT; To retain the momentum, please sort out all the non sequiturs and fallacies that pollute half your stories. It will be a disaster if you lose the reasonable progressives, and only have the head boppers. (Though I understand the latter adds up more views.)

  • The snow couldn't stop him…
    His injuries couldn't stop him…
    The only thing that would stop him? Reaching his goal.

    Chiban's War, in theaters 2014.

  • Really!!!!!!! all u guys have to say about this video is the comparisons between him n a murderer!?!?!?!? Let's pray what he said makes a diff.for us all.

  • too strong

  • Chiban Amde for Senate!!!

  • Check us out in Washington.  We need 250,000 signatures.  They have about 10,000.  http://www.wamend.org/ 

  • Amazing guy!!

  • you go TYT, continue the good work. I'm from Portugal and i belive on you.

  • In response to Killa Kam below:  this person in the TYT video is NOT the same person as the guy booked for murder in the other video.  Two totally different people.

  • Inspirational! All power to you, 'Mercuns! 

  • Okay… it's about time I donate to Wolf-Pac. Man with the broken jaw had better excuses than me but he didn't let that stop him. 

  • I'm 11 And I Had TMJ After an Injection Into my Arm, My Jaw Wouldn't Close, but Putting Water To my Mouth Stopped It, Before that I Got a Tounge Spasam.. :/

    I'm One of the Luckiest Children In ireland…
    Please… Respect… <3

  • Awesome.  When an elected official, such as Florida Gov. Rick Scott being worth $130+ Million dollars; we all know something is wrong.  Especially when such person claims they came from nothing.  One only makes $130,000,000 in government by being corrupt as Judas.

  • Broken jaw? YOLO!

  • Fuck yah Chiban!

  • its cute that people think they matter and you will solve anything.  If you think government cares what you say or do, think again. You're a pawn.

  • Love that guy! Wanna see more of him! They should feature him

  • nice good thing i live in maryland

  • This gave me feels (no homo). I want to help and be proactive for Wolf-Pac in Florida. What do I do to make this happen?

  • I Give Chiban  Amde  so Much Credit and Proud that we Have Americans Like him who beat the Snow Storm and Ignored The Pain of a Broken Jaw to say His Peace.  Right On Brother !!!!

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