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Jason: As far as… I’m just going to go through sort of advantages and disadvantages of… As I see it for each product. For JAWS, what I would say the advantages… One of the advantages are, is an extremely large user base. Ah, JAWS has been around, as I said, for a long, long time. Um, so if you want to know how to do something with JAWS, there’s a pretty good chance you can find a user who’s done it, or knows somebody that’s done it. There are, you can go to Freedom Scientific and you can go to the Freedom Scientific website and there are email lists you can sign up for. Um, which are extremely high traffic, just to let you know. Um, [Laughs]. If you sign up for the JAWS user list, be prepared for a ton of email. Um, but, they’re good resources for asking questions. They also have a lot of free and paid training materials available on their site. Again, it’s FreedomScientific.com. Ah, the training site is FreedomScientific.com/training. Um, oh, other thing I do want to say here too is I am, I am totally blind. I am going to give time at the end for questions. But, if you have a question that you need answered right away, or you don’t want to forget about it, um, you know, I subscribe to the just yell it out. Tell me you’ve got a question and I’ll stop and answer it for you. ‘Cause, like I said I’m not going to see your hand, so, if you could do that, that would be great. Um, JAWS does offer free technical support. It’s, the, the phone call is long distance, but the actual support is free. And it’s unlimited so, it’s, there’s no limit to the amount of support calls. And, they will provide support all the way back to JAWS 5 or, or earlier if you happen to have it. They don’t limit, like you have to have, anything back to JAWS 13 or we won’t help you. Um, what they can provide for the older versions is a bit limited, um, but, but, you know, that is available. The other thing with JAWS, um, is the Braille support is extremely good. Um, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to demonstrate that today and I was planning on it. But, um, I have apparently I’m having Braille display issues which is unfortunate. Um, but I will talk about that. So, it’s full contracted Braille input and output. So, if you’ve got a Braille display, that has a, um, that has a Braille keyboard on it and several do. Um, you can go into a Word document, and the sentence that I like to demonstrate with is, the people like to have more knowledge. Ok? So, those of you who know Braille, or Grade Two Braille, every word in that sentence is a contraction. So, if you on your Braille display, in Grade Two, type, the people like to have more knowledge, in Grade Two, on the screen you will see it all spelled out. And, very quickly. So it back translates everything as you type it. So, um, you know, for somebody learning Grade Two, that can be useful. Um, and you know, for somebody who really likes writing in Grade Two, it can be very efficient way to, you know, to write documents. Um, let’s see… Alright. Alright. So, oh, and the other thing is, the voices for JAWS it comes with eloquence, it also comes with what’s called Vocalizer Expressive, which I’ll show here in a minute. Which is a very, very, high quality speech synthesizer um, you know, not, not robotic. Very, very human sounding.

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