A Hilariously Epic Zombie Prank

When our next guest woke up from
anesthesia from wisdom tooth surgery, her loving and caring brothers
were there to support her and make her believe that
the apocalypse had begun. Take a look.>>The Center for Disease Control in Washington DC has
issued a viral outbreak warning. State and local officials have reported
cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism.>>Yes.>>You need to get home right now. There’s some sort of
a weird virus outbreak. They said this is not a test.>>Okay, okay well,
I’m pulling in the driveway right now.>>We’re not the U.S. Marines. Why can’t we just start going now? Kevin, a garden hoe isn’t what we want. We have guns. Why are you putting garden
equipment in the car?>>All right, I’ll go get the guns. This is how you use it. The safety is right here. Pull this. Try.
I need to see you do it, okay. You got to hold it up.>>What is this gonna do against anything?>>Hold the weapon. No hold it up.
Hold it up, okay. You got it? Okay. I’ll be right back. We can only take one pet. Which pet? The cat or the dog?>>The cat you idiot.>>[LAUGH]
>>What do we do with the dog?>>He’s the worst. He’s already dying. Just leave him, get the cat.>>Okay, I’ll put in the cat. Mom said we’re leaving the dog. Okay, that’s fine.>>We can only take funfetti or
chocolate cake, which one do we take?>>It’s funfetti.>>Do you want funfetti or chocolate?>>Why do we need that if
there’s zombies coming?>>[LAUGH]
>>No listen, this is important, this will be what we’re living off of,
which one? Funfetti, chocolate? Dad said that since he’s in Las Vegas that
he’s close to Mexico and he wants us to meet him in Mexico, how good is your
Spanish still from high school? [LAUGH]
>>I can say pants.>>Do you think Costco? Should we go to Costco first?>>No, It’s gonna be a bloodbath in there.>>[LAUGH]
>>From Waynesburg, Virginia, please welcome Cabot, Barrett and
their 17-year-old sister, Millicent. So how long ago did this happen?>>I got my wisdom teeth
out last Thursday,>>Mm-hm.>>And so it was my first time ever going
under general anesthesia, or anything.>>And why did you,
did you not want them to post it?>>Okay, so they showed it to me, and
I was just yes, this is funny, but at the same time, why would I ever want
>>Anybody see this of me ever. Especially like, YouTube. Tear people apart, you know?>>It’s always like that, you know.>>I was like well, you know, do you
think that like Ellen would see it or anything like that? [LAUGH]
>>Of course she would.>>And they were like, yeah sure, totally! And I’m sure that they were like-
>>No way that ever happens. Now you know.>>Yup.
We saw it. They showed it to me and
I was like get them here.>>[LAUGH]
>>For sure. I mean it is the it is so outrageous. The lengths that you went to, that you pretended that there was an
emergency interrupting the radio station you were listening to,
that your mother was involved.>>My own Mom.>>I know your own Mom. They all did it to you. So you had no idea. Did they say we’re going
to document any of it.>>They told me they were going
to film it and so I figured, I’ve grown up with them my whole life,
lucky me, these terrific brothers. And they’re awesome so I figured you know like they’ve done some
pretty crazy stuff to me in the past. Maybe they’ll do something, I thought they were gonna maybe make
me like say something silly or some. I didn’t realize that they
were gonna convince me that my world was falling apart.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH]>>But your reaction was just so hilarious. So who’s idea was it and
how long ago did you start planning?>>Yeah so this guy is the master mind. He came up with it all.>>Stop, yes.
>>Go ahead, go ahead.>>We just. We’ve known for three weeks now that
she was getting the teeth out, and she’s such a funny expressive young woman,
we’re like she would do something that was just gold, like for the family
to just watch for years to come. And everyone does the normal videos.>>The world?
>>And the world to watch for years to come. Everyone does normal wisdom teeth videos,
and we thought what could make it better? Zombies.
>>Zombies.>>Everyone loves zombies.>>Yeah.
>>And we love the show The Walking Dead. She’s too scared to watch it.>>I hear the noises from the other
room while their watching it. Like [SOUND]
>>We kind of knew she was afraid of zombies and we thought let’s just do this. So we sat down the night
before at the kitchen table, mapped out like maybe twenty minutes, thirty minutes worth of stuff and
we called the dentist, got them in on it. The dental assistants. My mom who was-
>>She was all to willing to get involved.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH]>>And she was quite convincing that she cared and wanted her to survive.>>Uh-huh.
>>That was the selling point.>>That kinda makes me worried,
for future reference, like she’s really good at this lying.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah because what you don’t see, what I heard was when you got home,
she was loading the other car and running around trying to
act panicked as well.>>Yeah, one of the things that I
remember was pulling up to the house. And Cabot was the only one driving
me home, and then Barrett and my mom had gone home first. So, they’re literally outside
flinging boxes in the cars. They’re just sprinting
across the front yard. And I’m just sitting here. Somebody help.>>And that they gave you the thing, the grabber than they-
>>[LAUGH]>>I don’t even know what it’s called.>>My God.
>>It works in the pantry, to reach up for stuff.>>Everything your reaction would be,
that’s fine. And then, I can say pants. Everything, I could see why would
want to see her response to things.>>Yeah.
>>All right, we’re back with Millicent, Cabot, and Barrett and so, you,
the choices that you’ve made her make. And I love that you said why am I
having to make all these decisions? So the cat, you chose the cat.>>Yes, the cat. My cat Hercules.>>So tell us about the dog.>>Okay, I’ve been getting a lot of hatred
about this from the dog people naturally, cuz if I didn’t. See look at him, he’s beautiful.>>Yes.>>If I didn’t know my dog
I would think she’s awful.>>Aw!>>You, no, you say that.>>[LAUGH]
>>You have, okay, he’s so cute and when you try to pet him and you go up to
him, and he’s wagging his little tail. And then you reach your hand out and all of a sudden it’s like You’ve-
>>Like a zombie.>>It’s terrifying.>>He just bites you.>>He bites. He’s tiny, and he’s like 10 years old. He is kinda just like a grumpy
old man at this point. Yeah.
>>The question is, what would he bring to a zombie
apocalypse situation to help us?>>Yeah.
>>He might have helped.>>[LAUGH]
>>Because I honestly think that he loves our parents he’s honestly never returned
the love that I had given to them and it’s hurtful.>>yeah!
>>and then our cat is meanwhile like this little rub tub of lard. he’s a rag tag cat. He is chubby and he doesn’t love
me as much as I love him still but that is because I love him so
much you know?>>So he still loves you a lot,
just not as much as you love->>Yeah.>>You know the cat was very good. Most cats aren’t good in the car anyways.>>Yeah.
>>Much less all the energy that was going on. I was very impressed by the cats energy.>>Yeah.
>>Okay, so then you had choose a chocolate cake. Or funfetti, right?>>Yeah. This one was a lot more I
thought out in my subconscious. And I’m trying to think why
I would’ve chosen that. And that’s probably because with chocolate
cake you kinda need ice cream or icing as a buffer cuz it’s
really rich you know. And I think in that moment I was like we
don’t have time to get ice cream or icing. Funfetti.
You need something to light up your day
if it’s gonna be the apocalypse. You need color.>>[LAUGH]
>>And I think I was like just kinda like, okay, just go with the funfetti
if you need something.>>You made good choices because of
course Costco is gonna be a blood bath.>>[LAUGH]
>>it is though. Everybody is always like,
I’m would go straight there. And I’m like no.
>>Costco’s a blood bath on a normal day.>>Much less the apocalypse. Stay away from there. All right, so we have,
your dog’s name is Hercules?>>My dog’s name is Napoleon.>>And the cat’s Hercules.>>Yes.>>Okay. We got something for them. Because they both deserve
to get a little [CROSSTALK]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wow. Fantastic. Wow. [APPLAUSE]>>That’s for them.>>My goodness.>>I got something for you.>>No.>>And it is-
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes! Yes! [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>My goodness.>>My goodness.>>Also you kept talking about you had to go to Mexico so
we’re gonna give you a trip to Mexico, you wanna take them,
you can take your family, but you’re getting the trip to Mexico
to take your family, all right?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How’s your Spanish?>>How’s your Spanish?>>[INAUDIBLE] Pantalones!>>Pantalones! We’ll be back.

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