Advances in Zirconia Dental Technology

a patient already has the 6 implant
full mouth zirconia bridge which is really protruding
I’m going to show you, how to fix it just stay tuned when I see the side view is really sticking out facially so we are going to bring it in number one and number two to make the
better shape and size compared to before and after and number three we’re going
to change the color, all monotone and especially the problem is high opacity
dental terminology is the value so value is high but nowadays technology
is faster, zirconia materials are getting better so getting more
translucency than before, remember this is monolithic
and this is monolithic as well so translucence is different and then our
technique is different so much better anyway so we finished this with the
color, side view, especially occlusion too there’s really a difference
compared to the mounting the bite we just take a look at it and then we just
bring it in as much as possible so that’s the key and then we mounting what
the doctor sent the face bow is really important so we
can see the horizontal and vertical so then mounting with this, then this is a
guide and then our people can fabricate the final appreciate you support thanks
for watching

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  • I still prefer to make the zirconium structure with reduced canine to canine preparation to have more space to apply ceramics and obtain more translicidity (old school I think). The case that shows there really asked for the correction of the projection of the anterior teeth, of course it depends a lot on how much the patient's face asks for upper lip support. I've had cases that in the models were anatomically correct but the patient needed more support of the upper lip, it varies a lot from case to case.

      Thanks for sharing it is always a pleasure to appreciate your cases sharing knowledge enriches all of us in the business. You Sr. have a lot to teach I am happy to have recently found your channel. I apologize for my broken English I am Portuguese from Lisbon.

  • I learn something new each vid…Great work…the new unit is impressive.😁

  • I would have done the same: increase the size (longer teeth) of the back teeth (molars). Then, of course, the shape of the front teeth could change such, to eliminate the stupid overbite caused by evil intended previous dentist and technician!

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