America’s Got Talent Winner Shin Lim Stuns Jimmy with a Magic Trick

-We are joined right now
by a very talented young magician who just won NBC’s hit show
“America’s Got Talent.” Give it up for Shin Lim,
everybody. [ Drumroll ]
[ Cheering and applause ] Pleasure.
Thank you for being here. You are amazing. I knew you were gonna win. I swear. I called it. I go, “This guy –”
You’ve got it, man. You won the $1 million.
-Thank you, man. -That’s a big deal. What happens now?
What’s the plan? -I mean, I would love
to have my own show, in Vegas or wherever,
and that would be just amazing, to be able to perform it. -All right.
I mean, best of luck -Thank you.
-and we will come watch you. You brought a trick
for us tonight. -Yes, I do.
-Okay. Am I involved?
-Yeah. Well, that’s why
you’re sitting here. -Okay, good.
[ Laughter ] Have I already done something?
-Now, -Okay.
-usually, I would have you select your favorite card
or a card face-Up, but maybe I know what
your favorite card is or something like that.
It’s really important that I can’t see the card
at all, okay? So we’ll do it face-down. Just point it in any direction. -Which one’s my favorite?
-No, no, just point to any direction, ’cause we’re
gonna do one at random. -Sure.
Right over here? You sure?
-Yeah. -Your choice, so, you happy? -Yeah.
-All right, now, I’m gonna look away.
Take a look at the card. -Okay.
-Remember it. -Yeah.
-Don’t forget it, Jimmy. If you forget it,
then the whole trick’s over. -Okay.
-All right, cool. [ Laughter ]
All right. -I’m watching you.
-Now, cut the deck in half. -Okay, here we go.
-All right. You can either keep it or do you want this one? Doesn’t matter.
It’s your choice; it’s your life.
-It’s my choice, my life. -Yeah. What do you want? -I don’t know.
I guess that one? -That one right there?
Take it; take it. Go ahead, grab it. No, no.
Grab the deck. -Yeah, okay, yeah, okay. -Now, hold it like this.
-Uh-huh. -All right. Can you take
a couple o’ cards and bring it to the bottom?
-Right. Couple cards,
bring it to the bottom. -Very good. And then,
can you take a couple cards and put it on the table?
-Uh-huh. -Right. And then
you can continue to do the same thing.
Cut to the bottom. -Are you just teaching me
how to shuffle? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] Do it again.
Put it on top, yeah, again. -Okay, yeah.
-And then, just stop whenever you want.
We’re all just — Stop whenever you want.
But it’s your choice again. -It’s my choice; it’s my life. [ Laughter ] All right, so.
-You wanna stop there? -Yes.
-All right. Can you put the rest over here.
-Okay. ‘Cause we really
don’t need this. Now, Jimmy, how many cards
would you say is over here? -I’m not you. [ Laughter ]
I don’t know. -I would say 20.
-Yeah. I’d say around there, yeah.
-So there’s about a 40% chance
that your card’s in this pile. -Uh-huh.
-This half. Okay. For the first time,
what was your card? It’s okay if I know.
It doesn’t matter. ‘Cause I’m not gonna do
anything sneaky, at this point. -2 of spades.
-2 of spades. You shuffled the deck.
You shuffled that pile. -Yeah, and I am not touching
anything since I set it. -I’m not gonna touch
anything, either. Would it be impressive if that
2 of spades is in that pile? -Yeah. It would.
-I mean, that’s like 40%. But what if, somehow,
you shuffled it to the top? 2 of spades.
[ Drumroll ] [ Applause ]
-How do you do this? [ Laughing ]
-Now, no, but, Jimmy. I mean, maybe,
maybe it was luck, right? ‘Cause it could’ve been
luck, somehow, that it came to the top.
There’s a probability. So, this time,
you grab the whole deck. Do the exact same thing. Grab a couple of cards
on the top, put it to the bottom,
and do the same thing, and then deal us a couple
cards onto the table, and you just stop
whenever you want, okay? -And just stop whenever I want?
-Yeah, yeah. -Yeah.
-Shuffle to the bottom, yeah. -There you go. That’s good.
-You’re good there? All right. So, now, this is even less.
Now, you know, most magicians would have your card go
to the top, at this point, but [cluck] that’s not me. We’re gonna take it
to the next level. Think of any number
between one and…15. -One and 15, okay.
I thought of one. -All right. Just say it out
loud, so we can count it down. -13.
-13, all right. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, -[Chuckle]
-[laughing] 11, 12, 13. We’ll put the rest
of the cards over here. So, Jimmy, we have
13 cards over here, okay? -Yes.
-Let’s do this again. You shuffled the whole deck.
-Uh-huh. -You then took a couple
o’ cards by random, -[Laughing]
-put into my hand. -Yay!
-You then thought of — [ Laughter ]
-You then thought of any number. 13.
-I thought of any number, yeah, and I thought —
-Lucky number 13, right? For some reason,
at the 13th position… [ Drumroll ] Yeah… -Whoa!
[ Applause ] -[laughs] Yes! You’re unbelievable! -You know —
-How the heck is…? -We’ll try something else here. -Oh, no.
-One last, just thing, okay? One last thing.
‘Cause this is a simple trick. We don’t want to do
anything too complicated. Watch.
[ Laughter ] [ Blowing ] Tell me, Jimmy: Do you see the 2 of spades
anywhere in the deck? -I do not see the 2 of spades. -Oh. That’s really weird. You know what happened
when I blew on it? Can you check your pocket,
your inner jacket pocket, [ Laughter ]
right over there? -This is bizarre.
-You should feel something in there.
-This is bizarre. -The right one.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think it flew in there. -In this pocket?
-The inside pocket right there. Do you feel something? Oh, yeah.
[ Drumroll ] [ Laughter ] -This is gonna be bizarre, dude. [ Laughter ]
Don’t even — [ Drumroll ]
-Whoa! -Oh, my goodness. [ Cheering and applause ]
[ Cymbals crashing ] [ Outro plays ] -We’re not done yet.
-What? -We’re not done yet. Take your
first finger, your index finger. Yeah, yeah. Come, sit down,
sit down, yeah, okay. -We’re not done?
-Yeah, no, no, we’re not done. -I got my money’s worth.
I’m good. -Just put your index finger
right over there. Put your index finger pointed
right over there, okay? I want you to put all your focus
on the 2 of spades. Okay. [ Laughing delightedly ]
-Ohhh! -[Gasp]
-Phew! [ Cheering and applause ] -Ow!
-[Hissing] -Yo. Yo.
-Oh, yeah. 2 of spades. -[Laughing]
[ Cheering and applause ] [ Cymbals clashing,
outro playing ] Dude! That’s awesome! What is going on?! Shin Lim, everybody! [ Cheering and applause ]

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