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So, looking at this big brown fur, I realized
this is a mountain lion, and so that excitement quickly went to just incredible fear, just
terrified. I mean, like I am the only one up here. There’s nobody here, and here you have one
of the strongest animals we have in the U.S. here, and it’s feet from me. We had about a 7-10 minute stare off
like this. I realized, “You can have this mountain.” The only way down was either passed this mountain
lion or behind me to go connect to the Colorado trail, which was the length of the state somewhere
in the mountains, and so I just started backing up, trying to let this animal know that I’m
no threat, which, obviously, I’m not a threat to it. I was backing up and as soon as the scrub
oak and the brush broke our line of sight, in the blink of an eye, it was right in front
of me again. Its head was above my waist. I could have reached down to pet the lion. It let out this vicious growl that just echoed
again across the mountains. You could see the four dominant teeth and
a little black at the bottom part of each main tooth. It launched with force. It slammed into my chest. The top claws, the front claws, were all up
on my face and by my neck. You could hear the pop sounds in my neck as
the claws went in and just pop, pop, pop and just pulled my neck down. The bottom jaw was just in the top of the
forehead here. The top jaw was in the back top part of the
head. You could hear the raking twice over my head. I was twenty-four years old. I didn’t want to die at all. I was so scared cause this, this is it. The friends, all of my old party friends,
started flashing through my head. My family, the Grandma I cheated from, my
mom who I made cry, my brothers and my sister and my dad who I fought with. All these people in my family started flashing
through my head. I had nothing. I was done, and I just screamed, “God help
me!” As loud as I could, I just screamed to a God
I didn’t even spend a minute with. I didn’t know what else to do. I just screamed out for help. Right then a little adrenaline boost came
over me. I reached back, and when I reached back, I
kind of slid my hand. I felt two bumps. I realized this is the mountain lion’s eyes. As hard as I could, I took my thumb and I
shoved it past the eyelid, around the eyeball to the back part, almost like a second eyelid
or a muscle back there. As hard as I could, I just shoved it as deep
and as hard as I could. All of a sudden the claws popped out of my
neck as a loud squeal type chirp, roar almost, echoed from the lion after I hit him in the
head. The claws, when they loosened up, the jaws
loosened up. I threw my head back up and jumped back up
on the trail. I’m running, and I’m throwing white snow
up on my head, and it’s falling over here red. There’s red dripping all over the trail
and my legs, and right there on the inside of that tree. Sure enough, there is that mountain
lion staring right at me again. It took two or three more steps, and I just
went, “Are you kidding me? No more. No more.” When I turned around, I was waiting to see
this lion launched in the air ready to take me out again. When I turned around, I didn’t see the mountain
lion. What I did see was a transparent face of Jesus. When I saw this face, the overwhelming peace
and the calm that rushed through me was so remarkable, so real, and just true that nothing
could touch me. Nothing mattered. Nothing. There was no worry at all, not even the mountain
lion that was chasing me, nothing but the peace rushed through me like I got picked
up…”I’ve got you, son. I got you. You want a second chance, you’ve got to
start living for me, son.” Running down fifteen minutes, almost three
miles, bleeding, you could see my skull. The eight-inch gash in the front was hanging
down from running. You could see the skull. It looked like I had a red mask on. The eye was dripping. The forehead was dripping. All of a sudden I heard the flight for life
helicopter come flying in. They came rushing into the visitor’s center. They had the big mask helmets on. I.V. in the arm, and they strapped me all
up and an eight-minute helicopter ride to a Swedish medical center. I sat there in the emergency room for a while
before they finally wheeled me off with tunnel vision. I woke up six hours later with a big bandage
on my head in this hot hospital room. In that hospital, my Dad came out. We had never got along much in high school
and college. We were both stubborn, and I thought I had
every answer, and I didn’t need any of his help. At the most, maybe every three months we might
make a phone call. A quick five minutes, “How’s sports? How’s weather? Adiós.” That was the moment that he said, “Can I
share my best friend Jesus with you?” That day in the hospital, I gave my life to
Jesus. My dad was actually my best man in my wedding. He’ll tell you, “My son’s encounter
even woke me up a little bit as a Christian and got me closer to Christ.” But it rekindled our relationship where yeah
he was my best man at my wedding. My wife gives me a hard time, “Is that your Dad again?” “Yep, talking to my Dad.”

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  • That such a beautiful testimony like this can come from a follower of Christ, making others interested, curios, believing. Then moments later picking up my phone I see another Trump gaff "You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever" and then another follower of Christ claims the same peace and joy while endorsing comments like this. The Jekyll and Hyde saga was fiction but the above religious schizophrenia is all too true for many. I am a Christian. I do not support the person, the character, the man that is Donald Trump. There are Christians, followers of Christ, who reject his jaded angst, his "Camp of the saints" view of others. We can speak up as Paul did. We can stand up.

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