What’s up everybody? Hey there, what’s
going on today? Boy this is a beautiful hot October 5th. Speaking of hot, today it is 103 outside with a heat index of about 114. This has been one of the hottest summers I have ever known in my
life! It seems like ever since we had
Hurricane Michael to pass through last year the weather here has just been
crazy. But hopefully by December it will cool off a little bit. But speaking
of hot, one person said the other day, “It is hot as hell out here!” I kind of
laughed and then I said oh really? I don’t think so. Or I heard somebody tell
another person, “Go to hell!” People use that word so flippantly and
loosely they don’t realize what they are saying. I mean some people talk like hell
is not a real place. Some people don’t even believe that the devil is real. Well
if Jesus Christ is real, then devil is real. Also, if you don’t believe me, just turn on
the news on the television. You’ll see just how real the devil is across our
globe. Well today, for this LifeWalk devotional, I want to talk to you a
little bit about Hell; how real it is; what the atmosphere is like; what’s going
to happen if you go there. So, if you don’t want to go to hell, then I want you
to pay attention to this video and learn what you can do to avoid it. Come on –
let’s go inside. I’m burning up! Ahhh – it feels so good in here. Welcome to LifeWalk – the channel that’s designed to help you in your Christian faith and your
walk with Christ. If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, I would greatly
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click the bell so you won’t miss any new videos. As I was saying outside, people
don’t take the ideal of hell seriously. I heard a guy say one time, “Well I’m going
to bust hell wide open anyways” as if that is no big deal. But please listen to
me – heaven is real, and hell is real! God is real, and Satan is real. Well what is
hell? Let’s take a Biblical guide of its existence. The Word of God warns about
Hell – describing it with images of darkness, gnashing of teeth, fire, and
complete separation from God. That word “gnashing” means to grind your teeth
together in pain and anger. Darkness in the Bible; darkness is consistently
associated with Hell. A darkness so dark you could almost feel it. I went to a
cavern one time in the mountains, and we went down into the cavern – got way
down in there and our tour guide said, “I’m gonna turn the lights out, and I want
you to see just how dark it is. He cut those lights out and I’ll tell you what,
it was so dark you couldn’t even see the hand in front of you. And I remember
thinking, my goodness you could almost feel this darkness. And then he
pulled out of his pocket a lighter, and he lit it, and that one little flame
about that big just lit up that whole area in the cavern. The prophet Isaiah spoke about hell as the place where the fire that burns will
not be quenched. The unquenchable fire is also referenced
by Jesus in the book of Mark. There are other references of hell in the Bible as
a blazing furnace; eternal fire; tormented with fire and brimstone. The worst part
of Hell I think will be the separation from God, and knowing that you had a
chance to live for God and you rejected Him. hell is eternal separation from
God’s presence, his love and other blessings. The Bible refers to it as
being shut out from the presence of God. God will pronounce words over you, “Depart from me you who are cursed into eternal fire prepared for the devil and his
angels!” Hell is eternal. Scripture is quite clear that hell indeed is
everlasting. Humanity’s rebellion against God is more serious than we realize.
Unforgiven sin is an insurrection, and heinous offense against God. The
condemnation of your sins will be upon you for all eternity. But here’s the
great news – you don’t have to go there! A way has been provided, and that way is
Jesus Christ who died on the cross and became the sacrifice for your sins. He
took all of your sins upon him so that you may live righteously. You say Pastor
David, how do I do this? It’s easy. Find a place to pray and repent of all your
sins and wrong-doings. Isaiah 59:2 says, “But your sinful acts have alienated you
from God.” Ask Jesus to come into your heart and to live there.
Believe that He died on the cross for you and that He rose again. Romans 5:8 says,
“But God demonstrated His love, for that even while we were yet sinners, Christ
died for us.” You see friends, hell was not even created for you. It was created for
the devil and his angels. If you go to hell it’s because you willfully rejected
the one Savior who loves you; and that is Jesus Christ. Well how about it!? If you
don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, would you repent of your sins, and
invite Him into your heart today? This could be a brand new day for you. Do it –
do it now! Don’t wait any longer. Well thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this
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