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Does teeth whitening make your teeth
more sensitive? And if you’ve ever whitened
[Dr. Justin Scott, DMD] your teeth, you already know the answer
to this question. Yes, teeth whitening can make your teeth a
lot more sensitive. The main ingredient in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide
and when you use hydrogen peroxide and it gets on your teeth or your gums, it
can make them sensitive. If you’ve ever swished hydrogen peroxide in your mouth,
you know that it can be a pretty uncomfortable experience. Now when we use
whitening gels, we’re attempting to keep the gel on the teeth for longer periods
of time so that we can get the whitening effect of the peroxide bringing the
stains out of the teeth. So the gels actually keep it from moving on to the
gums and things like that which is typically very uncomfortable. So the
biggest challenge of whitening is how do we get the whitening gel to stay on the
teeth, but not make the patient uncomfortable. So there’s a lot of little
tips and tricks that we can utilize in order to try to improve that process. [Pure Dental Health]

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