Baby teeth and the use of space maintainers ©

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  • My dentist is so nice and kind. The other ones are kind and nice too. When I got my cavity filled yesterday they held my hand along with my mom holding mine then did a countdown. Pulling the tooth hurts but after it feels uncomfortable not a lot of pain. I don’t know about the actual spacer or maintainer because I never got it done. This is just the first step for me. I hope it doesn’t hurt! If this is boring don’t read it sorry. I know it’s tempting to read a comment that says “Read More”. Well, it’s 12:00 p.m, I’m in my bed watching dentist videos to threaten myself, I’m a weirdo, I want to go back to the dentist because I just miss it for some reason, so I should probably go to bed. Have a good night or day! Thanks for reading even though you are probably really bored now. Man I could type all night. Welp that’s it for now. Stay awesome. Stay cavity free.

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  • I have a spacer just like that and I am 9

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  • I got this and it didn’t hurt only when they pulled tooth out and I had to get it same to whil getting cavity filled. They gave my seven shots in my mouth.

  • Thank u for preventing a bad future for me

  • Wish they would’ve done that when I was 7 instead of me having to have surgery next April to fix all the crap that my dentist didn’t find until I was 13.

  • I had one of those in my mouth when I was little

  • I'm from the Philippines and i haven't heard of spacers. When my tooth is like coming off, the new tooth were going to appear right behind the baby tooth and so after i just removed the baby tooth, I had to push the permanent tooth by my tounge. And one time I had to remove one of my molars by the dentist because it already have cavity. It never grow back again because by the time I had to removed it, a tooth from the front is wiggling and i had to get it out and again, the permanent tooth is right behind it. Since there are no enough space for that, my tooth moved a liitle sidewards where there are this space where my molar just came out. That space are now gone and now my molars were not complete
    (Sorry for the grammar)

  • Listen I need a space regainer, I have only three lower incisors and my fourth one is behind my first premolar on the lower jaw. I need this to make room for the fourth incisor!

  • I’ve had a space retainer for years, around when I was 7-9. Mine was concreted in. It doesn’t hurt that bad, but sometimes food can get stuck in the ring part. As a bonus, I accidentally chewed it up while eating a tootsie roll (it came off) xD


  • I have a spacer not really sure what it’s really called (please don’t say I’m dumb I know o-o

  • I had one of these and well….., the metal apparently will stick to gum while gum won't stick to my braces like what the heck why can't they just make the metal on those things the same metal that's on braces bc I had to wear that for 2 years

  • Rip teeth and baby teeth

  • I lost more tooth’s than one in a year ago

  • Anyone know if you can take these out yourself?

  • Great I gotta put a fucking ring on my tooth

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