Barbie – Chelsea and the Tooth Fairy | Ep.68

Barbie – Chelsea and the Tooth Fairy Ouch! What’s wrong Chelsea? It’s my tooth It’s hurting me It’s so loose but it just won’t fall out Want me to pull it out Chelsea? No way! That will really hurt! The sooner you take it out the sooner you’ll get money from the Tooth Fairy! Tooth Fairy? Yeah, there’ no tooth fairy! Yes there is! Well I’ve never seen her You’re not supposed to see her She only comes when you’re sleeping Doesn’t matter anyway I’m not letting anyone take this tooth out! How was school Chelsea? Boring! Miss Myers wasn’t there and the fill in teacher is no fun! I hope… Ouch! Is that your tooth again? Ummm, no… It’s…my…finger! Alright, that’s enough That tooth is coming out now! No! You’re not touching it! It’s going to hurt! It won’t hurt I promise I’ll stop if it hurts too much There is no way you are ever, ever, ever, going to… You can have chocolate ice cream Ok! I’m ready to take my tooth out! Hold still… Owwww! Please don’t hurt Please don’t hurt Chelsea a baby! Yeah! That not hurt us! Count to three… One, two… Not you! Chelsea! Oops! Sorry One…mmmmm Two…mmmmm Got it! Hey! You said three! Oh! I didn’t feel anything! Told you! Now go get a glass of water so we can put this tooth out for the Tooth Fairy Barbie! There’s no tooth fairy. Yes there is! Yeah! Sometimes in the middle of the night I feel Tooth Fairy touch me on the head No that me hitting you Isabelle! Fine! I’ll put the tooth in water, but it’s a waste of time! Goodnight Chelsea Sleep well! Night Ken! (Click!) Alright Tooth Fairy, where are you? Still no Tooth Fairy! Barbie is so wrong! Put this tooth out for the Tooth Fairy… What Tooth Fairy! That’s it! I’m going to sleep My friends were right No such thing as a Tooth Fairy! I thought Chelsea was never going to get to sleep! Now what do we have here… One baby tooth Off you go! Ok, off to the next house… Ooops! Nearly forgot. There you go Chelsea! Now I better get out of here before… Huh! But… But… You’re the…the… Ahhh, Tooth Fairy! Yeah, but… You thought I wasn’t real? Yeah! I get that a lot You’re…so…so tiny! Hey! You’re no giant yourself there Chelsea! This is so cool! I can’t wait to tell everyone! No! You can’t tell anyone! It has to be our little
secret! What! But I’m not good at keeping secrets… Well you have to keep this secret! Alright, I’ll try… So, one dollar! Looks like I was right about the Tooth Fairy! Yes, you were right I have to tell her… No I can’t… But I have to… Ohhhh! You right there Chelsea? Barbie, guess what? Oh no, she going to say something! Sorry Chelsea… Last night I… Mmmmm, mmmm mmm mmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmmm, mmm mm mmmm mm Pardon? I said, Mmmmmm mmm mmm mmmmmm mm mm mmmm mmmmmm mmmm! Sorry Chelsea, I don’t have time for games What is wrong with me? Hurry up! Ken is waiting in the car to take you to school Have a good day! Um, yeah, ok… One dollar hey! That’s pretty cool! I know I can’t believe I thought the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real! No fair! I want Tooth Fairy to come to my room! Me too! Maybe I take my tooth out Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmm! Oh no! It too strong I want to see Tooth Fairy… Do I tell them… Oh, I said I wouldn’t… Yes, no, yes, no… Hey Ken! Guess what! Last night… Not again! I saw, Mmmm mmm mm mmmm, mmm mmmm mmmmmmm Huh? Did you just mumble something Chelsea? I said, Mmm mmm mmmmm mmm mmmmmm mm mmmm mmmmm! Chelsea must not be good at school She can’t even talk! Not again! Why can’t I talk? We’re nearly at school Chelsea! A dollar! Cool! So you believe in the Tooth Fairy now? You bet I do! Told you! I think I have to see it first Is the Tooth Fairy big or small? Is it a boy or girl? I have to tell them that I saw her! They’ll be so jealous! Listen girls! I have a secret, but you can’t tell anyone! Ok! Chelsea was right She is not good at keeping secrets! I didn’t think the Tooth Fairy was going to come, but just after midnight I Mmmmm mm mmmm mmmm mmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmm mm Ahhhhh, what? I said I, Mmmm mmmm mmm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmmmmm! You’re not making much sense there Chelsea… Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mm mm mmmmmm! Maybe that’s enough now Chelsea Mmmm mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm! I give up! Sorry Chelsea I’m going to have to make you forget that you saw me You obviously can’t keep secrets! Alright Well I don’t have to worry about Chelsea anymore I just have to be more careful next time No one is allowed to see me! Oh! Oh no…! Mummy! Mummy!

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