Big Game & Tooth Fairy Day – Lonely Holidays Episode 2 – Evite Original

– Sure, yeah, there
are people out there saying a sporting event
isn’t a real holiday. But then every year,
first Sunday in February. What are those people doing? They’re getting
together with friends. Watching the game
and celebrating me. I don’t know, sounds
like a holiday to me. – So, why invite another
holiday to your party? – Because, look man, I
know I’m a popular day, but I also know
what it feels like not to be taken
seriously as a holiday. So every year I like
to invite a lonely holiday over to watch the
big game and have some fun. I know it’s my day, but I’m just trying
to spread the love. – Hello everybody. Are you ready for some foosball? – It’s football. – This is very exciting. – We got chips, dip, guacamole
and the essential item for every football party,
especially the big game. Is chicken wings. – And confetti. – We’re you surprised when
he reached out to you? – Surprised? He’s the big game. He’s one of the most
popular days of the year. Everybody knows him. – I was happy to do it. – I still can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. Pinch me. – What? – No seriously, pinch me. No, don’t do it. – I wasn’t’ going to. – Isn’t this guy the best. Nobody ever remembers
tooth fairy day, and he throws me a
party on his day. You’re an absolute angel. – Quit it. I invited him to my
party as a guest, and I guess he thinks
this parties for him. – This is the greatest
day of my life. – So why don’t you correct it? – Look, a hundred and
eleven million people celebrated me last year. You know how many
celebrated him? There was like one dental
office in Connecticut that gave away free toothbrushes
or something. And that was it. I think he needs this. Ah, happy tooth fairy day. – I could do without
the football though. If you could believe
it, I’ve never actually seen a
football match before. I don’t even understand
what’s going on, but did you see how many
people came to celebrate me? Hazaaah. – Boo. – Yeah, oooooo. It’s harder than it looks. It’s dark, you’re
sneaking around. Sometimes you grab
the wrong thing. I’ve mistaken quite a
few buttons for teeth. I took a kids
glass eye one time. One time it was a
lady’s wedding ring. Why would you sleep with
it under your pillow if you don’t want
me taking your gun? I grabbed a tooth from
under the bed one time, turned out it was a hamster. What was the question again? – Uh, what do you
do with the teeth? – Oh no, I’m not falling
for that one. (laughs) – Yeah. – Dibs, that’s a
lateral incisor. I heart football. Also, I’m deeply in debt. – I think it’s safe to say. He enjoyed himself. – Oh yeah, I love football. I even learned what
a button hook is. – Same time next year? – It’s a slam dunk. – Touchdown. – Touchdown. Nailed it. Slap hands? – Wait, wait, wait. Let’s show em what
I taught you, ready? One, two, three. Heisman. – Heimlich. – No, no, no. You know, it’s easy to forget
that there are hundreds of lonely holidays out there just
sitting on the side lines. I was happy I could give
him some game time today. And I think I made a friend. He gave me this. – What is it? – It’s the evite invitation. He had it framed
on his cellphone. I’m keeping it.

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