Bleaching kit unboxing |Florence dental bleaching kit | In office tooth whitening system

In today’s video we’ll know about Bleaching kit will open and see this bleaching kit what we get with this? what is the use of it? and what is the market price of this ? as we told you in this channel you’ll get all video’s related to the medical and dental.. now you also get videos on dental products , along with educational videos.. it’ll be interesting so Hello friends I’m Dr. Harishankar Soni with Dr. Kalpesh chandrawanshi and you are watching ”Easy Dentistry” let’s open it music plays let’s see this so this is Florence in office whitening system rapid in office whitening system, ph activated written here 35% hydrogen peroxide formula here is written on box , one patient kit this kit for the one patient here its content is written , what you get with this? like written here powder , liquid we’ll talk about this and manufacturer name is written here let’s open it before opening this , SUBSCRIBE the channel and press the bell icon so you get the notifications let’s open it first you get a instruction manual with this you can see in this how to use it , all is given written in it.. then two small boxes are here it contains bleaching powder 0.3 gm bleaching powder is here in it in one box , you can see here and you get two bottles of hydrogen peroxide Ph activated 35% hydrogen peroxide is written here we’ll mix hydrogen peroxide with powder and make a paste then apply this bleaching agent to the tooth bleaching agent irritates gums that’s by you get a gingiva shield with this light curing gingival resin barrier is written here this is a blue colored material there will need of light curing after applying this and this is 1.2 ml.. one aplicator tip comes with this we attach it at the front then we apply it to the gingiva I show you little here, how is it.. its a blue color material like this it sets when we do light cured you get two brush with this you can apply the prepared paste with this on tooth its for apply the pate on to he tooth let’s see again, you get in this kit bleaching powder hydrogen peroxide gingiva shield applicator tip and two applicator tip comes with this let’s talk about it’s price see here, MRP is written ₹ 1750 inclusive of all taxes so MRP ₹ 1750 is given but you can get this on market in between ₹ 1500 – 1600 today’s video is completed If you used this product before you can give review of this tell us how is the video and if you liked this video, it was helpful to you so LIKE this and , SUBSCRIBE the channel thanks you friends, will meet on next video..

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