Braun Oral-B Pro 6000 V Triumph 5000 Electric Toothbrush

Two high end electric toothbrushes that at
first glance look similar, so what are the differences? The Triumph 5000 is the older of the two brushes
having been on the market for several years, whilst the Pro 6000 is much more recent. In terms of pricing, the 5000 is generally
the cheaper, at around £30-40 less than the 6000. Cosmetically there are few differences, the
lower display panel on the 6000 is a smokey/clear plastic rather than silver of the 5000. On
this same panel, the ‘SmartGuide’ text has been replaced with a Bluetooth icon. The sides of the 5000 are a smooth silver
plastic, compared to the white on the 6000. When in use, both offer illumination of the
buttons and battery status icon. The 5000 has a green illumination, whilst the 6000
has a cool blue tone to the light. Both battery status icons illuminate red when
the battery is virtually depleted. Up to 10 days battery life or 50 minutes of
cleaning time is available from both. Both use the same charging station. A wireless SmartGuide is available with both.
The one included with the 6000 has a smaller, more rounded and improved design. The 6000 does have the Bluetooth technology,
the 5000 does not. However whilst a nice idea, in practice logging
your cleaning is not all that simple and loses its appeal quite quickly. Both brushes are of a similar size in hand
but the Pro 6000 is ever so slightly lighter at 168 grams compared to the 172 of the 5000. Both measure 20.5cm tall without the brush
head and 24cm with the head attached. Both are approximately 3cm wide and 4.5cm
thick. A daily, sensitive, polish, massage and deep
clean brushing mode is available on both models. Both brushes do too have a built in pressure
sensor that illuminates red when too much pressure is applied. When this happens the
speed of oscillation of the brush head will reduce until the pressure is in reduced. The Pro 6000 has the benefit in that the pressure
sensor light will flash green during a cleaning cycle when it is time to change quadrants. In summary the key differences are: The Pro 6000 is marginally lighter
The 6000 has Bluetooth technology The 6000 has blue illumination rather than
green on the 5000 The main brush chassis has more silver plastic
on the 5000 than the 6000. The wireless SmartGuide is smaller and more
compact with the 6000. The Pro 6000’s pressure sensor illuminates
green during a cleaning cycle to indicate a quadrant change. If you are looking for a state of the art
electric toothbrush, the Pro 6000 is the newer and slightly more desirable, but honestly
with so little between them, the lower price point of the Triumph 5000 makes it a better
value purchase.

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