Canucks Mouth Guard Habits (Nov 15, 2017)

Rebound, Horvat scores! I don’t know why I open
my mouth all the time and scream and the first
thing that pops out is my bright white mouth
guard, so I guess it makes my teeth look white, so I’ll take that. Well, I mean, I half wear one. At the start of the face-off
I have it in, like normal, but then all of a sudden,
by the time I’m changing, I’m chewing on it and my mom
gets mad if I don’t wear one, but I just chew on it, so I
guess it really doesn’t matter. I come off the ice and
stick it in my glove. Right when I’m jumping on, I grab it. It’s completely subconscious,
it just happens. It’s always in my left glove and then when I’m on the
ice it’s in my mouth. Don’t play with it when I’m on the ice. I took a puck in the mouth,
I think it was my first camp, and it got me in the
cheek and if I didn’t have my mouth guard in, I definitely
would have lost a couple. For me, it’s to prevent concussions. The play happens so quick and
you clamp down on your jaw, especially when you’re running into guys. So, yeah, it’s to prevent concussions. They say it’s for your teeth,
but a stick in the mouth, a puck in the mouth, I don’t know. A mouth guard might
help you find your teeth if you get a puck in the
mouth, so that’s helpful. I haven’t replaced it in a long time. My aunt makes them for me,
but, no, I haven’t replaced the one I’m wearing since I turned pro. Everybody might think
that’s a little gross, but I keep it clean, don’t worry.

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