Catholic ID: God’s Gifts – Archdiocese of Milwaukee

♫Piano plays and Rich practices the scales.♫ Dean (piano player): That’s a nice sound. Rich: Thank you. It reminds me of the parable
Jesus told about the talents. A man was going on a journey
and he gave one servant five talents, another two, and
a third, he gave one. When he returned, he discovered that the ones
to whom he gave five and two, they had invested their talents
and doubled them. But the servant to whom he gave one talent…
that servant was fearful and buried his talent and so only
had that one talent that was originally given. The master said,
“take him out, this wicked servant. Throw him out where there’s wailing and gnashing
of teeth.” Jesus wants disciples who multiply their talents. It’s easy for us to feel like we’re afraid
and we want to bury what we have to give. We’re afraid of what other people
might say to us about our talents if we use them. But Jesus
call us to remember that our talents are not for ourselves, they’re
actually meant to be given away. And, when we give those talents away, Jesus
blesses them 100-fold and uses them for His greater honor and glory. Jesus wants our lives. Jesus calls us to intentional
discipleship. ♫Piano plays and Rich practices the scales.♫

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