Chapter One: The Beginning of the End | Ten Candles: Eclipse

(ominous music) (fire crackling) – Hello everybody. – Hello. – Welcome to my table. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. But I’m also really happy
that I get a lot of firsts. We talked about those a little bit before the show started coming together. But, like, this table in particular, I’m really excited about. Because minus Josephine, who I haven’t played with in
like two and a half years, I have never played
with any of you before. And we’re, and you all think you’ve played with each other as well too right? – I did play with you. – When did you play with me? – Oh at Sirens. – Yes! – Sirens? – Yes. – Sirens. – I just thought about that. – We did. – Well I’m ready for
a light-hearted round. (laughs) – Exactly, well. – We were far away from each other, so it doesn’t count. – That’s totally fair, and now we are diving out of D and D, and going into a light-hearted
dark and dangerous romp. But I get Dan Casey in
one of my horror games! – I’m excited. And also kind of nervous. – Well that’s good. I’m glad that you’re already there. (laughs) It only goes down from here. Well I, before we get into characters, and we will get into character creation, just for the people at home
who may not know who you are, would you just mind introducing
yourselves real quick? Just let us know who’s playing, and then we can get into who
you’re going to be portraying, so to speak. So David we can start with you. – Hi, I’m David Blue. Uh, hello. – Hi David. – Glad to play with all of you, very first time for me. – I had you in my back pocket for a little while but we
get to actually bring you out into the front pocket now. – Thank you for letting me escape finally. (laughs) – You’re welcome. – Every time you sat down I was like, “Is it time?”. – I can’t even tell you
how many discarded tin foil keys I’ve seen on the floor at this point. (laughs) I’m glad you got it right finally. Hello. – Hi Ivan! – Hi, ready to play? – Yeah! I like games. – And I like that you like to play games. – I do. – Have you done a horror
game like this before? – No, I’m very excited about it! – Okay, cool. – I like to, you know, go from sunny happy sunshine to being sad and depressed in a post-apocalyptic esque world. – Well that’s every week. – There’s room for both, yeah, so. – Who knows, oh, but who am I? I don’t know. No I’m just kidding,
I’m Krystina Ariell, hi. – Hi, it’s nice to see you. – Nice to see you too. – So nice to know you. Josephine? – Hi, I’m Josephine McAdam, I exist here. – And you have this camera with you today. – I have this camera. Which isn’t part of Josephine but– – No, but you’ll bring it. – You’ll find out. – No spoilers.
– I’m already seeing… (laughs) – I’m already seeing stuff happening here, so I’m ready and curious to see what it’s going to play into. – That’s as I said Dan Casey. – Yes, as previously spoiled
by Ivan, I’m Dan Casey and I’ve never, I’ve
played like horror RPG’s like Call of Cthulhu before, I’ve played ones with a high
body count like Cyberpunk, but I’ve never played Ten Candles. And I get very scared
when I play a horror game or watch a horror movie– – Like a video game? – Oh horror videos are the worse because you have have
to go through the door. In a movie it just happens, but in a horror game, you’re like, I’m doing this to myself, why? (laughs) This is not fun. – Yeah, I can’t play that, I get stuck. I tried and I was like,
I stopped, and the black, if you cannot see what’s coming,
I’m never gonna go there. – Yeah, that’s what flares are for man. So you just pop it and
you just get a little bit of red light as you go through it. – For me, Resident Evil ended the moment of dog jumped through a window. (group laughs) It was a very short game. – Imagine it in VR and
you’re like playing it and it’s like, It’s on your face now! – Oh I did that once at E3 and a bunch of mannequins turned around and chased me. – No thanks. – No, absolutely not! – Well the good news is I
don’t think there will be any mannequins chasing you in this one. – Thank goodness so– – Allegedly. – Scratch that off my list of many fears. – Right. – It’s kind of karma for
me, because I’ve actually never played a horror survival RPG really, especially on camera. But I did work at a year-round
haunted house for a while. – Oh no! – So my job was to scare the hell out of a lot of people so now it’s coming around. – I did that for about four years as well. – Yeah? That’s great. – I love those places. I’m terrified of horror
movies, but I happily, I like, walk almost in like a T-stance, (laughs) when I go into places
now, and I’m just like, let me basque give me what you have. – Come my spooky children. (laughs) – Yeah I don’t consume any horror, because of that, I get very very scared. – Lets get into it. – But I love doling it out. (laughs) But you know, we’ll see what happens. – Well lets start doling it out, shall we? In Ten Candles we start,
ostensibly enough, by writing a virtue and a
vice, for our neighbors. So I would like everyone to
first, take one of your cards, which has your lovely photos on it, that will come into play later. – Uh-huh! – And I would like to have
you pass it to the right. For the people who are… And I’m going to move
it over, there we go. Now on that I would like you
to write a lovely virtue. And a virtue is very simple,
it’s a descriptive word that can be, you know, can be
hopeful in elements like that, but it helps solve problems. And in this circumstances
they can be used in order to generate a re-roll of your ones. – Just that word? – Just one virtue please. Now, I would like you to pass
that back to your left please. ♪ de ne de nen ♪ – We’ll see about that. (group laughs) – Excellent. – Ohh! – Now, I’d like you to take another one of your photos. (group laughs) – So I just got approval
or maybe right now. I know nothing good will
happen after this point, so I’m just latching on to it. – Yeah so lets, lets have
that be a grade thing, actually I think at this
point, cause the virtues are public, they do these
to not to be secret. What did we all get, David? – I got candor. – Candor, excellent, much candor. – Hmm, much candor, much honesty. – What did you get? – I got determined. – Determines. – Charming. – Excellent, all right. – Selfless. – Done. – It’s like they know me. (laughs) – Now I’d like you to
take one of your cards and I’d like you to hand
it back to your left. – It’s already begun. – Yeah. – That’s a pit of fire! Oh sorry. – The floor is lava,
that’s why you can’t leave! And then for this one,
this is when it gets… You all know what’s coming,
write your vice, write a vice. – One word again? – One word, it creates
problems not solutions. – Hmm. – This will also be burnt
in the game if you will, in order to get your ones rerolled. – Just to be clear, it’s
in the form of I-am. – No, just the word. – Okay. – Just the word. (scribbling) (laughs) – It’s so hard to give people
bad things isn’t it Jo? – Psoriasis? (laughs aloud) – You heard it, go bring
it back to the right. Lets see what we all have here. All right
– Aww! – Cool. – What’d you get David? – Ah I am vengeful. – All right. – I’m a vengeful candor fool so. – And you my dear? – I’m a determined fraud. – Excellent. That is, that is special (chuckles). – I’m charming but I have a temper. – Oh, all right, yeah charming
people often do have tempers. And you Mr Dan Casey? – I’ve been preparing my
whole life for this, anxiety. (laughs aloud) – I think Jo made some,
delivered eye contact on that one so that’s perfect. Great so now we have virtue and vices which we will hold on to. Normally now I would introduce the module which I sent out to you all awhile ago but I will read it again so
you have context of where and how and what you’re going to be doing. This is the situation in
which you’re all starting in. And to be fair, for everyone
out there who is watching, they all got this beforehand. So, but now, this is for everyone at home. Last week, the Monoliths
rose out from the ground. And every corner of the
world, one of these black, 100 stories spires is part of the horizon. Since then, people have been disappearing. The radio, as the TV’s went
out almost immediately, has been saying that the
Monoliths are generating some sort of field. One things for certain, the moon is large and bright tonight, which is good because
otherwise the darkness is permeating every shadow
of this darkened world. Now, lets move on to the
moments that you would hope to create in this world of Ten Candles. This is a very specific type of thing, that could also potentially fail. So it is something that
your character might find some hope in achieving and doing. This is something that you
write solely for yourself. – Is it okay to write, “I
hope to,” just so I can keep them separate? – Absolutely, please. I hope to get through this game. (group laughs) (scribbling) – I don’t know why I’m
tempted to hide (laughs). – It’s all right. – It’s no– – Let me cheat off your paper! – Your moment could potentially
be on top as well too so it is not essentially a secret. And since technically we should
be talking about concepts a little bit before these moments, I would actually like to use this time, in order to learn who your characters are, and the hope that they wish
to achieve in this game. Dan let’s start with you this time. – So my name is Connor McGill, and I work for a giant
social media company at a data center, moderating
a lot of the comments and videos and just horror shows that normal people shouldn’t
see or just can’t handle, and as such, I’ve become
kind of conspiracy theorist, I’ve started to buy into
a lot of what I’m reading, – So you’re gonna be on the frontline. – Yeah– – Of all of the words that
comes out on the internet. – I’m fightin’ on the frontlines
of the information wars and I am a, whew! – That’s gonna be tough,
a world with no internet. – Yeah that is like, a
world with no internet has really sent me into a spiral
and I need to find the truth. – So what’s your hope Connor? – So my hope is, this is my moment? – This is your moment. – My moment is I want to touch
or go inside the monolith. – Got it, okay, that seems appropriate. – Because I wanna find the truth. – Josephine, who are we playing today? – I am playing Jenny Summers. – Jenny Summers. – I am a photo journalist, I
like mainly going to disasters, or epidemics and
photographing those moments. – Oh like an AP photographer? – Yes, I think that there
is beauty in darkness, there’s always heroes that arise, and I wanna capture those moments. – Do you work for the AP? Are you like part of the
large, system, you know, disaster journalist? – I know many but I’m
independent at the moment. – Okay all right. – You know, I’m still
like getting started. – Okay great, love it. – If I’m honest here. – What moment would Jenny like to create? – Well I hope to photograph
the ones responsible for the monoliths. – All right, that makes absolute sense. – All right and who are
we playing today Krystina? – Hi I am Lexie Beaumont. – Lexie. – And Lexie is a mysterious lady who was in the theater, and she has a secret behind her eyes, and she hopes to find a familiar face. – All right she wants
to find a familiar face in a world in which all
familiarity have been stripped from her, she wants to find
something to hold on to from her past. – Yes because until then,
she’s just gonna be vague. (laughs) – All right, duly noted. David who do we, who
are you playing today? – Hi I’m Everett Robbins. I’m from Manhattan where
I was just about to enter the police academy, fine way to start. – Whoa! – I’ve always been interested
in stuff like that you know, crime and forensics and all that. I was just about to start
and my family made me come out here for a wedding. I don’t know the city, I
don’t know anybody here, and the night before this
happened I got in a big fight with my family and so
they were going somewhere and I’m like, go without me
and I have not seen them since. I honkered down in a place I
don’t know and found myself here with a bunch of
other people I don’t know. – Right, excellent, Everett
well, what moment do you hope to come across? – I hope to see out, from
the top of the monolith. – You wanna see out from the top. So you’d like to see from
the top of a monolith? – To see out from the top of a monolith. – Okay, excellent. Why, that sounds like we all
have some very absolutely obtainable moments. (laughs) and miserably as well too. So with that now, lets flip
it and lets write brinks. All right now brinks are
things that you will hand to players and I actually
get to participate in this as well with you. – Oh! – I’m going to write a brink
that involves the scenario, specifically in Ten Candles
what they refer to as them. But it is, in my circumstance,
the area that is around you, and then you will all write
a brink for each other. So first just to give
everyone their writing stock, lets have you take one of your cards and pass it to your right. I’m going to keep yours. – Cool. – And then you are
going to pass yours down and I’m going to hand
you one of mine, okay? Actually you’re going
to hand this back to me. – Okay. – All right? So now a brink is literally
a very descriptive moment that you have seen your neighbor do, I have seen you dot-dot-dot, something has happened, and it’s something that
you’ve noticed happened. And for our circumstances, Josephine, you are going to tell
me something about them, I have seen them, do something. And it cannot be debilitating, it can only be something
that either expands on the narrative as far as you see it, or something that empowers them further, but that creative choice is up to you. – So it can’t be, I’ve seen
you light more candles? (laughs) – You can’t wish for more wishes Dan. – Damn it! – And then I will do the same for you. – Can it be like mildly ominous? – Ah, yes because they
will be activating on it but it does need to be a
situation that you have seen them, not them in a sense of them but
you have seen your neighbor. – So it could be negative? – Absolute–oh not for them. them.
– But? As in, not debilitating
towards it but like I’ve seen them do. – Terrible things.
– Terrible things. That’s okay? – Terrible things, yes, okay! (scribbling) ♪ Dun dun daa ♪ (laughs) – Stop it we’re morbid. – Sorry, I was just thinking
well we were friends. – Tell them vague. – Next one. – Oo. – The perfect crime. (laughs) – That’s not even my face! – Oops. – Tell me if it’s too vague in the– – Are we allowed to look at these? – What’s that? – Are we allowed to look at these? – Absolutely!
– Okay. – You’ll be making these
as part of your stacks. It still applies in my mind, so yes. So these are absolutely
for your eyes only. Only to be exposed when the time Is right. Finally! Let us talk about how we
wanna arrange our stuffs. You may put your virtue and your vice and your moment however you wish. However you want to activate it first. Your brink always goes on the bottom. – And so what happens
when they are activated? – You may choose to activate
it in order to get a flat re-roll of all the dice, that you wish. Sixes and ones included. – Mm-hmm, and does something
happen though, in our actions? – Yes. – When we activate… – Will need to be described,
when you go about your brink you must act upon it in the story, yes. Whatever it means and
however it applies to you. – Okay. – And these too, and the
vices and the virtues? – Vices and the virtues will actually get you re-rolls of ones. – But I mean they don’t
have to be in the story or they do? – They need to be a part of
the story when they go into it, so if you’re petty, and you
wanna activate your petty, you need to do a petty action
in order to get your re-roll, and then they go away. Forever. – They go away forever? – Your virtue and vices once you use them. Your brink, as long as you
succeed you get to hold on to it. (chuckles) Great, all right, questions
comments concerns? Nope cool, all right, lets play! (laughs) – Sorry, yes? – I have a question. – Yes. – What do I do with this final picture? – The final picture?
– Oh is that the brink? – That is your, tentatively your concept. So you just wanna write your name on it. – Okay cool. – Or you know. – Oh so we don’t have a
brink, we do, we don’t? – You do have a brink. – That’s what… – That’s what that bottom one is. Yeah now it’s all comin’
together see, yup. But yeah, the final one
is just to put your name, as reference, I have my
little cheat sheet here, but if you want to use
it for your fellow mates as well too, by all means,
we’re all friends here, but it’s always good to write
your friends names down. Write it down. – If you forget them are they friends? – I don’t know just depends
how good you are with names. – Oo I’m a faceless person. – There you go, now while
they’re writing I will just give you some simple
update on the mechanics. When a conflict comes up,
you will roll dice equal to the number of candles
that are currently on, and available on the table. Any one’s that are rolled
will be discounted and removed from the pool. (gasps) Until the scene ends. Sixes, at least one six
will count as a success. But any time you roll a
conflict and do not generate a success, we darken a
candle, the scene ends, and we start speaking truths
about the story, all right? Don’t worry about it,
you’ll all get there when we get into it, all right? Where to begin. As I mentioned earlier,
your story begins one week after the monoliths rose. And since then chaos and
disorder have been prevalent in every corner of the globe. There does not seem to be
a single place in which one of these monoliths
is not on the horizon. They emerge from the sea, no matter how deep the sea floor is. They arise from every mountain
and they permeate across every field and in some
places like in major cities, they have crested in broken, massive parts of infrastructure. As a result people have
been doing the best they can to mobilize around it. Very shortly after the monoliths rose, people started disappearing. Straight out from, right beneath them. So a lot of people don’t know why. Communication as we have learned over a large social media
networks is tenuous at best. There are rumors, constant rumors, everything from space aliens
to underground mole men, to a worldwide government conspiracy. No one really knows what’s happening. And the worse part is, nobody
can really talk about it. Unless they’re using very
old forms of communication, such as radio, or word of mouth, and other archaic technology that is prone to disinformation. But a lot of people have
been taking advantage of the situation. The major metropolitan areas have fallen. There has been no report from
government facilities at all. The automated response of
the national guard and other localized military forces
have rallied together people, and have put them into refugee camps, of which you four are a part of now. And you’ve been there for
the pass six days or so. Yes and, which city are we outside of? Which major metropolitan area
do you think we’re outside of? – Chicago. – Oh ok cool great,
Chicago that one’s great. So in my mind then you’re
probably south of the river, leading into the bay. And it doesn’t really
matter where at this point, all I can tell you is that there is a monolith
fairly close by and the we will do this. You’ve been in this camp for six days. There are tens of thousands
of people at this camp. Now some have stayed,
some being what they are, some have attempted to
leave and at one point the military was stopping them, telling them no, no you can’t, stay here, this is for your protection,
this is for your safety, do not leave the camp. But about two days ago, they’ve stopped caring and
people just started walking out. Whether they clipped
fences and snuck through, or they just walked out the gate, some soldiers even leaving with them. Now, some would say that this is rash, that six days is nothing
to sit and wait out a major disaster like this. Other people are not so interested in seeing how the rest of this
military honor plays out. Um, what do you wanna do? – I wanna get outta here. I wanna go through that fence. I gotta get close to one of these things. I gotta touch, I have to get
closer to what I need to know. – Yeah we need to see what’s out there. – Oh all right well, this
is a good conversation, seems like at least two people
want to at least leave this. Are either of you interested in staying or leaving at this point? – There’s not enough food
to take care of all these people for a long period of
time and I waited too long to come here in the first place, and I saw some bad stuff out there, I, I’m not just gonna sit and wait to die, so if that means we go out
and find somewhere better or find some other people, I’d rather do that than just wither. – Fair enough. That would leave you Lexie,
how are you feeling about staying inside of this
refugee camp at the moment? – I know the foods gonna
run out but at least if people needed to find us
we’re in a central location, it’s the best place for someone
to find us if we stay here. – So you’re hoping that people will come and eventually find you? – Hopefully. – Well there is definitely
possibilities of finding out, you don’t know about any
immediate exits so you really do have options. You can stay here until the food runs out which rumors are, is any day now at this point, cause there has been
no resupply since then. You can try to find the exit on your own or you can try to maybe talk somebody, or you can just walk out the front gate, it’s really up to you. – I’ve seen people leaving
without being stopped. – You have. – I wanted to leave here days ago, we’ve gotta get out there, they’re not gonna do
anything for us in here. – Have any of those people come back? – Why would they? – This place, the government
wants us to stay here? They’re trusting us to stay here. We’re being left behind! We need answers and staying
here just raises more questions, what are we doing? – Agree. – I agree. – Lexie you seem a
little out numbered here. Where’s your heart? – I’m scared but I don’t
wanna be by myself. And if you guys go, you’re the only, you’re the closest thing
I have to friends here so whatever you decide I’ll go with. – Good cause who do you think
is going to come and get us? They’re not coming. We’re responsible for ourselves now. – So Josephine, I’m sorry, Jenny, you had talked about
walking right out through the front gate. – Mm-hmm. – That’s pretty bold and it
sounds like a perfect time to start our first conflict. – Okay. – And roll to see how it goes. Could you roll ten dice for me? – I will. – No whammies no whammies no whammies! (laughs) – And stop! – Oh thank God (laughs). – And look at that, only one, one that we have to get rid of
for this, rest of this scene. – So we only lose that
from this scene right? – For this scene. – Okay. – And they will refresh
at the end of each scene. – Thank God (laughs). – You know in this circumstances, normally I would give narration rights but I think I’m gonna
give you narration rights to tell me how you get
out of this refugee camp. – Well are there guards or they look. – There is a guard. So this place does have
checkpoints, all right? Rarely used since there were
people coming in and out. But you can imagine it
being a little bit like a switchback fence, laid out
for crowd control, right? And then how large chain link
popup fences with barbed wire at the top of them and there
is at least two armed soldiers with someone who should be up
at the watch tower but today? – Not there? – Not there. – Do they seem like they’re
really paying attention? – Here’s the thing, there’s
no way that you will be able to go out without catching
their notice because you will have to literally walk out
through the front door. So as the four of you approach, you see, as one of the guards haphazardly like, lifts his assault rifle which was just, he was almost leaning on
the muzzle at one point, but listen to him, go, stop! Identification? – Look man, I’m a journalist, I’ve gotta get out there, this is my team. – You’re gonna die out
there, you know that right? – That’s, that’s, that’s… We’ll see what happens. But we have to take that chance. – You kind of watch as he turns
his back towards the gate, and puts his muzzle up and
he pulls out a cigarette, and lights it and doesn’t
even acknowledge you. – I’m gonna turn around and
snap a photo of him before I go. – Cool so you catch a
moment of this extremely, disinterested security guard,
guarding this refugee camp. You go through the switchback doors, you walk out into a blackened night. There was gas generators
running a lot of the interior lights that were
inside of this refugee camp. And the, well light
pollution decays quickly, you know as you were
walking out it’s suddenly that halo of safety and light
that you are now a part of, falls away as you walk out into, well, street waste! A broken, ruined, and
once great civilization. And now you’re out, now where? – Ah I’m not actually from this city. – This is my first time ever coming here, does anybody even have a direction? – Oh great. – I hear the bean is pretty
nice, it’s like a big, it’s like a big sculpture, I don’t know. – We can just follow the water. (sighs) – It’s not the worse idea. We (sighs) we should have
taken more supplies with us. I think we need to, we don’t know how long
we’re gonna be out here, that monolith looks so far away. – What supplies? They were running out
of food in the place, in the first place. What, are you gonna knock the
guard out and take his gun? – Okay, I don’t wanna knock
out any guards but like, we also need food and water. Maybe we should find
somewhere to stock up like a convenient store, or a
gas station before we– – I’m with you on that. – Sounds good. – So you wanna look for some supplies, just anything to bring with you out. – Plus too, we don’t know how
long we’re gonna be out there. Shit! (laughs) Lets see how prevalent supplies are. (shaking dice) – Yeah, yeah several sixes but two– – Two ones. – Two ones are discarded. Connor as you take point
on this little excursion, you are blindly walking through the dark as you are moving through things. And every once in awhile the sound, because it is silent, I
should probably specify this, like as soon as you start
getting away from the humming of the lights and the
generators, it is eerily quiet. Even though, you know,
there hasn’t been reports of mass amounts of
population being taken away or anything like that, just the fact that it is
nighttime and it is so quiet. It is offsetting. You’re not in the major city of Chicago, by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s still enough
houses that you begin to start, casually, going into open
doors, looking at houses, find a few things. And you know, well you definitely find enough food that you can carry on you and a couple of backpacks
that each one of you could load up with some
various canned goods. The unfortunate is that any
fresh food at this point would have been gone days ago. With no refrigeration,
no power in the system. But preserved snacks, cans,
I mean you’re certainly not finding a Costco
warehouse full of goods. – Any knives or anything
I can grab for protection? – Would you like to look for weapons? – Yeah. (dice shaking) (dice drops on table) – Well well well. – No one’s at least.
– No one’s. (laughs) – Ah I think we have, ending this scene, no sixes. So let’s talk about that. Everett, you are adamant that right now weapons need to be
found, like you got food, you got a backpack. You all seem to be
carrying at least enough to tide you over physically, but you need to find these weapons. So as you’re going through
looting these people’s private houses, trying
to go into and go around, to try to find anything
like a loaded shot gun, like you said, even a combat knife,
something that you can protect yourself around and you get sloppy. And at one point you are
all rummaging through the interior of this house
when you hear a loud, che-che, from behind you and
you hear a mans gruff voice, Don’t you fucking move! Now, lets establish some truth about the rest of the world going forward. We’re gonna start with Everett. And you’re gonna tell me
a truth about this world, that is conflict, I should tell you, you’re in a conflict right now. This conflict can be resolved with truths, or it cannot be, it is up to you. But we need to tell nine things, as we come across the board here. And a truth is ostensibly, you can say something
as simple as, you know, this is how the world is, so it doesn’t have to be about
the situation you’re in now, or it can be, it’s completely up to you. I can give an example, by
starting first if you’d like. – And also explain the whole,
how it can be resolved, I’m sorry I don’t– – The resolve, for example, I
can say about this gentleman, the first truth is,
sorry this is important, the world is dark, that
is the first truth. The second truth is this man is scared. Now you would start. – It can be anything small or big? – Small or big. – World or person? – Yes, mm-hmm. – Kind of anything? – We’re expanding the narrative right now. – Okay. Our government have abandoned us. – Could it be about the man? – It can. – Behind the man on the shelf, there’s a picture of his family. – Great, I started the example so. – It’s starting to get cold out. – Two three four five. – Before the collapse, the government was passing
some anti-gun legislation. – Great, cool. – Back to you. – It’s a nice house. (laughs) – There is… no guidance from the
government to the people. There’s no communication. – There hasn’t been any alerts, there hasn’t been any broadcast
or anything like that. Is that what you’re saying? – Yeah. – Cool, great. And I’m going to say, finally, that… the humming which you
weren’t aware of before, is louder here. – So right here at this
house or here in this area? – This area. – Your smirk makes me very uncomfortable. – Right? – Well, I don’t think it was
meant to be comforting so. (laughs) Well lets pick it up from here. You are back to nine dice
if that’s any comfort, six. – Oh this is a new scene. – This is a new scene. – Sorry (laughs). – You hear the loud cocking,
che-che, of a shotgun. And a man who with
confidence in his voice, has told you to not fucking move, what do you do? – We didn’t know anyone
was here, we’re sorry, we’re just trying to find
safety, we will leave! – You’re not going to be safe here, get out of my goddamn house! – Okay. – We will, are you okay, are you alone? – So he’s gonna walk, It
doesn’t matter if I’m alone or if I’m with five people! Go down the stairs, he kind
of walks into the room, and then gets out of the
door jam and starts kinda circling around towards the
back of you and he goes, Where’s your friends? I saw you come in with more people. – I, no we didn’t, we
literally just left the camp, we were just trying to
find somewhere safe to go, you can come with us, if you want. No, no no, no, no I’m not going anywhere, in fact I don’t even know how you got in! Just, the-the door was open. He kind of (chuckles) looks
inside of himself for a moment, No it wasn’t! It was not open, no one
will leave this house without my permission. And you kind of, Well just go down stairs right now, I’ll walk you, you’ll
walk you and your friends to the front, just step down, and he kind of motions
down unto the main stairs where he comes out. And as he’s walking the three of you, he starts shouting a name, Diana? Diana, answer me! He walks you out towards
the front of the stoop. Continues to kind of like,
walk you through the door, and you’re now out onto the main lawn, and he just kinda stands there, with his gun pointed at
you, on the front lawn. – Pointed at each of us or is this– – Well probably at Everett at this moment, but you’re all, I mean,
and tell me if anything, if you would like to adjust
the situation accordingly because I’m assuming all four of you were in the same room together and now you’re all out on
the front porch together. So yes. – Sir, I know that this
is, probably really, like this is just a bad
situation all the way around, but, can I use your bathroom? (sighs) – He puts his gun back up, There’s some bushes over there, you can use the fucking bushes! And you watch as he kind of like, yells back into the back again, Diana? If you don’t come down here
right now, I swear to God! You can see there’s a little bit of fear in his voice now as
he’s starting to speak. – It’s just that we’ve like
lost the last bit of decency that we had and I’d really
like to not go into a bush and you have a bathroom inside your house, and I’d be really, just,
I promise, I don’t want any of your stuff, I just– – He puts the gun down for a second and starts kind of walking up to you and he starts looking at you, in fact he starts
physically patting you down to check to see if you weapons or anything while he’s holding the gun– – He can buy me dinner first. – So he’s holding it. – Yeah and then he
goes, Go just go inside. And he starts looking at
the three of you and goes, Just fuck it, just get out of here! and he kind of like
follows you and just stands in the doorway while you go,
start going to the bathroom. – We’re not leaving without her man. – Is it upstairs or downstairs? – It’s downstairs to
the left, second door! – Look I know we were
here to take your guns, but we’re like, not here
to take your guns man, we didn’t know you were here. – I don’t care, all
right situations change, I don’t fucking care if
you come or go right now, just don’t, just never mind. And he starts running, Diana
where the hell are you? And he starts running up to the stairs, shouting this name and just
starts opening and slamming doors at this point, as
he’s just checking around. You go find the bathroom, the plumbing is still working? – Yay. – And you continue to do your business. Any three of you wanna do
anything else while this man is running through his
own home at the moment? – I want to examine the
picture on the mantle. – Right. – See if there’s any indication
as to who Diana might be. – So the moment when you were, before he caught you at this point, when she had pointed out this
truth about this man’s family, behind the back, you had
noticed that there was, very clearly, a wife and
there was a teenage daughter that was there and it was
just the three of them at this moment. – I’m gonna come in and
make sure she’s okay and since there’s a fireplace and a mantle I’m gonna grab whatever
is next to the fireplace whether it’s a poker or something. – Okay. (laughs) – He’s gonna check the
picture and that’s fine? – The picture is part of
the previous information. – Okay. – He just told you to
leave and you went back in and started stealing a poker,
I would call that a conflict. (laughs) – I’m gonna say I’m still outside. – You’re still outside. – I wanna just be scoping– – And just for gaming kind of purpose, I just want to make sure, so if I roll and I don’t get any sixes, that’s when I would go, I
wanna use one of these things? – So you actually burn a virtue
to re-roll just your ones. – Oh okay. – So if you have any ones.
– I’m just curious. – That you wanna get rid of,
that could result in a six. If you roll a bunch of
ones, did not get a success, then you could use that to
re-roll those ones to either turn them not into ones
and hopefully get that six. – Okay. – But if you still get the
six and a bunch of ones, and you don’t want those ones? You can burn it too. – Don’t even look at me, I’m looking for a poker, you had to pee. (laughs) Which of us is the loser here (laughs). – Who calmed him down? Is a gun pointed at your head right now? – (laughs) Not yet, give me a second. (dice drops on table) Okay. – Okay, ah look at that, no ones. – Thanks! – And one six, so as
you are hearing this man searching this house frantically upstairs, like you said it’s a nice
house, a little spic. You get over to the mantle and you do find at least something, it is a hooked, and
it’s a solid steel poker that you’re talking about, it’s not one of those that you know, is assembled together kinda
poorly, it’s a designer set. And you find the poker. Lexie as you, well pretty
much everyone who’s still on the inside at this point. Connor by the way, checking
that picture did not warrant you having to necessarily be in that room. – Yes. – It was just from finding it earlier. (laughs) So do you want to check on
the man before you leave? Or are you wanting to
peace out or stick around? – I want to ask him how
he’s doing and who Diana is. – Great, well Lexie, as
you finish your business and you walk upstairs. – After washing my hands. – After washing your hands and
again we talked about that. – Roll the dice (laughs). – As you go upstairs, you
do hear the distinct sounds of sobbing. As all of the doors have
been lifted and thrown open, you can actually see some
various, small effects, have been thrown or shoved down. It was a cacophony of noise while you were off silently doing your business. But it is only punctuated now, by the wails of this man. – Excuse me? – (sobbing) Just go away, just
have what you want just go. – I wanna make sure you’re okay. – Does it look like I’m fucking okay! – None of us are okay! But you’re also, from what
it appears, by yourself, and we know that feeling, who’s Diana? – It’s my daughter! She’s gone, she just left,
she didn’t say anything, she just walked out the door, which you four just
ceremoniously walked in on, why would she go? – I’m sorry, I wish I had
something better than I’m sorry. But I don’t and it’s not like any of us were prepared for this, when’s
the last time you saw her? – Hour ago, she can’t be too far. You kinda see this moment
of resolve as he steps up and he just goes down to the
bottom part of this basement and he just starts, well
you just kind of watch as he gets up and starts running
down the main steps and goes, House is yours, whatever you want, just, just don’t be here
when I come back, thank you. And he kind of walks down the steps and opens up this attic door and storms down into the cellar. You’re gonna stick around? – Does he, I’ll try to
surreptitiously take a photo of him. – Well the best chance
to take a photo of him would be when he is coming back up, what appears to be full hikers backpack, complete with another
gun laid out on the side and you know, a really good bug-out bag. And he straps it in front of him, and he puts the, you see
the shotgun that he had with and is now laid along the
side and he now just has like, a fully loaded, you know,
9mm pistol with him goes, and he just kind of all looks at you– – Jesus Christ Rambo over here! – I’m gonna go find my daughter, I have a little bit of time, just, I’m sorry I yelled at all of you. It’s just when things like this happen we usually stay close and
we haven’t heard anything from anybody in so long but you know what? I don’t even fucking care
about the house anymore, I just need to go find her. – You know there’s like a
big camp back that way… (chuckles) – Yeah, yeah and you said
you’re all from there right? How’s that workin’ out for yah? – Well, clearly not well
but what I’m saying is maybe your daughter heard about it, maybe she wanted, maybe
she’s putting her faith in the government, I
don’t, but maybe she is! – No. – Kids are dumb sometimes, no offense. – No yeah no, you’re right,
where’d you say it was? – It’s back that way. – Are you sure you wanna leave? what if she comes back? – Leave a note! – He goes back inside and
goes and writes a note. – Sir, what was your name? – Thomas, Thomas McKinnley, and if she comes and you
hear anyone looking for her, tell her that I love her and
I’m going to go find her, no matter what, good luck to all of you. – Thank you Thomas. – And he just opens his
front gate, swings it down, and walks out into the
night towards the direction that you pointed. And it is quiet again, very quiet. – I’m going in that basement. – Lets get whatever we can. – Cool (laughs). – All right you walk in
through the front door and you start walking
towards the basement. I’m going to have you roll one more time. – What’s in the basement? – I walked into a spiderweb! (laughs) – Eww okay well.
– Damn! – It’s a success. – Yeah you know what, lets
live dangerously (laughs). – Right. So as you swing the door
open you automatically muscle memory, try to flip on the
light, of course nothing happens. So you start slowly
walking down the steps, getting closer, when
suddenly you feel a bit of resistance against one of your ankle, like somethings pressing up against it, and you stop it, just enough to look down and see fishing line, laid out in front of this staircase, and then you step over it, (exhales loudly) and you slowly walk
down into this basement which is pretty well stocked, to be fare. – Food stuff? – Water. It definitely looks like
he took at least half of what he had down
here but the other half is carbon copies as a lot of
bug-out people tend to do, of whatever he had with him. The only thing that I would
be so remiss to tell you, is that he took every
single piece of firearm, weaponry that he had. You may have found, potentially, you know a hard line machete but
that’s about as much as you’re gonna be able to get. – And I got a poker!
– Any bags? – What’s that? – Are there any bags
left, any book bags or? – Backpacks or anything? – I’m calling out real quick, Be careful on the stairs
there’s some fishing line about halfway down, do not trip it! (laughs) – Do not trip it. As you all come down, avoiding
the disclaimed, pitfall, you do see that there was a
coat hook with distinctly, a place where three
bags were suppose to go, there is one remaining. – Well we got some earlier as well, we don’t have to worry about finding– – You have all of your
personal backpacks– – Should go grab an extra, wouldn’t hurt. – Yeah, start filling
with canned food whatever. – Are there any lanterns, flashlights, anything that creates light? – Yeah, there is a single
battery powered lantern that has a solar. – Grab that! – Is there a can opener? – You would not be a very
good survivalist if you didn’t have a can opener. – That’s what the machete’s for. – Yes. – I’m taking that machete and
I’m trying out something like some dumb-ass anime
sword moves (chuckles). – Sweet, awesome, love it. You tried not to hit other
people in the darkness. – Of course, I’m trynna
point it at a corner. (laughs) – No it’s the end of the
world, why would you not just take a knife and use it around us, Be careful! – I’m sorry I’ve held a machete before. – I can’t believe we found this! – Yeah I can’t, I can’t
believe he left a trap on the staircase. – I can, he had a shotgun to our face. – Yeah we broke into
his house though, like, look I don’t support
the action but I get it. – I think he was just sad. – Yet more importantly
why did Diana run away? – Ah if your dad was like
that would you stick around? – Today? Yeah have you seen outside? – Yeah! – Did she run away or did she disappear like everyone else? – Well we got what we
needed unless we wanna honker down here? – No, no he is coming back,
I do not want to be here, especially if there’s a family reunion. – So is there anything else? can we search the house for anything else or are we good, are we
good to go now guys? – I wanna look for any
coats for extra layers. – At this point what you
have on your back is, like you said, it is getting cold, and if you’d like extra layers I would be happy to qualify
that under a conflict roll. (laughs) – I’m also going to take the family photo. – Okay I’ll let you take the family photo. (dice shaking) On the back, oh you did get a success, but I get three ones. – Couldn’t just be chilly. (laughs) – Did you want to burn one
of your virtue and vices to get to re-roll these? What do you have on top? – I’ve got temper on top. – It’s up to you. – Nah. (laughs) – Darn it! – So you find several
coats that are laid up with more traps laid out inside of the
closets as well too. You find a couple of very expensive night, like fleece kind of jacket
that will definitely take the edge off the cold as you’re
gonna be walking through– – Why did we have to
rob Kevin McCallister? – How did this man get changed, everyday? Just constantly trebuchet
everywhere in his house? (laughs) – He probably set this all
up when everything started to go awry but you also have
to give him credit because he is super prepared. – Too prepared (chuckles) that’s
my thing like what was his, that’s fine, he’s gone,
we have what we need. – There are people that do
this, they just survival prep. – Does anyone here know this city at all? We don’t, I know that, do
any of you know this city? – Well hold on, does my smart
phone have any battery left? – Nothing, in fact, since
it happened, it literally, when the monoliths came there
was a short amount of time in which everything flickered
and then it sticked on and then it went off and then
it came back on for a second and then it immediately
darkened and you haven’t even been able to get a charge
on it after that point. Even with something like plug
it into a gas powered charger. – Gotcha. – I’m just wondering if a
guy as prepared as this, tired of rollin’ for searching
stuff so before I do, I’m asking them, a guy like
this should have like a map, or something unless he took
the only copy with him. Something that can tell
us where we’re going, don’t you think? – Do you know to read a map? – I mean I can look at,
this guy had traps on coats, I would assume he’s probably
got some sort of bug-out map! Wouldn’t you? It’s either that or we just
follow the water and hope. – I might know a little
bit about this town maybe. – Well I mean you do know
when you were driving in, the landmarks when you
were being taken by the National Guard into this relief camp. You do know that you were
about southwest of Chicago. – Where’s the monolith from, our position? – You can, it literally, it’s
punctuated in the moonlight, like it is like cutting
the moon straight center. – Does it feel like it’s
in the middle of Chicago? Does it feel like it’s on
the outskirts of the city? Cause I’m trying to orient my brain. – Yes absolutely, I will tell
you, in the times of which you’ve been able to get a
clear view of your skyline, you have one towards the city
which is northeast of you, there’s another one southeast of you, and then one almost directly
west from where you are. – I am gonna walk
outside and close my eyes and try to focus on the humming. – Cool. – Since it’s a no on the maps. – Oh boy, bye! – No no, I mean, you guys I’m just like, I just gotta clear. There’s probably a map in
here, I just gotta clear my head I’m like (exhales)
this place freaks me out, I gotta get outside for
a second, I’m sorry. – I’m gonna follow. (dice shaking) (dice drops on table) – Woohoo got a six no ones. – Yeah got a six no ones. Connor, you sit and you… describe to me kind of, where your process in turn. Are you just listening? Just trying to stand as still as possible? – I’m trying to stand as still as possible because I feel like I felt this,
from the moment it happened and it’s gotten louder
and louder inside my head and today’s the first time I
felt like maybe other people can hear, cause I haven’t
talked about it with anyone. – That seems appropriate. – And I’m just trying to
focus on where it feels the loudest because I feel
like that’s the direction that, (humming) at least I am meant to go
in so I’m closing my eyes and trying to like slow my
breathing just taking deliberate, like breathing in through my
nose, out through my mouth, trying to just clear my head and focus on, bring the humming, thinking
about like radio static, like try to see if I can
clear the transmission. – Yeah so I’ll tell you that
the humming is less of a sound and more like a… feeling as if someone is, like you’re in the smallest
earthquake possible, there’s just this tiny
little shift of movement but it’s rapid and it’s quick, almost like the earth is just vibrating very quickly, all right? And you can feel it more in
your feet and in your legs than you can in your
chest and in your head so focusing on that it just,
it is absolutely stronger here, like you are aware of it but
you are able to absolutely isolate this very small and minute feeling and yeah I mean you could continue
to test it by seeing if it’s stronger here
versus in another direction in another area, but
you do have a baseline. – Okay. – You okay? – Yeah… (nervous chuckle) I’m sure it’s just stress or something, just a bill of headache,
it’s been, I don’t have guns pointed at me that often so (exhales) I just, I need some answers, I need to know what, I need to know why this is happening and I think the only way we’re gonna know is if we go to one of these things. So I don’t really, sure
we can get a map but like, I think we can also just look
up and walk towards one of’em because (exhales) this
whole place feels wrong. – Yeah, I’m for it, lets. – I come out of the house
and hear them and I’m like, which one, lets go. (exhales) – Well we got, we got
choices (laughs) take a pick, we can roll some dice,
figuratively speaking, lets um, turn to speech. I know, I feel like we should go to one, I feel like we should go
to one that feels like it’s in the city, like through the thick of it. – Which one is that damn hum coming from? – I feel like I’m in the
Bermuda triangle right now. – Wait close your eyes
and point your finger up, and I’m just gonna spin’em. (laughs) – I fall over. – He falls over…
– Oh shit. – With his finger out. – I think that I’m pointing at the, I’m sorry refresh, you said
there was one to the west there’s was one… – One directly to the
west, one to the southwest? – Southeast, northeast. – Oh I’m sorry southeast
then the northeast. – I’m pointing at the northeast. – So going straight towards Chicago. – Yeah. – Yeah all right? – So you all hear that humming? – How can you not? – Yeah. – Do you? – Yeah it’s, I just thought
it was like, my ears. – Mm-mm. – Naw it’s like, it’s like
there’s a machine or something. That’s why, look I don’t know this city, I don’t know where we are, I
don’t know where we’re going, all I know is that’s new, I want… Yeah answers sound great
but I wanna know what’s here so I know how to get away from it. And I feel like we could run and hope or we can head right into the
fire and figure our way out. – So you’ve all decided
to walk towards the city, so you’re heading towards the
monolith that is currently northwest of you, northeast,
northeast, northeast. So you begin walking and you walk, would you continue to walk? You stop when you are hungry,
you enjoy a small meal, of canned goods and maybe a granola bar and you keep walking and
you’re surprised actually, at some point, that the
sun hasn’t come up yet, because it is still dark
and you’re not too sure why, in fact the stars are so bright tonight, it just seems to be
overwhelmed by the glistening reflection of the moon that is currently sitting right behind you. Oh no I’m sorry, if you’re
heading towards the city it would be in front of you
cause you can see the monolith just piercing the effigy of the moon as it is laid out in front of you. So you walk by the one
guiding light you have, the iridescent sphere that is the closest celestial body to you. Then you start to get
close to the city limits and that’s when you hear gunshots, punctuating into the night. The sound of machinery as someone is, in a car? Operating a bulldozer? It’s hard to tell from this distance, but the gunshots are indisputable. – How close does it sound? – So the problem with hearing
gunshots in the distance is, is that it seems to just be
coming from either this side, this side or this side. – Mm-hmm cause the echoing. – So it is and you know even
though the area around Chicago is not hilly and mountainous for a lot of things to bounce off of, it is definitely coming from the city and it’s not so hard to tell lights at this point but since you are ground
level with the major city, all you see is the darkened
shapes of buildings with an occasional sky rise and the only way you can tell the
monolith is still there is because it stands taller than anything
else in the city limits. I mean it’s, it’s like
statue of liberty size. I’m sorry, scratch that, it’s like empire state building size, a hundred stories kind of a situation so. – Hmm built by pigment. – What’s that? – Nothin’. – So yes you’re outside the city limits, how would you like to
approach this potentially dangerous situation? – Lets stick to the… – Shadows? – Shadow walls I mean
everything’s shadow right? I don’t know. – Well lets try to stay away from, if the moonlights
reflecting off of anything, – Right yes. – let’s try and like avoid,
like stick to the shadows as much as possible. – Yeah you wanna keep into
the shadows of the building. – Yeah against the buildings. – Yeah I’m gonna keep my hand
on my machete at the ready. – My pokers up already. (laughs) – Great so as you are walking through you keep to the shadows of
the buildings that are there. You’re actually amazed at how
much light the moon is casting as you’re walking through the streets. It’s not a full moon, but it’s bright like a full moon would be. And as you’re going
through, in various parts, you are making progress and
that is when you actually see the telltale splash of
headlights and you hear (squeals) of tires screeching. Someone just appears to be, inadvertently without any distinction, just burning as much rubber as they can. – Just pressing up against the wall. – Yeah I crouch down trying to– (coughs) – Be covered here. – Soon as you crouch down,
you can clearly see a, try my best to describe this. A modified jeep, basically
an open-topped canopy jeep in which the canopy have been
ripped off and you can see several people who are
sitting along the guardrail and they are just laughing
and whooping and hollering and occasionally you can see as they’ll, you see a small beam of
light kind of come out as someone’s chucking Molotov cocktails, just flippantly down the
street just making small fires as you’re walking into the
main downtown parts of Chicago. And you can hear screams, you can distinctly hear
the sound of screaming as people seem to be nearby. But what you thought
originally was tires squealing, has now been added to the shrieking of what sounds like people
not far from where you are. – We need to get outta here. – (exhales) Do we try
and help those people? Or do we just keep moving? – What do we have, to go
against Molotov cocktails, and wheels? – He’s got a poker, he can
poke a hole in the wheels, I got a machete. – We’re not gonna be able
to do anything against them. – Well they’re driving down that way. – You wanna go in the opposite direction of where they drove now? – We’re they driving
away from or towards the? – So imagine if you’re sitting, lets say against the building, and you’re watching as you know, this jeep is, for the record, off-roading off of some cars as well too. But it’s going down the main
street in which you’re kind of down a cut alley towards it. So lets say from your perspective, it’s going from left to right, which in carnal directions,
if you were going northeast, would mean that they’re heading east, and have come from the west. – So lets.
– Lets avoid that. – Wait till they, yeah, go by. – And then try ta’ dash by? – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – Great, dash by. – Me? (laughs) – I can’t handle the responsibility. Four dice. (dice shaking) There’s only four dice guys. (drops dice on table) Oh shit. – No ones, no successes. That means we must dim a candle, and our scene ends. (laughs) – Happened to me too, you’re okay. So Jenny, lets start. First, the world is dark,
that much we all know. Tell me some more truths,
what is the first truth of this story going forward? – Those men were drunk. – Sounds about right, Connor? (exhale) – The screaming that we
heard is getting louder. – Give me a second to
absorb that (laughs). – There have been rumors of cannibalism. – There are small societies
of people that are forming groups (laughs), groups
that are out to loot, and to harm people, to take
their belongings from them. (exhale) – There are several different
groups in this area. Six. – One of those Molotov
cocktails definitely hit a group of people. – I know at least about
one of these groups because they were a
local militia that posted about their plans on
the social media network that I worked for in the event
of a extinction level event. – Got it. – I don’t know like, much but
I at least know like a name. – Familiarity, cool. Cool, great, last one. – Right before all the
electricity went off, there was a bright flash. – Creativity. – Come to scenic Chicago, full of roving bandit cannibals. (laughs) – With balls of cartels. – Forgot to bag one? (laughs) – So we are back to eight, and I’m going to open this
scene up by saying as, Jenny as you are running
across the street, keeping a low as much as you can, with your three comrades behind you, you are keeping your head
low and you are ducking, you are moving, you are
keeping the low profile, but because you having to make
small short concise steps, you trip over something and you hear, as you clatter and fall
down onto the ground, then you gasp out in
pain as you kind of skim your legs across the
disrupted concrete that is part of this and you hear a (squeal), as you basically hear tires stop, and you feel more than hear, a spotlight just turn towards all of you, and it stops for a moment as its kind of starting to look around. You are all prone, basically laying down, against the ground right now. What do you want to do? – Is the spotlight on us? – There is a search light that apparently is attempting to feel things out. – I start crawling, trying to– – Slowly.
– Go go go. – Crawling back into
what seems the darkest. – Area.
– Area. – Okay. – So like an alley way
somewhere in the back? – Yeah if there’s any where to– – Well you’re, you were coming,
if I heard you correctly, you’re basically crossing
after they had gone, so then you continue going straight? – Mm-hmm, yeah. – The alley way that you
were, or the side street that you were probably
all going for is still closer to you than where you came from. – I am reaching into my
bag, pulling out a can, yelling fire in the hole and
throwing it towards them. – Ah, excellent! – We gotta fucking run (laughs)! – Said yell and I was like oh oh okay. (dice drops on table) – And that is. – Oh no! (laughs) – One and zero successes. – So with no sixes am I able to. – You can re-roll the one. – You could burn one of
the virtues and vices to re-roll that one-one, to see if you can get a six instead. – Okay. – Is that something you wanna do? – I feel like I should save it
until we have more ones but. – Three two one. – Go ahead. – Whew there goes another one. – My creamed corn! (laughs) – So you take this can
and you lift yourself up as you throw this thing out. After she screamin’ fire in the hole, and you toss this thing up, and you watch as you
hear a man yell, Oh shit! (laughs) Hey Jim, shit that’s a can! Oh fuck get on over there. And you hear as people are
getting off the truck now, and they are walking towards you, we are dimming a candle. – Oo! – And this scene ends. (laughs) – This takes us straight into seven. I’m going to take a dice
away now, at this point. And Connor we’re going to start with you, as one of the truths
first, the world is dark. Now what is happening? What is a truth? – There is a fire escape
in the alley behind us. – Okay, fire escape in
the alley behind you. – Oh God. So much pressure. It’s actually been awhile
since anyone seen any kids. – One of the gentlemen
on this truck is actually a kind and compassionate man
who doesn’t like hurting people and tries to talk the
others out of doing so. – Why didn’t I think about that. (laughs) – I know and our brains
aren’t even going the positive route at all. – We’re all broken people (laughs) – My thinkers are working. (laughs) – I forgot about. – No it’s a truth, you
can speak that truth. – They all have Chicago
deep-dish style pizzas. (laughs) – There is another group
that you didn’t see, that’s right next to you. – There are no clouds. – There are no clouds. – Like a strange and
discomforting spotlight, the moon gets brighter. – Yeah so that’s one
two three four five six. – The other… – He has one. – I started. – One two three four five six seven. – Last one. – The other group looks like
they’re coming to help us. – Okay. – Keyword is looks like. – Looks like, yeah. – Looks like. (laughs) – Great so we are back up
with seven at this stage. – Wow. – It’s cause my brain goes
straight to negative anytime, it’s like, contribute, I’m
like, we’re all on fire! – Yeah. – Like I never think positive. – One second though, fire in the hole? – Mm-hmm. – That was your bright idea? – That was Connors bright idea. – I thought you were just
gonna distract them with noise, and then you said the
fire in the hole part. – I thought, they’re
throwing Molotov cocktails, I thought I would distract them by pretending it’s a grenade. – If it would’ve worked, brilliant. – Yeah. – But it didn’t hello. (laughs) – And who’s fault is that? – Still yours (laughs). – So I’m thinking, this
is how this scene begins. – Oh boy. – We had a brief moment in
which we were all coming across and suddenly, as these men now, seem to know exactly where you are, you can feel a hand
actually grab you Connor, on the back of your shoulder
and lift you straight up, – Oh shit! – As you’re picked up and
you feel someone grabbing your arm and pulling you up
from the back of your arm as he turns around and he
now has a gun to his head and you see two other people behind go, Don’t move, don’t move,
or this guys gets it! – This is before we would have– – Before jeep guys got
anywhere close to you. – Whew, hey (chuckles) man, lets just be, just be cool man. – Oh we’re gonna be cool all right, we’re gonna be real cool. You get your friends up, we’re gonna have ourselves a little deal. – Just leave them out of this okay? Just leave them out of this,
I’m just trying to find, just trying to find my
family, that’s all man. – Tammy, Kirk, get those other three! And you see as other men
are starting to walk towards where you three are right now. Attempting to at least, get
you in a similar compromise position as Connor is at the moment. And the guy that’s holding
you right now yells and goes, Hey Jim, Jim, stop right where you are, lets make a deal. And you see Jim stop, he kind of holds up, he has a spotlight on
him and at this point you kind of watch as the
spotlight had come on you as soon as he had come up
and you kind of watch as now the spotlight comes up and
you see a whole lot more guys behind you, that’s
kinda holding you in place. Severely outnumbering the
group that’s in the jeep, cause it’s only about three
guys in the jeep at this moment, – Hey, hey everyone just
be cool, just be cool. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
be cool be cool we hear yah! – Are any of you guys with
the south side raiders? – Okay, south side raiders. (dice shake) (dice drops on table) – Give me that one. – That one. – Two successes, one-one. – Yeah I’m gonna burn that. – You kind of see as this guy, who’s holding you at gunpoint, you can feel the cold metal of the muzzle pressed right up against
your temple at the moment, and that pressure is taken
off just a little and goes, Hey, you heard of us? – Heard of you man, I like,
I’m obsessed with you guys, like not in a weird way. – Ha, and he reaches his
gun out and he fires, one two three four five and everyone, you can hear multiple machine guns go off, as basically you see muzzle flash happen and the guys that are
in the jeep, just fall. All of them, four of them, as they all spill off the side and you can start to hear
the dripping of liquid. As clearly, this thing has
been shot and now gasoline is starting to leak out and he goes, so uh, pushes your, you know shoulder and spins around but he’s he’s got the gun down but not like pointed at and goes what you hear about us huh? – I know what you guys stand for I, I’ve read a lot about you I worked for, you know you guys got, I worked for a big website
you guys got flagged a lot, and you know it was, honestly
man it was fucking bullshit – Yeah it is fucking bullshit. – Cause you guys, there’s
like they’re censoring you, and that was, I tried to
do as much as I could but I’m just a cog in a machine
and I’m trying to work on the inside. – What happened to free speech right?”. – Right? Died when the
lights went out man, or did it come back?”. – No free speech re-awoken when the whole fuckin world went dark right? – That’s goddamn right man! – All right well, you’re cool. Let’s talk about you three. – During that fire exchange
is there any way that I could have tried to dive
in scramble behind something? (laughs) (dice shake, drops on table) – Oh yeah, oh yeah.
– Well played. – You not only dived and scrambled when this whole thing
went down, and those, no ones either so, except
that moment that I had when I talked about you three? – He only motions to you two. – Like you’re cool yeah, so
uh what’s your twos deal? – We’re with him. – Oh yeah free speech all that. Man trying to keep you down, sad. – He kind of like turns
around doesn’t acknowledge, doesn’t like say anything
but you kind of walk as he kind of walks by
another group and you see him exchanged some words with him, and the two kind of come around, they don’t roughly escort you with’em but they kind of make it
clear that they want you to come with them and you all
kind of walk together towards this group of probably a
hundred people at this point and he kind of turns around in a very celebratory manner and goes, Where are my manners? I’m so sorry my name is Josiah Yaffigan, and these here are my southeast raiders, and you three are my guests, for now. – Thank you Josiah I appreciate it we were in some serious shit back there. – Yeah? – Who were those guys? – Them? Pfffft! – Northside Raiders? (laughs) – Who cares, they’re dead! – Let’s call them yeah you know what? I mean south, southeast
no not southeast raiders, let’s see so if there are
the southwest raiders, let’s call these guys
the inner city devils. Yeah they’re just a bunch of devils, trying to run, causing chaos, they decided to come
around on our outskirts of the territory and fuck up part of our part of Chicago
it’s not cool but hey, you know what they’re dead now, we got you three I consider
it not only a plus, but a plus plus! – Hey plus, plus three. – Plus three so uh where you coming from, what’s your story, where’d you get lost? – Man we were, we were
in a government camp, those hucks wouldn’t let us leave. – Yeah. – They was trying to keep
us down, always watching. – You got stuck in one of
those refugee camps huh? – Oh my god more like a prison
dude are you serious like you can’t trust those guys! – Yeah huh? – That’s why I knew where we were, I remembered, you guys are
protectors of the streets, you guys I knew you would
be here I knew you would still be around, we are trying
to find our way through here we’re looking for our family
we’re looking for safety we’re just trying– – That all sounds real convenient there, what was your name, you said? – I’m Connor dude, I’m Connor. – Oh yeah sounds real, – Real honor man! – Real honor Connor, convenient. – It’s a, it’s a good one man! – Yeah yeah cool cool,
oh hey you guys hungry? – Yes! – Oh yeah threw uh threw
my last thing of corn. – All right let’s get you
folks something to eat. – Are they walking? – Yeah they’re walking and
you are definitely enough in darkness that you can and
the other pursuers are 100% not looking at you anymore, you could probably keep stalking them. – On the way I just want to
snap some photos of the bodies. – Great it’s pretty dark
you have to bump up that ISO pretty high so yes, you take
some pictures of the bodies and you kind of, are walking into this, Well, I don’t know how
to put it any other way. This raider came, all
of the light in the area is lit by torches. You can see that you
know a large abundance of kerosene and lamp oil is basically used to keep this place emanating at all times and he walks you into, you know, basically cars that have been piled on top of each other that services gates and they’re not really, not really easy to get in entrances
so you all kind of have to crawl over some cars, basically to get into this
escape from New York style burning cross section
that is a interchange and the one thing that
sticks out to you more than anything is is that the floors seem to be covered with steel whenever there’s an opportunity to do so. Like it’s lined with like
sheet metal or car doors you walking on this is basically
walking on irregular ground as anything that could be
touching concrete has to have some metal basically right underneath
it and Josiah basically walks you and go points
over towards you know, a lean-to that has a burning
dumpster fire, he goes, Go get yourself some grub
welcome yourself inside of our abode. Sun hasn’t come up in a
few days but if it does, don’t leave, otherwise as
long as you don’t fuck around, you do whatever, you can fuck
around as much as you want, but as long as you don’t hurt my boys, my boys won’t hurt you! – We’d never dream of it
man, thank you so much. – Great, good luck, just
don’t get eaten out there! (laughs) – Josiah kind ofwalks off
with the rest of his crew and you can see he’s talking
to a couple of his generals and that seems to really
be it which is a thing now. You have been given free
rein of this radar camp and what do you want to do? – As soon as they leave I throw up. (laughs) – Well it doesn’t cost you
a dice roll to throw up so. – Thank you (laughs). – So if I can see in with that
camera I want to catch that. – I don’t think so. I think, I think the car
is at this point blocking– – Blocking the view,
yeah I know, torch light. – While he’s puking I asked
them, Did you guys see they’re covering the ground? What are they afraid is
gonna come out of the ground? What is that all about? – And what? – He said don’t get eaten. – Yeah it’s like don’t
let the bedbugs bite. – No.
– No, no. – I mean the ground is
covered in steel and like, I’m getting some serious
tremor like vibes. – We’ve been talking about
cannibalism for a while too, you mean don’t get eaten by his men? Is that something, what
are we about to eat? – No I, look I, I read
a lot about these guys, I read like everything
they posted and like they, they don’t eat each other like, I’m sure, like you know like libertarians, they’re all dog-eat-dog world
out there government’s taking my stuff and they are, they are taking our stuff
but like.” (exhales). – Anything in their posts
talk about why it has covered the ground? – I don’t know cause this
is after the whole internet got knocked out by,
remember that big flash? – No back then, did they ever
talk about weird things on the ground or is this a new thing we don’t even know about? – No no they talked about like
being prepared and strength in numbers and protecting the streets, and keeping Chicago safe because the people in charge can’t do it. They kept they kept us safe! We thought those guys were chasing us so. – And then where’s Jenny? – That part! – Yeah I think you just all now noticed that Jenny is not with you. Jenny what do you– – Just outside I did
not want to cross over this and so I’m just sort of waiting out there photographing what
I can from the outside but just, just their setup. – Yeah there are watchman out
there but unlike the group with the Jeep who had
this crazy spotlight? – Yeah. – That they were shooting
down onto it everything’s kind of illuminated by the aura
of fire at this point. – Okay yeah I’m just staying
outside and just photographing and then just hope I
see them again I guess. – He said we have free
reign we need to find Jenny. – We can, what if we, we
got free reign is it just at the camp or are we allowed to leave? Because maybe we can– – He said we could leave he
said just don’t get eaten, but here’s the thing Connor, we just, we just left one camp for another, we haven’t really changed much some, little bit more freaked out, they seem more well provided. – Yeah. – But at the same time we are here, we were looking for something, I’m not here just to stay
here and wait to find out why things are covered and
who these people are, so we need to find Jenny, we
need to maybe get what we can, because it seems like we have
a little bit of leeway here, and then get out of here! – Part of me, something
about the way he said that, made me feel like we
aren’t exactly welcome to just leave. – Do you want me to, I mean, I don’t know him that well obviously, he seemed pretty friendly
so I could maybe ask if we can go find our missing friend, he might be amenable to that, he looks out for his people– – All due respect
captain fire in the hole, I don’t think that you
should be negotiating with him for us but I also
don’t trust him, I just don’t! Until you said that
you knew who they were, things would have ended
very very differently. I’d rather not play with it, so if we’re gonna do something
I say we do it quietly, or really well planned. – Okay let’s… – I could… – So do we try to get some weapons? we try and just sneak out? I don’t think robbing these
guys is the way to go. – I think we should go with
the most diplomatic method of going to ask him if we can
go look for Jenny and that. – Do we want to let him know
that there is another person? because they don’t know that right now. – We can say that we got separated, because he, when he saw us, we were being chased by the ICD so. – But think about this
we are in their place, after telling them that we’re safe, and now we’re gonna go
back to him and say, oh by the way there’s a fourth person that we waited to tell you about, I don’t think it’s gonna end well. – I don’t know I feel
like we it would look, they had guns on us like,
they had numbers on us, I think it’s understandable
that we’d be scared tell them about more people or got caught up in the moment but– – At this point you’ve
all been kind of standing in the entrance of the
refugee camp a little bit, looking like you’re kind of
you know arguing with yourself at the moment so there is also
a moment in which you kind of realize that your
sticking out a little bit by just kind of hanging out
at the front gates so to speak when you know, Josiah clearly offered you some cafeteria food. – Let’s, let’s get some
food and talk about our next course of action.”. – Okay since we just ate a minute ago, I say you guys go do that, I’m going to look around a little. – Okay. – I want to go find Jenny. – I think we all do I just
don’t know that right now is when we should. – I do too but– – Well anyway let’s talk about that– – I just emptied my stomach so I need to put something in there just fortify, fortify the defenses. – Right. – Like I said there’s a
diplomatic way to figure out who should go and look for her, and I think that we should
rock-paper-scissors. – It’s also not very
diplomatic to refuse a meal that our host is offering us. – That’s fine so if you
want to basically go and at this point, sounds
like you all have different things that you want to
do inside of this camp, and though you are allude to
want to go away from each other it sounds like you all
have different things you’d like to investigate so at this point if you’re basically asking
for leave in which to go talk to someone about your missing friends, and Everett you want to scope
out the place a little bit, and Connor if you want to at
least participate in the– – I want this like mad max jambalaya – I think we can all agree
that you all disagree on what to do right now so we can
just approach it one by one. So let’s begin with mad max jambalaya. So you get in line and as
you begin looking in line you can clearly see that that
this chow you were hoping to get to, as you get
closer and closer in line, that you can clearly see
that this isn’t free chow, that they are clearly paying for said food as they get closer and
closer to the line so… – Am I about to pay to eat people meat? Is that what’s about to happen here? I’m gonna stay in line. – Okay and as you get to
the front you see that you’re next up and you see this, I mean we’re talking classic
trope big guy with an apron, ladle over a cauldron and
he’s pouring just wooden bowls of food and you know, wooden,
metal its various amounts. You kind of see, as the
bowls lay out in front, new guy comes over goes trade? – Ah, what what, how, how much? – What do you got? – I’m gonna reach into my
pack and pull out a compass. (clonk) – You put a compass
down goes, good enough, and he just slides the food over to you. – Hey what is this? – It’s uh a cafeteria. – Yeah but I know, yes I understand, I’m asking the chef, yourself,
what’s on today’s menu? – Well it’s mad max jambalaya! – Oh (laughs) wow! – It’s got about 15 different
canned meats inside of it plus some tomato juice and
a little bit of our parsley just to kick it up a notch. – Oh that sounds honestly delectable! – Hold on a second. – You watch as he puts the
ladle down and he turns to this guy who seems to be
tied up on a chair right behind him and he goes and he just
socks him right in the face, and he goes, now what
was your question again? – It’s just gonna be if
that was parsley I detected, thought I smelled a little bit of that and frankly it sounds
delicious no further questions. – Parsley doesn’t have a taste
it’s just for color, next! – All right so you get out of line and walk out as you’re
holding your steaming mug of what has been proclaimed as– – My murder chili. (laughs) – And we walk over and now
talking to Everett who is, you said scoping it out. – Yeah I mean just trying
to look like anybody who has arrived anywhere for the first time. I’m just curious what’s around here, I just start making my
way around the inside. – You look around and
you can see that you are in a crossroads and some of
the storefronts have clearly been taken over to serve
as one thing or another. You can see where a lot of the you know, domiciles that are above
are currently occupied cause you can see light inside of them but you also see a lot of
residential lean tools, that seemed to be propped up
kind of along the side of the street that’s kind of like
you know a shanty town, so to speak, so everything’s being used and it’s unsettling as you kind of hear the popping of the metal as
you continue to step on both sheet metals and there is
car doors and you know, you can see that they’ve done
as much of a job as they can but not every square inch of
this floor has been covered, there’s still lots of areas
where there is bare concrete laid out and it’s pretty
dramatic when you have to step down in order
to step back up again on to whatever misused
appropriated metal that you’ve got. You see a lot of what you
would expect in a post, collapsed anarch society such as this. There are people drinking, there are people fucking, there are people eating, and you can see that
everyone is in various states of either fornication or
debauchery at this stage. And there are a few
that are walking around, everyone seems to be
carrying a gun at this moment and yeah that’s about what you got sir. – I go up to one of the
people who aren’t fornicating, the one who isn’t and just kind
of point to one of the areas that the ground isn’t covered, I’m like, oh it looks like they missed a spot. – See it’s like a kind
of a haggard older woman, who’s kind of sitting
eating her mad max chili, yeah well we’ll get it
tomorrow or next week, fuck it I don’t know, I doubt they’ll come up
through there right now, we haven’t seen them in a few dates. – Yeah where did they come up last? – Eh right in the middle of center town. – Right in the middle
Wow what’d you guys do? – Shot them, with the guns. – Wow then what did you,
did you just like burn them? bury’em? – No we didn’t kill it, we just shot it. It took Carl and Sebastian, fuck. – Hmm how many shots did it take? – I don’t, I don’t, do
I look like I know how to count bullets kid? – That’s fair, that’s
fair, thank you so much I’ll leave you to eating. – Yeah (breathes loudly). – Kind of watches you as
you continue to kind of eat and go through and you
continue to come through. Now Lexie, how are you
attempting to approach Josiah at this point, are you
just asking for the man in charge are you just
going to be looking for him, amongst the crowd? – I would like to meander
pass all the loveless copulation and (chuckles) go straight to– – How do you know it’s loveless? At this point, maybe it’s just a… – Okay I’m very judgy! (laughs) Yeah I wanna go straight to, I’m assuming there’s
something that denotes that this is the higher up area? Why you gotta be like that man! (laughs) (dice shake, drops on table) – Okay I don’t see any
successes I do see one, one. Three, two, one? – Ugh! – Oh which one is this? – Determined! – Okay you want to burn your determination to re-roll that one-one
to see if you can get a success out of it. – Yes! – Tell me how you’re
gonna use determination in this scenario. – I’m gonna determinately
walk straight through this crowd to Josiah. – So you see what you thought
was probably Josiah’s, or at least the upper echelon pad and the best way to probably
tell that is because it is the nicest of what is inside of here and you walk right up the stairs. You don’t check with the guards, you don’t go to anyone, you
act like you own this place. As you walk up the steps
and you knock on his door, roll that one. (dice drops on table) – Ughh! – A one. – Shit! It is the loneliest number. (laughs) – All right, well. – Two of the males so. – Thank you for being determined
even if it unfortunately, didn’t work out in this scenario and we end our scene. – It’s okay! – It’s determined! – I said no hope! – I need to stop slamming
those candles down. So we’re gonna reset, back to six dice. Let’s talk about some
truths of their situation. You get to start since you
led to this outcome failing. – Do we have to call it a failure? – It is considered a failure. – Okay so the truth is
this is Josiah’s quarters. – Great, Josiah is happy to see you. – They definitely are eating people. – There’s a rumbling from that
uncovered patch of ground. – Man you guys intimidate
me you’re good at this. – I thought I saw Jenny through
a window, in the distance. – Oh in the distance. – Josiah is easily seduced. (laughs) – Great then let us. – Aww what do I have to
roll for, that’s a truth! – It is a truth so we’re gonna start– – He would have said after I
said I’ve heard of you guys. (laughs) It’s like heck, eat my chili. – Eat my people chili it doesn’t matter. (laughs) – So we’re gonna start the scene with Lexie you opened the door
into Josiah’s penthouse as you kind of, well actually,
you wouldn’t be able to open the door, he wouldn’t be so bold as to keep his door
readily open, you knock. (knock-knock) And you kind of hear as a bunch of locks chik-shoo-chik-chik-chik. And a chain slide, as
you hear a door (squeaks) open and you see a pretty standard looking body top bodyguard type dude shaved head a little bit of
fuzz coming up on the top big and he’s wearing black leather jacket. What do you want? – Sorry I’m new here can
I speak to Josiah please? – Ma’am the boss only makes appointments. And he starts to shut the
door but then you hear Josiah in the back yell and
goes, Is that Lexie girl? Let her in, come on let her in. He kinda looks back he opens the door and kind of motions you inside. As you walk into the space
and you see as Josiah sitting Dennis Hopper style and you know, land of the dead, mixing a drink at what
seems to be a makeshift bar. It’s you know, it’s post collapse, there is stuff everywhere
but it’s probably the most, like the regular world that you’ve seen, up until at this point and
Josiah kind of Lear’s at you and goes, What can I do for you Lexie? – I just wanted to talk to
you for a little bit first and just say thank you
for allowing us to stay, we were just in dire straight. – No we can totally, let’s
sit and talk for a bit, you want a drink? – Sure. – And he goes and he just
starts mixing a drink together right now and he puts it
together and kinda sits down with you and hands you a cocktail. – Thank you so much. – Absolutely, no it’s
the most that we can do, I mean every day here is
short and fucking stupid, so what can we do other
than just enjoy our time while we’re here? – You’re just so handsome and kind and understanding and generous. – He just grabs the back of
your neck and starts kissing you immediately. – and such a great kisser! (laughs) – He’s cuttin’ straight to the business. – Here’s the thing. – Yeah, yeah. – I have a friend, a very
very beautiful friend, and she was with us but somehow, I don’t know how you
misplace a person but um. – I do it all the time sweetie. – Yes darling, um would you mind terribly if I find her, if she
were to stay with us? – You say your friends out there? – Yeah. – He’s, he’s rubbing your back he’s taking every advantage of your politeness. – A little to the right. – And sweetie if she’s
out there, she’s dead, the fact that we found you three? that’s a, it’s a fucking
miracle is what it is, you know? I don’t think your friends
gonna come back so, let’s just make the best of it huh? – You know what they
say, I mean but if she, if she were to have
survived would you be fine with her staying here? – Yes, she comes and if
you can point out and say that’s your friend then
great, we’ll let her in. – And he’s trying to ease
you back onto the bed now, at this point. – So I lean in. – Yeah. – And I kiss him on the cheek and I say, Well you know what they say darlin’, always leave them wanting more. – He kinda looks you know and goes, (knocks) I don’t know if that
situation applies right now. And that is the moment in which you hear, (knocks) the rum tum tumbling of a tiny earth shake as it starts, bleh-do-do-do-do,
kind of coming up underneath and he at the
mount and hand up your shirt ready to go he pulls it out, Fuck! Oh God now you stay right there, of all the goddamn timing! and he runs flips open a window and goes, Get around it, get
everybody, It’s Showtime! – Oh would you look at the time! – All right well you
attempt to go for the door and the bodyguard blocks you. – Oh please no. (dice shake, drops on table) – Two ones, no successes. – Two ones. – Two ones, same, same as two ones. – So you saying there’s a chance? – Depends how much you
like that kiss I guess. (laughs) (gasps and squeals) – Fraud. – How are you going to apply
fraud into this situation? – Hopefully very well. – My stew was by my card. (laughs) – Roll it, roll it. – Thanks a lot. – Roll and lets see,
let’s see how it goes. (shakes dice, drops it on the table) – Damn it man I’m really bad at this. – So glad I’m worth this. (laughs) – I love you, you are my family now. – Tell me at least at this
point, how you’re applying fraud into this situation. – I’m going to lean over
the side of the bed, and I’m going to make myself throw up and say I am really not feeling very well. – Okay so you’re gonna
try to fake sickness. – You learn from the best! (laughs) – Shove it down your throat. – Yup. – Finger banger. (laughs) – I know, I’m sorry, I
couldn’t help myself. First of all, the scene ends, and we move along, and at this point, our story
continues with five truths. Lexie we find you back in the
position of having to tell the first truth yet again. – My fraud works very well, he is grossed out by my vomiting. – He believes you, oh he is
grossed out by your vomiting? – Yes. – Is that your truth? He doesn’t care he is, and to be more specific, he is going to rape you. – I’m wondering whether
I should just leave. – I saw Lexie go up to see Josiah. – Yes. Everett? – Through one of the storefronts
I see a door that leads sort of on the other side of the it’s like a emergency exit. – Like a thruway. – That’s the other side
of where the encampment. – You do see a door here, you see a door that leads to the other
side of the encampment. Great well those are our five truths. We have now five dice which to work with. Let’s talk about what happens. So as the rumbling of the ground underneath this makeshift raiders camp is continuing to move forward
and it is going insane the amount of movement
that is here it’s like a tremor like an earthquake you can see as the ground is starting to split and it hasn’t been fully done yet but you’re watching as the ground is basically punctuating out and everybody has their guns down. You saw a Lexie go up the stairs and you saw both a throughway out you’re wondering if you
should leave right now. Connor I’m sorry not just Connor, what do you all want to do? – I want to book it upstairs, because I’m feeling this rumbling, I want to book it upstairs and get Lexie so we can regroup and get out of here. – Great all right. – Am I seeing, is it
rumbling in the same… – In the same area that you are. – Is the ground cracking
going back this far? – The ground cracking
is everywhere and so in, I mean we’re talking about
a cross way so there’s a significant radius I wouldn’t say the concrete is cracking to where you are, but you can feel that yes. – I can feel, okay. – So Connor you find
very little resistance because you run up basically up in there because everyone’s focusing
right there now upon and to the point of where you
see the the door is locked and you can hear Lexie on the other side. – Lexie. – This man has slammed the window down still cursing and is turning
and is making a beeline straight for you. – I’m gonna bury bugs bunny style-esque, start darting around
the room kind of like. – Getting away? – Yeah. – All right, are you making any noise while you’re doing so? – Hey I’d really like to
get to know you first, let’s have a conversation. – All right so you can hear this at least, along the other side of the door. – Everett? – Well since I saw what
I thought was Jenny, kind of through the windows
and everybody’s focused on, well imagining is something
that a spiced worm coming up I’m going to make my way
towards the door to see if there’s a way I can you know, let her in and or give myself the option to get the hell out. – So you go up to the door but surprise, it is chained and locked
from the inside because they wouldn’t just leave
an open door leading into the raiders camp without having something, it’s not dead bolted but
it is at least chained at this point. Connor how’s it looking over here? – I am going to draw my
machete behind my back and then knock on the door loudly – Yeah. – And say, It’s the devil’s there here, you got to get out here! – All right. (laughs) – With the trembling, have
the lookouts that were there and like the intelligence are they? – They’ve all looking straight in center, no one’s looking outside right now. – Okay. – Oh and success. – I am thrall. – Three ones.
– I am going to… Would I have to re-roll all
of these or just the ones? – No, just the ones. – I’m gonna try and
re-roll the ones by using. – By using? – Selfless. – This seems like an incredibly
selfless act so, tell me. – I would much rather know the truth about what the fuck is happening down there. – Right I know you’re doing
something very very against what it could be right now. – No ones. I’m going to hand you
narration rights for the success then you can tell me exactly what happens when this man opens the door. – Who’s opening the door is it a– – A bodyguard. – Bodyguard? I’m gonna like, so the
bodyguard opens the door, undoes all the locks one by one, it takes only a few seconds but it feels like an eternity is passing. The voices inside the room kind
of goes silent for a second once they see that someone
is actually at the door. – Yeah. – And I put on my best face, my best lying face, and insist that, you gotta get down there, it’s not just the, I don’t
know what’s going on, the devils are at the gates, they’re here, they’ve come for us, they
said they’re taking revenge, you gotta get down there
they want blood Josiah! – Right so you’re just
as you’re opening it up you’re just screaming into the door as he’s opening it up with it – Yeah. – So Lexie, Josiah, everyone
stops to look at Connor, and then Connor looks at
you and he looks at Lexie and goes, fucking knew it! and he pulls the gun from one of the sides
of the tables and says, You all are from the devil’s
to start a whole shit! and he starts and points
his gun straight at you. – I stabbed the bodyguard
with the machete. – okay okay. – Ugh!
– Eww! – Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah – Sorry, that’s my panic response. – Do it. – Three ones, no successes. – Am I able to. – Yes! – Okay I’m using anxiety
(laughs) because… – Quite appropriate, role the ones. – I don’t, there’s a reason I don’t have bladed weapons usually. – You say now. – Oh shit! Well bye. – I appreciate you so
much (speaking in hands). (laughs) – It’s on. – Son of a bitch! – Oh I know, it’s on! – The candle doesn’t like it either. – Oh it’s on. – Connor? – Yeah? – You take this machete
and you jam it straight into this bodyguard and
you watch as you basically punch through whatever
his leather jacket was and you push it right through
as you look towards Lexie and you take a bullet straight
into your head as you watch matter just scatter along the side of it, ending the last black thoughts as you see this machete run through this man and darkness overwhelms you. What do you think of? – I think, I think that I the
humming is finally stopping. – The humming. – The humming has stopped. – Thank you so much for
playing at my table. – Thank you. – I appreciate it. I’m going to have to ask you to leave. – All right (exhales). – This was a very deadly outcome. But you did create an opening for Lexie. As Lexie, you just watched
Connor get shot in the head as he has run’d this bodyguard right through with his machete. Blood is dripping down the front of him and there’s a moment one
single small moment Lexie, before we start our next scene, to decide what you’re going to do. – We need to establish some
truths now that this has ended. Connor, unfortunately
the deadly circumstances was the one who rolled the failure so I’m going to take this moment to start with the first truth. First, the world is dark. Second, you are not far from
where the monolith stands, you are very close in fact, Jenny? – I’m going to wait ten
minutes ten more minutes. – The guard for this door is
distracted by the rumbling. – There’s a gun handle sticking out from underneath the pillow. – Let us begin. Jenny as you creep closer to see just what is
going on to come in here, you watch as men who are
attempting to scramble for any bit of high ground
they can possibly get as they move you suddenly
see his dirt (swoosh) shut up out of nowhere
and you hear screaming as man are being (roar)
pulled down out of nowhere (squeals) as just bodies are falling
down and you can hear the cracking of bone and watching
his blood sprays forward and dirt mixing with it as
people are just disappearing from this cross-section that’s laid out right in front of you. You shakily hold your hand
up and attempt to take photos and you can feel something, the ground underneath you beginning to buckle as particles of
dirt start to split apart. Everett, you are in the gates
that are in this building, and you know the guards distracted What are you going to do? – Real fast, does he have
anything resembling a key or anything like that for
these chains or anything? Can I see anything like that? – What do you say? I could also say and we
could have established this during one of your truths but
there could always be a pair of bolt cutters around. – There could be or there is? – There could be but I’m telling
you the guard is distracted you want to do something about that? – Yeah I wanna knock him out. With my poker. – This is, to be incredibly clear, a dangerous circumstance, okay? – Be more clear. (laughs) – As a dire circumstance, similar
to what happened with Dan, if this fails, you could die. We’re at that point in the game now and you’re in the situation
now in which deadly conflicts. – Can I revise them, what I want to do? – Yes. – I’m gonna yell to the guard. – Yeah. – Quick man open the door
let’s get out of here! – Roll it. – Is that less dire? – That is not dire. – Okay thank you (laughs). – That is less dire. – Hey guy let’s get out of (laughs) here. (shakes dice and drops it on the table) – No successes, no ones. – No ones huh, improvement. (blows) – We’re burnin through candles quick. Everett as you yell out
to this man and say, quick man we have to
leave, trying to convince him that this is time to go. You basically hear him as he look towards and kind of gives you a sneer as he, as he kind of walks over to you and grabs you by the collar and turns you around and pushes you back out towards where the main cross-section is, he kind of goes and goes,
nah man Josiahs got this, but I haven’t seen one yet. And he kind of punts you
into the main area street, I’m hoping maybe I can see one today! And he leaves you, right
there, gun trained on you. We were at three, nice, we’re at three, candles and we haven’t
even gotten to Lexie, but there are truths that
need to be established. First, the world is dark. And I do want to hear what
you have to say about this. – Oh boy. – Okay. – As far as the truth goes. – Everybody has sort of stepped back from the center and is lining, like they’re watching thunderdome style. – That giant circle and you
are in the center of it. – Oh no. – Lexie is expertly trained in Krav Maga. – Great. Actually I will make that my
truth I said it originally but I will just say my
truth is you are in the center of this space right now. The three dice left it’s very
important with all of you kind of split together right now, that we visit each person
and right now the two people we haven’t been talking
to is Lexie and Jenny since unfortunately Connor past. So I’m going to leave
this open now between the either of you of who
we would like to resolve at this stage. You have a situation? – Hmm, yup. – And you have a situation. – I’ve heard you emotion but
I need to have someone say, I’ll go first. – I’ll go first. – Right, Lexie if I’m reading
between the lines here, you want to do something to Josiah, now that he has shot
Connor in front of you. – Yes. – Please tell me what
you would like to do. – So he shot Connor in the
head, the guard is down. – Bleeding. – Where is he as opposed
to me at the moment? – You were at the side of the bed, he is at the front of the bed, he had been chasing you
around as you mentioned. So you could theoretically, be anywhere in the room right now, but Josiah had to have enough
of a clean shot from the door that I would say to your benefit he is facing away from you right now. – So I would like to grab the
gun from under the pillow. – Yeah. – And fire. – This is a dire situation. (shakes dice, dice drops on table) One-one and no sixes. – Do I still have the opportunity to burn? – Do you have– – For the one. – Is that your hope? – Yes. – Unfortunately we cannot
burn anything that isn’t on the top of your pile. If you haven’t had a chance
to fulfill the moment yet, we cannot go to the brink, I’m so sorry. But because of the situation you’re in I will give you a choice
and the choice is, I can explain to you your
grisly demise or you can. Which would you prefer? – I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I go to grab for the gun and I think that I have the time but he hears the click of the hammer and he says, I should have known. And before I can get a shot fired off he has already fired the gun at me and shot me in the throat. – Guess you can feel
the blood spilling out through your throat, you can feel your mouth
fill with the warm blood and you realize that you will fall here, in this world not even knowing what it was that was coming out of the ground and to die in this man’s presence
is insulting to your life. Is there anything you’d like to say before you succumb to the darkness? – I’m sorry. Christina thank you so much
for playing at my table, I really appreciate it, I’m so sorry, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. – Don’t die. – Okay there are two truths left to speak and since Christina has fallen, I will speak the first truth. First we, the world is dark. The second, the first truth we must establish is, this group is not going
to survive this attack, Jenny? – The guards on the outside cut and run. – We live now with two
candles and two dice. Jenny the ground is
rumbling underneath you, you can know that something is coming what do you want to do? – I see the guards go,
I’m gonna try and go to whatever entrance this was, to just see if there’s a
way for me to open them. – The entrance being what? The entrance that he’s
dealing with right now? – Yeah. – Or the entrance that’s
inside of where you are cause at this point, you’re the circle, that was this cross-section of space, since you had been
outside of it for so long you’re now at the edge, kind
of looking over the cars, you can see Everett in the center. – In the center? – Yes illuminated by all of
the torchlight that’s around and presumably the exit
that he was investigating, it’s not really something
you would have seen from your advantage there. – Okay. – But the most important information that I can tell you right now, is that Everett is in the
center of this circle, and you can feel something underneath you. – I put out my camera and watch. Everett you find yourself in an audience, your description of a thunderdome, – Mm-hmm. – It’s not far from what this actually is. Everyone is waiting at the moment, and you can feel the metal
around you bending and folding, you can tell there are
guns on you everywhere, what do you want to do? – I yell out to everybody. This is what Josiah wants, he brought this on all of us, they are here because of him, don’t let this happen! – You’re trying to tell them to let you go or to blame it all on Josiah. – To let them step away
from the center of doom. Specifically looking at the old woman who I was talking about
this place to like hmm? – Yeah you, listen, listen let’s see. – Somehow simultaneously
doing this towards whatever camera might be pointing at me. (shakes dice, tosses dice on table) – A six and a five. You hold your head up high
and you speak with confidence and determination, Josiah’s
the cause of all of this! And you would be amazed
how much confidence you can inspire in people when
there’s dirt, poof-poof-poof, flying all around you and you
can speak with such open arms and such defiance as it seems
like whatever is around you which should have taken
you, which should have taken you a while ago instead seems to be more creating a spectacle around you as you are yelling out to everyone and you can see people looking at each other looking and staring at you and being like Is this real? Is this something that is happening? Is he immune? as dirt continues to spray around you, and you watch as live
giant tentacles lift up out of the ground and seem
to be spiraling around you and you seem to be a vessel in this moment and everyone is just agape staring at you. Jenny, you’re just
taking photo after photo. – Clickin’ away. – At this point, what you
do as you feel the shutter click around you and in the
vibration of the shutter continues to click around you, you feel this movement around your feet and you watch and you more feel your foot sink into the into the ground just up to your knee at least at this point and there is pain
oh god is there pain, as you try to pull your foot
up what do you want to do? – Oh I’m gonna try and
wrench myself free and run. (shakes dice, drops dice on table) – A five and a six. (laughs) As you wrench your leg
free, you pull it up you see as your entire pant leg and a good portion of the
skin that was on your leg as well as your shoes
and any kind of leggings you may have had has been ripped up and you can feel the hot
dripping of blood coming down your arm as you scream and
lift yourself out on top and you hear Jenny scream from the side, everyone starting to look at you, and now looking towards her, as she has been attempted to pull up but has lifted her leg up in time. (agonizing scream) Which way do you go? Did you go towards? Or did you go away? – Away. – Away and you hear her run. You see her go by Everett. Everett, you are a goddamn vessel of whatever is in front of you right now, do you want to keep this moment up or do you want to get out of here? – Oh I’m gonna get out of here and while I do I’m just
gonna also turn on my battery-powered lantern, that I have. – Yeah oh yeah. Turn it on. – Turn it on, right, in hopes
that light matters and run. – Straight towards her or away from her? – oh character me or me me? Me-me is like no-no bye. No I’m going to I mean
there’s no clear sign to her, there’s no clear way to her. – She just screaming out
in the middle of darkness and if I may be so bold her scream is now becoming a cacophony, as you can see more people are just being pulled out underneath the ground as much as they possibly can, you can see small molehills starting to rise up, and you’ve been standing still
but even just the swaying and the anxious movement
around you you see, as people definitely on the
floors are just being pulled down and their agony is
harmonizing now with Jenny’s. – I’m going to I mean I’m
gonna run back towards the door where the chain was and
the bolt cutter is laying nearby and try to get
the hell out of here. (shakes dice, tosses on table) – Yeah it’s fine. – Cantor. – Five and one. How do you apply Cantor
into the situation? – Well now that they
have them all on my side and they know that I
speak the truth and have proven everything to them, I yell out as I’m running for this exit, the only way to survive this
is the sacrifice Josiah! – As you walk towards the exit. All right, roll it. (rolls dice on table) – You begin walking… straight towards the door and you… are preaching this gospel in every way that you can and you’re talking and you’re saying Josiah’s,
you have to sacrifice him, you must see him for what he is. And as you’re walking towards him your voice is cut out as is mid-sentence as you feel something pull you down into the ground and you feel as the weight of the rock and the stone just kicks you right up into your rib cage and you (coughs) cough from the blood and you feel this weight come upon you as you look down and you see the long rows of serrated just circle like teeth, circles of teeth most like
if you were coming into a lampreys mouth and enough of the rock and rubble has come beside you you can see for a brief moment before you are sucked down in completely you see something, less see and more feel, this resonating humming, this feeling like being
close to the monolith and then nothing, darkness blackness, and it doesn’t even hurt really in fact, minus the puncture that
has pulled you inside, you actually feel a warm
sense of being encapsulated more than being eaten alive. And there’s a comforting
thought that comes by your head as you slip into
darkness, what is it? – I’ll see my family soon. David thank you so much
I really appreciate you being at my table. – Thank you. – Well I didn’t have to say it
but he did, he had to leave. Nice. This is the final candle, this cannot play out any other way than what
it is now but Jenny, you running from this
thing while everyone else is being consumed around you, it is going to happen. And you may not know what Everett felt when he gets into it but for you, this is the most painful
thing you’ve ever been through in your life. Trying to walk on a broken leg, as you pull through, you stumble and you walk and you basically push yourself, you get away from this shaken zone where things are continuing to
collapse and come around you and somehow in some way
you managed to get away enough from whatever epicenter that this turmoil was around in order to not be dragged down again. And it is dark, and it is quiet. The screams stops, subsiding
about 15 minutes ago, and you just find yourself
slowly becoming lightheaded from loss of blood as you
sit in this disheveled ruined city of Chicago. What’s, what are you thinking about? Where are you right now? – Take off camera, set it aside, and I think I couldn’t have done anything. But maybe others, others will get to see. – And you look and you,
in your mind’s eye, you can see what you saw
through that viewfinder and you can see that moment in which Everett was sitting there
with tentacles and dirt flying all around him and you think about this series of photos
that you’ve been taking and there is a moment of peace
as you slowly start slipping into unconsciousness of just
how much you’ve captured and how that knowledge,
the knowledge of humanity, the things that we observe and passed from generation to generation
is sitting right there on top of a backpack, on top of a trunk of an old car, and it’s an oddly symbolic
photo that you leave of this body lying right there splayed out not eaten
not consumed not killed not raped but just lying
there with this camera right next to it. And with that, we end our story. Thank you so much for playing,
I really appreciate it. – Thank you. – I’m so sorry but you did wonderfully and that is the end of our story. (eerie music) – I originally came to this Relief Center to document what was happening and got stuck here but now I guess we’re out of food and they’re making us leave. I’ll be hitting the road
with a few companions I met here honestly I don’t know how long I’ll last but I’m going to do what I know how to do leave a record and film so those who come after it can glean some information and maybe figure out what happened here. Forever finding lane the
darkness, Jenny Summers. – Hey guys mom, dad if you’re finding this I’m sorry. If somebody else finds this hi, I’m Everett Robbins. I am not supposed to be here. I, I live in New York and I am here for a wedding and I, I was with my family and we got into a fight
and I refused to go with them and then this happened. I don’t know where I am
and I don’t know anybody in this town and I don’t
know what I’m supposed to do. So if you’re finding this, we we left, we were trying to find you please, please wait mom, dad, if, if, if for some reason you find this and I’m not with you, I am so sorry, I’m sorry that’s it I just, I’m just sorry, oh God. – Hey it’s me it’s it’s it’s Lexie, if you’re hearing this I am trying, I’m trying to make it
home and I don’t even know if home exists anymore
but there’s no more food and the camps being evacuated. I’ve made some friends, and we’re gonna try to
go somewhere, anywhere. If you hear this, I didn’t
mean to leave you behind, (exhales) please be alive. And if I don’t make it, I’m so sorry. – It’s getting darker and darker out there just like they said it
would no more crisis actors, no more false flags, no
more no more anything. Those obelisks didn’t,
can nobody else hear them? I hear the sound of a
million snarling voices and gnashing teeth just grading in my head almost constantly. I have to get closer, I have to get inside those government cocks won’t let me out. I’m not gonna die here I’m caged in here like a fucking rat and
I’m not gonna die here. I’m gonna find a way out
I’m gonna find what the CIA is hiding in their goddamn black site. Find out what that
monolith wants me to do, even if it kills me. You know what hopefully it will, I don’t know how much more
this fucking noise I can take. [Somber music]

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