Coneheads (3/10) Movie CLIP – At the Dentist’s (1993) HD

Dr. Rudolph? This is mr. De cicco. He wants
his teeth capped– All of them. O.K. We’ll just
take a look. Hello, mr…
Uh…De sicko. De cicco. The name
is de cicco. I’m dr. Rudolph. Can we send
for your regular
dental records? When I was
a young one, I chipped a tooth
on my rocket sled, But there
were no records Which we could
send from… Where…I…
We come from. All right. Now, I understand… You want to have
your teeth capped. Correct. Let’s just
take a look. And…Open, please. And close, please. [whimpers] And open, please. O.K., we’ll
start the caps Right about…Here,
mr. De fasco. Cicco! And open wider… If you can. Headrest comfortable? Fine. All right. I’m going to give you
some nitrous oxide. If you feel any pain,
let me know. And breathe. [inhaling loudly]

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