Corrective Double Jaw Surgery Experience | Post OP Swelling & Recovery

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  • Where is your cross from?! Love this vid and love you💗

  • Outfit details! You look stunning!

  • This was so helpful as I'm considering jaw surgery- thanks for sharing! PS where is your top from? Love it!👌🏻💕

  • I'm pretty sure I shared this with you last year; but it was exactly a year ago that I went through my wisdom teeth removal surgery recovery (which was 2 weeks). Obviously that's nothing like what you went through; but I DID tell myself daily, through the annoying healing process, that if Lauryn can get through her 2 year ordeal, I can get through the 2 weeks. I'm having gum surgery soon (probably in a few weeks from now), and that won't be anything like the wisdom teeth surgery; however, I'm still going to channel your bravery and determination, and get through the recovery, whether it's 2 days or again 2 weeks 🙂

  • 12 milliliters lmfao

  • you look gorgeous!!!!!

  • Thank you for being brave and sharing your story — my husband had to get jaw surgery about a year after you did and all of your blog posts about it really equipped us to know what we were getting into. Ice rolling is incredible! xo

  • Can we get a tutorial on this? Thank youuuu

  • stunning!!!

  • Before and after pics!!!!

  • I had double jaw surgery in February 2017 and the STRUGGLE IS REALl. I am almost 8 months post op now but the swelling/identity crisis is no joke. You did email me the ice roller info prior to surgery so THANK YOU! Super helpful! Do you still feel like you get swollen even 3 years later? I wake up and I am huge every morning!

  • I had an open rhinoplasty to remove a bump, and I was SO swollen from the front after. I literally cried and didn't leave my bed for a month. I was so depressed all I did was listen to Mad world by Gary Jules and look at pictures of my face before because I looked "normal." I laugh looking back at that time because it wasn't even a drastic change and it turns out I didn't ruin my face I made it better lmao

  • Lauryn Evarts Bosstick! I was told as a child that I needed this same surgery. I have all the same problems… the weakest jaw (my husband and I joke that on our first day I couldn't bite through a jalapeño popper… so embarrassing!) Grinding teeth, pain in the ears and head, a lisp, etc… all because of how out of place the jaw is (and my biggest insecurity fyi because my jaw actually looks super cricked in photos.) But seeing you go through that experience TERRIFIES me to ever have to go through it. While you were CRAZY swollen, how about pain? Was it awful?

  • This was so interesting to hear! I've been waiting to hear about it 🙂 Also, where's your necklace from?

  • Hey lovely! I'm looking into this for the same reasons (overbite, grinding, tons of body/jaw pain).. I found your blog a couple months ago, and your post was really helpful, thanks so much for sharing the info! I'd love to know the name of the doc you chose!

  • How much percent did the insurance cover your surgery?

  • love your podcast xoxoxxx

  • Thanks so much for posting this, girl! Very informative. I'm actually getting surgery soon, too. I am wondering if you could explain more about what it was like to get put to sleep? This is the part that FREAKS me OUT!! Like, what does it feel like? How do they do it? What does it feel like when they put the stuff in, like do you get sleepy or is more like wide awake to instantly out? Could you have stayed awake if you would have tried or is it impossible? Haha. Basically whatever you remember about that part would be helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for sharing your story! I am getting jaw surgery in a few months and I am absolutely freaking out. It is so comforting knowing there is someone else who has been through what I am going to go through. I am particularly afraid of the identity crisis and feeling so bad about myself while recovering. I have some questions and would love some advice!

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I am I 17-year-old girl who have been contemplating jaw surgery for about a month. I have been watching A lot of videos about jaw surgery and in every video that I’ve watched everyone have been saying that they are getting just surgery because of their teeth. But my issue is that my face popped out of place a lot. Like two weeks ago I was eating an apple in my face popped and now my jaw is significantly low and my face looks Droopy I have no definition in my face. it has really made me a different person I used to have so much confidence and now I have like none at all because I look different. I do not recognize myself when I look in the mirror. By the way your very beautiful and your story has helped me a lot.
    Thank you!

  • You look great! I had doble jaw surgery 1 month ago and still so swollen… I can hardly recognize myself on the mirror and people telling me I look so different doesnt help me at all… I feel so ugly and nowadays I regret the day I decided to get surgery…

  • How could you not know the difference between milliliters and millimeters?

  • Hey how long has it been since you had it? Have you had any wired feelings ? Please respond back?

  • When you said that you told Michel to suck it up with the cold I could relate so much! Had a boob job (in a month it will be a year) and the identity crisis was REAL. I found it so difficult to accept how my body is now and it was definitely so difficult to experience down time and all the family related "stress"/comments. It also lead me to reconsider my then relationship and friendships, so It was a VERY big lesson for me. Though it is nice to finally accept it and move on! So glad you shared this, it is important to shine light on how physical and mental wellbeing are so connected. (even though mine was a choice whereas yours was an emergency and had to be done)

  • Thank you SO much for this. I’m 21 and I will be having jaw surgery soon, too. I very much appreciate your warning about the identity crisis. Did you have to learn how to chew afterwards or did you have any troubles with your neck?

  • Omg, I feel like watching this video today was God sent. I am five months post opt double jaw surgery and you touched on everything I’m going through. What’s worse, is that I too waited, and twenty years later I had the surgery. When I was 16 I was told I needed jaw surgery and of course, I ignored it. Now, at 40, it feels like this is the worse surgery I could have ever encountered. I was 7mm asymmetry off. I think the worse thing I hate about this is the identity crisis I’m going through. I feel like my chin is huge, like my lips are not as big as they use to and feel like one side still looks uneven. Do you have pics from each month? Do you have a blog about your journey? Thank you so much for talking about this.

  • that's amazing and truly beautiful! thank you for sharing, Lauryn. you are special and a one of a kind influencer. 🙂 i am glad i found you more than 4 years through Pinterest

  • What insurance you had and did you had to pay anything when it comes all the process ? Thank you so much

  • You look gorgeous ! I am on my 2 month post op of double jaw surgery and recently I have been wondering since no one on here has mentioned this but are you able to open your mouth as much as you did before surgery? Or have you noticed you can't fully expand it to how you were able to before ?

  • Totally stalking your YouTube right now hahah, I’m 15 and Im getting jaw surgery in may (hoping my 4 month summer break is long enough to recover and go back to school) I hope it’s not too much to ask, but could you email or insta dm me any tips like ice rolling and ‘jaw surgery essentials’ you couldn’t live without? I’ve had braces on since 3rd grade and tons of surgery in my life but nothing compares to jaw surgery, I feel confident and fearless now, but in 5months I’m going to be such a nervous wreck. Thank you so much if you don’t mind giving me some tips☺️
    Instagram: Emma.fraicola
    Email: [email protected]

  • did you have surgery for an overbite or underbite?

  • I got this done when I was 21. Never grinded my teeth though. 28 now and I don't regret getting it done because it sucked having an underbite. The recovery was stupid but I don't regret it.

  • I can relate to every single thing you said, thanks for posting this video I understand what you went through.

  • I had double jaw surgery (with a genioplasty and a rhinoplasty) about 6 months ago and I stupidly got full bangs cut about a month post op and I felt like a completely different person so I 10000% relate to how you felt in your identity crisis, I'm still going through it now really. Im not so swollen so people don't notice, but people I've met since surgery think it's different person in my before photos and it's just so weird to think that moving the jaws can make such a huge difference in the way you look to the point people don't recognise you. I was delivering Christmas cards to my mums friend and she didn't know who I was until I told her and thought I was a complete stranger, even though I've known her for years and I just felt so uncomfortable! Luckily my surgeon said I've been recovering super fast, I was eating fries on day 9 because I was so determined to eat solid foods and I'm not really that swollen anymore. I can't imagine being swollen for two years that's crazy! It's good to know you're doing fine now though

  • I just had my double jaw surgery, I'm 9 days post-op and I think healing fairly well. The swelling got so bad it felt like I was wearing a mask, it hasn't been a fun time. Right now my problem is my tongue feels too big for my mouth, I sound crazy I'm sure, but I guess because my bottom jaw was out so far it sat flat nicely, and now I don't know where to put it resulting in me pushing the back of my teeth causing more pain. 🙄

  • But do your bones hurt now when the weather is changing ?

  • 2 more weeks until my double jaw surgery

  • i am currently recovering from upper jaw surgery. i’ve always had a severe open bite that was very noticeable. after having braces on for 5 years, I finally had corrective jaw surgery Dec 2017. It’s been a little over a month and im currently dealing with the identity crisis. im back in school and it feels weird walking around, living life when you don’t recognize yourself. i can’t imagine going through this for 2 years, i can’t even imagine another month of this lol

  • most people with underbites are cute but it spoils for them

  • Can you tell us your ways to get the face inflammation down thanks

  • who was your physician?

  • Millimeters. Duh

  • "Is it millimeters or milliliters?"
    "millimeters, milliliters is liquid"
    "so my jaw was 12 milliliters off"

  • LOL think of liter as in soda. It's liquid/volume like a 2 liter bottle of soda. Meter is length/distance (running a kilometer). Anyway, I just had my double jaw surgery on 2/27/18. Still recovering. Thanks for the video…you look gorgeous.

  • Omg I got the same procedure 2 years ago and I still feel like my face is more swollen on some days. Thanks so much for this video

  • Hi, did you have an underbite or an overbite before the surgery? Do you know exactly what movements you had?

  • First thing you notice: wow that's a shit ton of makeup. Drag queen level.

  • omg lmao you redeemed your self with that goonies comparison! iconic

  • Who did your surgery? Do you have any before and after pictures? Thanks

  • Thanks so much for posting this, girl! Very informative. I'm actually getting surgery soon, too. I am wondering if you could explain more about what it was like to get put to sleep? This is the part that FREAKS me OUT!! Like, what does it feel like? How do they do it? What does it feel like when they put the stuff in, like do you get sleepy or is more like wide awake to instantly out? Could you have stayed awake if you would have tried or is it impossible? Haha. Basically whatever you remember about that part would be helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Hi, I'm in my early 30s and am on a waiting list for corrective surgery of my overbite. While I wouldn't say my appearance is too bad, I know that I have to focus on keeping my lips together otherwise my mouth just hangs open a bit. I have a 6mm gap between my upper and lower front teeth, my upper teeth are practically at a 45 degree angle ☹. ️I struggle to bite an apple or a slice of toast. I have to be very selective when I eat in public cos things tend to slip right through my teeth after I've taken a bite. I'm still a little unsure about the surgery because my situation is not as bad as a lot of people who've had jaw surgery. Plus I've been told it is unlikely that the bite would get worse now.

  • Thank you for posting this! I had double jaw surgery about 2 years ago and I still struggle with swelling! I can relate SO much to the identity crisis and it being humbling. I had to return to college with my mouth still wired shut. It was without a doubt one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

  • Thankyou for posting this really helped me out ❤️

  • I’m getting the exact same surgery in a few months and I really don’t wanna have a swollen face for school. Do you know any really good tips to keep the swelling down? xx 💓 you look gorgeous btw

  • im getting my jaw fixed next week!! this video helped me from stressing out

  • "How do you say it?"
    "Milimeters… okay. So my jaw was 12 milliliter off"

  • Binge watching your videos. I love that you don't pronounce words correctly, but how you totally embrace it. People may think it makes you sound "uneducated", but at least you are real and aren't editing/filtering out your "flaws" (for lack of a better word) or mistakes. It's actually kind of refreshing lol.

  • I'm one week post op and am currently struggling, I keep vomiting when I drink any liquids so I never feel full. I've tried all those vitamin powder shakes and soup but I'm so sick of it. what did you end up eating and how long did it take for you to eat normal again?

  • I haven't had this surgery yet, but when I was 14 I was told I would need heart surgery to fix my enlarged aorta. I have to get this surgery before I have kids and it will leave a pretty big 6 inch scar right in the middle of me chest. Because I am 23 and do not plan on having kids for another 7 years, this is something I normally put out of my mind. I was very much changed by receiving the news when I was 14 and I am sure will be changed again when the day for surgery finally comes.

  • Could you post before and after photos?

  • I’ve been thinking about getting jaw surgery for years! Could you share the doctor’s name please? It’s really hard to find a credible doctor on your own 🙂 thank you sooo much for sharing

  • I can’t even imagine having the strength to go through with this surgery! You’re pretty ballsy. Did it change the way you look? Profile or size of jaw, etc and do you prefer this over your look pre-surgery?

  • I just broke my jaw and have to have it wired shut for 8 weeks 🙁 currently so swollen and so scared just hope i look like myself soon 🙁

  • How’s the feeling in your face now??

  • I appreciate your video so much, I had osteomyelitis in my jaw, so they removed part of my jaw so I had a titanium plate put in, they did it twice because the first one broke weeks after surgery. The scar and swelling is gnarly and I had no idea that I could be swollen this long after, so hearing you say it took about a year makes me hopefully since my last surgery was just on August 27th. Hopefully in a year I look more like myself. And also the nerves being severed was brutal, it even affected my eyesight. I still feel numb on my lower left lip, but you saying that it was two years until that came back, also gives me hope there too! Thanks for posting this. You are awesome.

  • Hello! You look great!
    How are you feeling now? Do you have some issues like numbness or rainy nose?

  • Thanks for your video. I'm checking back into this type of surgery to see if it's appropriate because my first orthodontist extracted four teeth to make room when I was younger. I feel now that surgery would've been a more suitable option, since as you mentioned in your video, your jaw doesn't feel like it's where it's supposed to be and the extractions didn't correct that issue. Honestly, I feel like it made it worse since both the upper and lower jaws recede into the face due to the extractions… Advice to anyone if their orthodontist recommends extractions – get a second opinion right away because extracting permanent teeth is going to change the shape of your face! You look great and I'm glad you feel like it was all worth it in the end.

  • What surgeon did you go to???

  • You are so beautiful 😊

  • Will you show us the before photos/?? Girl I have so much in common with you. Do you do paid chats?? Would love to chat 15 minutes! I need this surgery and my boyfriend is older too.

  • My mom has had this twice! They even took out her teeth to get to her jaw which is CRAZY and it changed her appearance drastically twice. It took a year for the major swelling to go down and then 5 years for ALL the swelling and numbness to leave. She did it when she was 16 and 35.

  • So how did you make the swelling go?

  • I really hate the way you pronounce words 😭 but also this video was not educational at all. You didn’t explain what kind of bite issues you had, if you had your jaw pulled forward, backwards etc. Would have been great to include more pictures of the recovery period as well.

  • Why are you wearing the braces for so long after your surgery?

  • Hello, it is unlikely that you will see this comment but I just got jaw surgery, it has been 7 days since I’ve been released from the hospital. I just wanted to see if you could comment back with more information about when you started feeling things in your lips and stuff. I currently can’t feel mine at all so when my boyfriend of almost 3 years kisses me, I can’t feel it. I have already had quite a few mental breakdowns about this and was hoping maybe you could give me more insight so I can be a little more at peace about it ! Thank you for the video, it was very helpful ! Please comment back if you see this (:

  • Girl a two year recovery isn't normal…also getting an infection and another surgery isn't normal…why would you even suggest your doctor to anybody else

  • have u ever heard of mewing by dr mike mew its about correct tongue posture & i swear my face has changed in only like four months its so crazy & when i first did it correctly (which i couldn’t at first) i literally felt the weirdest/best feeling, i googled & i think it has to do with the pineal gland & how correct tongue posture effects it but u should read about it if u haven’t i think u would find it super interesting

  • I just came across this video, i know I’m late. But I got injured at work Nov 2018, I work in a psych ER. Finally we decided to do surgery May of 2019 (mind you I had the same kind of knee surgery 9 years prior on my L knee so I thought it would be a breeze.) Here I am 3 months post op, and we can’t seem to get my swelling under control. My surgeon can’t figure out why. I’m frustrated. I know it doesn’t compare to jaw surgery, but it’s also traumatic in itself. Summer has been ruined. Haven’t started planning my wedding, the injury happened a month after we got engaged. Had to switch my college schedule around. Out of work for 9 months..& counting. On top of PT 3x’s a week, I have started dry brushing because of you, and doing lymphatic drainage as well. I can also identify with the identity crisis as well. Not being able to stand tall (literally, lol) and wearing sweats/leggings constantly. Just awful. Not to mention the PTSD that’s come along with it.

  • I'm 4 months post double jaw surgery and i hate my face. I am hoping it's the swelling that I'm hating and my jaw and chin will be defined and thinner the way it use to and my upper part of my lips to nose and part of my cheeks don't resemble a monkey. It's hard cause I can't feel my bottom lip down still. I can't open my mouth wide to eat an apple. I still can't bite into a carrot or cucumber or eat salad properly. It's frustrating and the outcome is I can see my bite more aligned but my outside appearance is worse and horrible and all the photos on bdays and events make me look horrendous. I'm staying positive but everytime I look in the mirror every morning hoping I will have a less puffy fat swollen more on one side uneven face and it's still horrible it gets disheartening.

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