Corrective Jaw Surgery

(upbeat music) – Corrective jaw surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery. It’s performed by oral and facial surgeons to realign jaws and teeth and to improve basic
functions like chewing, speaking, and breathing. An orthodontist can
correct a patient’s bite if only the teeth are misaligned. However, corrective jaw surgery performed by an oral and facial surgeon may be necessary to correct
the misalignment of the jaws. This can be caused by birth defects, injuries to the face and jaw, or because the upper and lower
jaw grew at different rates. One type of orthognathic surgery called maxillomandibular
advancement or MMA is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The oral and facial surgeon surgically repositions the
patient’s upper and lower jaws to prevent the tongue
and other soft tissues from blocking the airway during sleep. The success rate for MMA is close to 90%. All types of corrective jaw surgery are performed under a general anesthetic in a hospital, an
ambulatory surgical center, or in the oral and facial
surgeon’s office operating suite. The procedure may take up to
several hours to complete. Depending on your condition you may be able to go home the same day or be required to stay in the
hospital for one or two days. Patients are generally able
to return to work or school one to three weeks after surgery, depending on how they feel. Complete healing of the jaws takes between nine and 12 months with additional time required
for your orthodontist to fine tune your bite. Corrective jaw surgery
requires a long-term commitment from you and your family. The surgery is only part of a process that usually includes orthodontics before and after surgery. Your oral and facial
surgeon, orthodontist, and family dentist will work as a team to estimate how long the
entire process will take. After the process is completed your jaws and teeth will be in positions that are more balanced,
functional, and healthy. The goal is to improve
your bite and function yet some patients also
experience positive changes in their appearance and speech. Corrective jaw surgery can have a dramatic and positive effect on many aspects of your life. Talk to an oral and facial surgeon and find out if it’s right for you. – My name is Tatiana. – My name is Raphael. – My name is Suzette. When I was a child a had
a fairly sizable overbite. – I guess it was age 13,
around 13 that I noticed that something was wrong. As I began to grow I had an overbite that just kept getting bigger and bigger. – It was definitely noticeable visibly. I could fit like a couple fingers
in between my front teeth. – Definitely looking in the
mirror I noticed physically that I had an overbite, everyone did as I grew up. The grammar school kids, ya know, we kind of make fun of each other with anything that we can physically. The joke for me was always something that had to do with my teeth or my mouth. It got worse and it made
me more self conscious. – It affected the way I chewed and my bite and I started getting a little bit of TMJ. – I didn’t know there was
something medically wrong with me in the beginning. It was mostly these
things where I noticed, oh eating is a little bit harder. Speaking is a little bit harder. I look kind of different. – I found myself waking up a
lot in the middle of the night and I really didn’t know why and my mom said, “Boy, you
know that’s a really bad snore “you have goin’ on there. “I think we should go see someone.” I would’ve never imagined that an overbite could
create a snoring problem. – My brother is an orthodontist but he wasn’t an
orthodontist when I was 13, he was in school. He knew I’d been complaining about it for a very long time and ya
know once he got out of school and started practicing as an orthodontist he said to me, “Ya know, if
you really wanna fix this “I think you should do
corrective jaw surgery.” – So after wearing my braces for a while my orthodontist sat
me and my parents down and then we were referred
to an oral surgeon for corrective jaw surgery. – My orthodontist finally
recommended oral surgery. – I met the surgeon and I loved him. It was one of those moments
where you meet somebody and you just can feel that connection. I just felt like he understood me. – I was relieved that he seemed
to know exactly what to do. He was the first medical professional that I’d met with about this that had a very clear
and definitive treatment for my problem. – Well, when I met with my
oral surgeon I was scared. You know, I didn’t know what to expect and he took a lot of my fears away by telling me how much my life
could change and will change with the surgery. – It gave me so much
confidence to walk into a room and feel like, you know,
I’m, this is the best me. I’m normal, I’m like everybody else. I don’t care if you’re looking at my chin. I hope you are looking at my
chin ’cause it looks great. – Well physically it definitely
helped me look better. I definitely looked in the mirror a lot. I think it was at a time in my life where it was important for me to look good and ya know it made me feel better. – The results were noticeable right away. I didn’t realize how
much I’d been suffering. I knew that I looked different and I really like the way I looked but I didn’t realize how
much it was affecting even the way I talked and
the way I chewed my food. – Before I would be very self
conscious when I was eating. Afterwards there was
just such an ease to it. I could eat whatever I
wanted and I didn’t care, like I could take a big bite into a burger and just tear into it
and not have to worry. – I had more confidence, I
feel better, I look better. – I’ve had no pain, no, the TMJ, the clicking in
my jaw went away completely. I couldn’t be happier with the results. – If someone said to me, “I think I need corrective jaw
surgery, what should I do?” I would say, “Make an appointment
with your oral surgeon, “go, see if it’s the right path for you, “and do it, absolutely do it.” – I would definitely tell anyone who’s thinking of corrective jaw surgery to at least go speak to an oral surgeon. I’m sure that like mine
they’ll treat ’em very nicely and they’ll make ’em feel
comfortable, at ease, which is kind of the first big step. – Just don’t wait, just don’t put it off, ’cause it’s changed my life. It was really worth it. – You know you’ll be happier. I promise you’ll be happier in the end. – Corrective jaw surgery
absolutely changed my life. Looking good, feeling good, ya know, I credit all that to my oral surgeon. – I couldn’t be happier that
I had the procedure done. I was very fortunate to
have been recommended to a wonderful oral surgeon. (upbeat music)

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