Curso Introdução ao JAWS – 5.2 Digitar seu texto no Bloco de Notas

In this video, we opened a blank
document open in Notepad. Notepad is an application that will
help you save your text as a file. However, it’s JAWS that will help you write your text without spelling errors because JAWS reads aloud as you type. Let’s write a summary about the
Brazilian poet, Cego Aderaldo. We just wrote:
“Cego Aderaldo nasceu em Crato, Ceará em 1878. Ele faleceu em Fortaleza em 1967.” Now, I want to create a new paragraph. In a document without formatting like this one,
press ENTER twice and continue typing. If you’re already comfortable typing and
you don’t need each letter read, you can change the typing echo settings in JAWS to just read the words you type. OK, let’s proofread what we’ve written
so far and fix any mistakes. Press CTRL + UP ARROW to go to
the previous paragraph. There seems to be a spelling mistake in the word “Ceará”. Use INSERT + RIGHT ARROW to skip some words. Now use the RIGHT ARROW to find the
mistake in the word. It seems like we forgot the accent on the letter A. Use DELETE to delete it and retype with an accent. Good, that’s now resolved. To continue reading the next sentence,
press the ALT + DOWN ARROW. There is nothing grammatically wrong in that sentence, but we want to move this sentence to the introduction. So, let’s select, cut and paste the sentence. To select word-by-word,
press CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW. Good, the whole sentence has been selected. To cut it, press CTRL + X. Now, press ALT + UP ARROW to
go to the previous paragraph. To paste it, press CTRL + V and add a SPACE. Press CTRL + HOME para return to the top. Press INSERT + DOWN ARROW to hear the revised text. That’s great! Continue to the next video to see the finishing touches.

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