Dental Care & Oral Hygiene : How to Know If You Have a Cavity Before a Dentist Appointment

Do you think that you have a cavity? Well
my name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz and I’m going to help you determine
on to know if you have a cavity before your dental appointment. A couple different ways
to recognize a cavity is if you start to get sensitive teeth. If your teeth are sensitive
to hot and cold temperatures, sometimes in return you’ll get like a zinging effect is
what we call it, which is a shooting pain that radiates down into your nerve and throughout
your jaw. Also too, you’ll get what we call is like a basically a toothache it will actually
start to throb. That means that the cavity itself has eaten through your enamel and is
now down into the dentin of your tooth which is the core part of your tooth which in return
will cause the nerve of the tooth to start throbbing like almost like you feel like your
heart is beating in your tooth. So these are two different forms to determine on how to
know if you have a cavity. If you do recognize these throughout your mouth, then you definitely
want to go visit your general dentist so he can determine if it is definitely a cavity
or if its just a sensitive tooth. Once again my name’s Michelle, I’m a dental assistant
with Solutionz and I just explained to you on how to determine if you have a cavity.

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  • SCARY!!!!!!!!!!

  • don't worry. a green spot is normally just discoloration. that should go away after time so have no concerns.

  • the dentist scares me, I'm going in on moday so I'm praying I don't have one XDDD

  • my jaw is soar on the right side of my mouth does that mean i have a cavity? please reply

  • whenever i eat something today my teeth tend to has a …….weird hurting feeling
    its not throbbing or ziining
    its like whenever i eat a chip it will pain a little not much but a weird feeling

  • i have had numerous cavities before but have never had the toothache

  • i could actually go to the dentist becouse of her 😉

  • It might just be because im used to the throb of braces, but i can never tell when i have a cavity until my dentist actually tells me, even then im like "u sure? That tooth feels fine" i even had a root canal on my mollar that caused that tooth to be removed because i the dentists noticed it too late… So what im sayin is, even if the tooth feels only a little wierd to u, get it checked just in case!!

  • I got 4 cavities and I am using special toothpaste for it that will make it better and make the cavities go away!!! Yay !!! 🙂

  • what happen if u have black little things in it plz im scared and im only just 11

  • I once had sensitive teeth and sensitive teeth to coldness but it was only for about a week does this mean i had a cavity? Please reply any body!

  • The reason im watching this is because I have to go to my dentist in 15 minutes, and even though im 13 im still extremely scared of the dentist

  • Cavities occur as a result of tooth decay. If you feel pain near the root of your tooth, chances are you may have some form of tooth decay and should consult with your dentist. Dental cavities are fixed by removing the decaying part of the tooth and adding a filling.

  • Hey so I have braces and this one tooth which is on the bottom tingles when I brush it .. So I'm wondering why it's doing That cause i don't get toothaches or it doesn't hurt when I eat it just tingles a little bit when I brush over that tooth

  • I don't have any throbbing or pain in any of my teeth, but it looks like one of my front teeth has a small cavity. I'm not completely sure what it is. It just looks like there's a crumb stuck on my tooth, and I can't brush it off. I have braces, so it could possibly be just another part of one of the brackets.

  • i can't afford a dentist.

  • My teeth are sensitive and I have never have a cavity there?

  • What do I do?

  • When i run and my foot hits the ground one of my back teeth throbs. Do i have a cavity?

  • im scared cause i think i had a silver thing from the dentist on my tooth now it gone what do i do?

  • On one of my teeth i already lost the baby tooth there but when i grab my tooth and wiggle it it starts to hurt a little is that a cavity and i need a filling?

  • It sometimes hurts when I drink cold things. Do I have a cavity or are my teeth just sensitive

  • Fuck That shit

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