Dental Implants in San Francisco CA: Adria | Union Square Oral Surgery

My name is Adria and I live in Oakland California.
I was born without a tooth here. My adult tooth from my lateral incisor never came in.
I’ve been thinking about having this dental surgery, this implant for more than ten years.
So I ended finding Dr. Rayher and I asked a ton of questions. He drew pictures to help
me understand the process. When I came to the office, it was a very comfortable setting.
Liz was at the front desk and she answered a lot of my questions. Dr. Rayher was super
nice and really listened to me. I didn’t feel rushed at all and he took the time to
explain things. Dr. Rayher was different in that sense that he seemed very relaxed and
he listened to me and answered all my questions. I also felt like the office was very available
if I had any questions even though it was over the holidays. If you are a long time
native of the Bay area or you’ve just moved here and you have a dental issue, I would
definitely recommend seeing Dr. Ryer. He is very friendly, approachable, patient and is
willing to answer all of your questions.

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