Dental Skills

The teaching of dental skills starts to take
place in the second year where undergraduates experience hands-on dentistry for the first time. It covers many practical courses
including operative dentistry, which involves the cutting of cavities
and restoration of teeth; endodontics, which involves the root
canal treatment; material sciences, which involves the
science and clinical application of dental materials; prosthodontics, which involves the
construction of partial and complete dentures; orthodontics, which involves the
construction of removable appliances to align the teeth; and periodontics, which involves the
treatment of gum disease. These practical courses prepare students to treat patients in their third year and meet the learning outcomes outlined
by the General Dental Council Preparing for Practice document. Increasingly complex procedures are then taught in Year 4. Students develop their skills by
performing treatment on simulated patients known as phantom
heads. Each student has an individual monitor
which can display everything from PC presentations to live video demonstrations. A major
part of the course is learning how to manipulate dental
materials, treat oral disease and restore teeth. Students will also master techniques of making gold and tooth-coloured crowns. These really are state-of-the-art teaching facilities and the students get great value out of
their time here.

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