DOĐITE NA SVADBU – 2. Posla sluge da pozovu uzvanike na svadu, ali oni ne htjedoše doći (Mt. 22:3)

Biblical teaching on the subject: SPIRITUAL MEANING IN THE WORD OF GOD Sub-topic:
Matthew 22:1-14 Sibenik, 01/2019 He sent His servants to call those invited to come
to the wedding, but they refused to come (Mt 22 :3) lecturer: Lorens Novosel
The Apostle of Jesus Christ We’ll continue where we let off yesterday And before that we repeat
the most important we have said An introductory word for these biblical interpretations On the subject of spiritual word is very important It provides an outline
not only for these Biblical teachings But also for the entire mission of the Pure Truth Thank You Jesus Which In terms of understanding the Word of God It differs from the rest of Christianity With the exception, of course, of Swedenborg Who knows the spiritual meaning So, it separates from the rest of the Christianity By the knowledge that
the Word of God is not just a letter But it also contains inner meanings That is, the inner spiritual
and the innermost divine Noting Which will be clarified over time, trust me That a pictorial interpretation,
and this is how it is mostly thought in churches Is not a spiritual meaning We will of course prove this, show it,
and clarify it during these Biblical teachings So, let’s affirm this Given the spiritual meaning of the Word And the letter of the Word of God For example, the Word with inner meanings
in the New Testament Are the four Gospels and the Revelation of John Paul’s epistles do not have an inner meaning They are letters for the Church,
written in a simple language Inspired by the Holy Spirit However, the Gospels and the Revelation
have a spiritual meaning They have a spiritual meaning On the understanding of the letter Thank You Jesus And thus on revealing this spiritual meaning Depends the knowledge of the truth On which depends salvation of our souls
and the success of our earthly life 2 Corinthians 3:6 is a powerful statement It says: the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life Therefore, the letter of the Scriptures Without the right understanding led by the Spirit It could not only be, thank You Jesus Incorrectly interpreted,
but it could also be dangerous for the soul And so we will also understand that
during these lectures However, let’s repeat the most important I will keep repeating it,
since it seems very important And so we will interpret today
the parable of the wedding The king prepared for his son According to Matthew 22: 1 -14 First, in the revelation 8688 He reveals the reason
why Christianity is in disarray And why the world will perish Since salvation comes through Christianity And if Christianity does not fulfill this important task The world is failing,
and the end of the world is coming For there is no truth about
how to live to achieve the kingdom And thus there’s no Love on earth And thus the world is doomed This is why in the revelation 5552 it says We said it yesterday, we’ll repeat it today That again the entire Christianity is in danger This is a statement
of extreme importance and weight Revelation 8688 We’re focusing specifically on the Gospels And the Revelation John received from Jesus Christ It’s the five Books of the New Testament Which have the spiritual
and the divine meaning within And in good part are not literally true In regards to the letter itself In case people do not know this They assign only earthly meaning to these Words The Word of God is being forged Which is a spiritual adultery And so the Word of God is corrupted The enemy infiltrates There are wrong interpretations False doctrines And people are mislead by false leaders And as the Scripture says in Matthew 15:14 They all fall into a pit – back into destruction Revelation 8688 ‘Wrong interpretation of Jesus’ Words ….’ Thank You Jesus ‘Human thought has an earthly tendency …’ This time I will not go so much into depth ‘.. consequently people also
interpret everything in an earthly way that had a profoundly spiritual meaning that was by Me, Jesus says conveyed to them as spiritual guidance …’ A guide mark ‘My teachings, however, were always
intended for the salvation of the soul and whenever I speak to humanity be it in ancient or more recent times My Word has always had a spiritual meaning Its meaning was quite correctly understood at the time …’ The meaning of His Word, not the Word itself ‘.. but soon the spiritual meaning
was interspersed with worldly ideas and, eventually, interpreted
in a purely worldly sense And thus… and thus My Word never remained unspoiled …’ So even where it was preserved in time Which is not always the case Because in time it was lost or damaged Because of the influence of man
in 2000 or more years Some segments of the Scripture are,
of course, much older Even where the original text
was preserved in the letter A huge damage is being done to the original text Of the letter of the Word of God When it is interpreted,
the Word of God or the letter By unenlightened teachers It becomes untruth in them,
under the influence of the enemy Who then, through them, presents to people
this Word of God as a false doctrine Described as truth Where they are deceived,
walking the path that leads to destruction This is Christianity For Christian doctrines are false This is a serious problem Because of this Christianity is in danger And so is the world Since through Christianity comes salvation For they alone have a true knowledge
about Christ the Savior We Love You Jesus… thank You Jesus Listen ‘My word as a consequence of this has lost its healing power since it is no longer My pure Word ….’ So it is presented in churches That this is the pure Word, the Word of God However, what is presented
is no longer the Word of God This is primarily
because of the false interpretations We emphasized it yesterday,
and we will emphasize it again today What does a teacher need In order to open the Word Sealed with seven seals According to Revelation 5: 1 -5 Without it the Word cannot be open A true and a spiritual meaning cannot emerge Which is the life in the Word And then people are presented
with wrong interpretations Which deceive And are harmful for people And thus they kill,
according to 2 Corinthians 3:6 And thus …
this is the biggest problem of Christianity The biggest ‘And thus My Word has lost its healing power since it is no longer My pure Word ….’ It’s like a mountain spring water Intact by humans A mountain in the Word of God, a spiritual meaning Represents the Love of God It is the highest on earth – a mountain Remember yesterday, mountains, hills and plains Mountain is the highest The Word of God springs from the mountain Or the pure water That’s where the rivers spring from And this is significance of a river, a spring The meaning is always this In a positive sense And so when it springs
directly from the Love of God It is a clean water But when people, in time,
as it runs through the cities Pour in feces, chemical products When it runs through the cities Which in the Word of God represent doctrines So then, what we are drinking, if we’re drinking Which I would not recommend to anyone,
a water under the Sava bridge It is no longer pure water which heals
and is full of oxygen And minerals But it is harmful, toxic,
because of the human intervention This water, a water under the Sava bridge In the cities, which represent doctrines,
false doctrines here People drink that water,
and that is why they are not well This is a complete picture Swedenborg says that ancient people
who were connected with Jesus That is, with God…
Jesus was not known then Connected with God and heavenly angels They could directly think and speak
in terms of correspondences This was an image This is how it was done And in this way
they were writing their sacred scriptures But this knowledge is lost And since the knowledge is lost
and the scriptures remained Unenlightened people read it in their way As worldly documents While it is not worldly,
but it is a transfer of the spiritual And even there
we already have wrong interpretation Like, for example,
in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Genesis Which is written in this way And not like a historical event Ok.. ‘And thus …’ So this is the biggest problem of Christianity For this is where Satan comes in,
and rules, and destroys Through untruths, he destroys spiritual life According to John 8:44 ‘.. My Word has lost its healing power since it is no longer My pure Word ….’ No, it no longer is a pure spring water But the water under the Sava,
Drava, Korana, Danube … bridge In which a lot of human
chemicals and feces was dumped out And now it is toxic These are church doctrines The cities in the Word of God
represent doctrines Doctrines … thank You Jesus We’re skipping… only segments … In order to set a firm foundation
for this endeavor Which is extremely important And it makes a vital part
of this mission of the Pure Truth As will be explained ‘To My Words …’ Now we’re specifically talking about the Gospel ‘You ascribe a purely
earthly meaning to My Words …’ For example, when He talks about water
they think it is the water When He talks about bread,
they think it’s the bread When He talks about wine,
they think it’s the wine When He talks about clothing,
they think it’s the clothing And sometimes indeed it is,
in the historical segment, the clothing But it would not be mentioned
if it has no spiritual meaning Why this Word was written, and thus spoken For our salvation And if it will contribute to our salvation We must understand its spiritual meaning Which is there to contribute
to salvation and perfection of our soul And until people understand this,
and therefore realize it The Word of God is for them,
according to Matthew 13:19 Unusable The Word about the kingdom Because the evil one, the enemy,
comes and snatches away what’s in their heart If they do not understand it,
and it brings forth no crop ‘You ascribe a purely
earthly meaning to My Words and ignore their spiritual meaning …’ I repeat, Christianity, as a whole Swedenborg be put aside Does not know about the existence
of spiritual meaning They also does not know
about the existence of the divine Which is the heart of the Word But, first of all,
we are interested in the spiritual meaning As an image, they are presented in an egg As the shell of an egg – a letter As the egg white – spiritual meaning And the yolk – divine meaning This is also their symbolism For the ‘white’ or the ‘egg white’
represents the truth in the Word of God And the ‘yellow’ or the ‘reddish’
represents the Love of God And so the divine meaning In which the Love of God is expressed, and feelings And it talks about God Himself And spiritually it talks about our soul,
about what comes out from God Spiritually, it is what is emerging from Love So it would be our soul, or church Thank You Jesus And because of the people
in the historical moment, in space and time It was placed in a historical moment,
in space and time In order for those who are such,
and cannot be any different In flesh, might relate to this For in their state they can not relate
to pure spiritual things That is why the Word was ‘brought down’
in the natural realm Sometimes in the literal historical sense Sometimes in imagery And sometimes in fictitious history
in the mentioned way ‘You ascribe a purely
earthly meaning to My Words and ignore their spiritual meaning And this is why …’ Listen, this is very important ‘And this is why errors and mistakes have arisen …’ It’s the same word in German And this errors and mistakes I add They make up the doctrines of Christian churches Or the foundation of all human beliefs in Christianity This is why the end of the world is coming Because Christianity failed A handful of true Christians
can not be considered Christianity It’s a handful, thank You Jesus,
a small flock of fighters Who will enter the kingdom,
together with Christ, at the end of this time But majority of the world, however, will perish As it is written in the Word
of the Scriptures and in revelations We’ll continue One more sentence, as transition ‘Everything I said …’ Now He emphasizes – everything ‘Everything I said during My life on earth as a human being had a profound spiritual meaning …’ I repeat, I said it yesterday The letter of the Scriptures And the spiritual meaning
are completely different As the natural and the spiritual Like the flesh and the soul Spiritual meaning is not obvious in the natural And is completely different from the natural For example, water we see in the natural And we can feel,
and of which the Scripture is talking Is the truth in the spiritual The truth is not water And water is not the truth But the truth naturally corresponds with water It is divinely ordained
and legally given correspondence Did you understand? And so is everything in the Word But water itself does not interest us It, so to speak, contains a spiritual meaning Which we must discover in that image,
depending on the image In order for our soul to
understand what to do with that truth How to ‘drink it’ or acquire it,
in order to live correctly and achieve he goal Did you understand this? Or to cleanse ourselves, that is to wash ourselves And so the washing in the natural
is not the cleansing in the spiritual But the washing in the natural,
which is baptism As the washing in the Jewish church It contains spiritual meaning Which is cleansing of the soul
through the obedience to the truth According to 1 Peter 1:22 Do you understand this? Thank You Jesus We Love You Jesus Revelation 3735 ‘Spiritual meaning of the Word ….’ But just because of this The foundation of Christianity
is the Word of God, the Bible Every church builds its faith structure on it But only here… only here In regards to the spiritual meaning There’s no possibility of reconciliation Between the Pure Truth and any other church Because that is the fundamental difference It is such a conflict in thinking, in understanding That there is no reconciliation here Either they must accept this Or we must accept theirs There is no reconciliation It is a huge irreconcilable difference And there are two huge irreconcilable differences Between the doctrine of the Pure Truth And everything else in Christianity That is: the spiritual meaning of the Word And the structure of the Scriptures For here we know
that the structure of the Scriptures cannot Thank You Jesus,
and cannot contain the whole divine truth It is simply easy to understand And thus, that God, our Father,
always reveals Himself As He announced And thus, that the Word of God
is not only in the Bible And thus, that the revelations of the Pure Truth
are also the Word of God If they correspond, regarding the Holy Spirit With the divine truth itself Which is revealed in the Holy Scripture But the Holy Scripture, unfortunately Because of the reasons mentioned Often does not bring it to people ‘Spiritual meaning of the Word ….’ Revelation 3735 I repeat the yesterday’s … it is very important You must have this structure In order to understand the problem
and the importance of this mission He is talking about this in the revelation ‘Every Word I said when I lived on earth …’ Every ‘.. incorporates …’ So we have soul and body The soul is not the body,
but the soul is in the body We can see the body,
but we cannot see the soul Body is the outer shell of the soul Body without soul is dead Like the Word without the Spirit,
or the spiritual meaning, is dead For it is life in the Word John 6:63 ‘Every Word I said when I lived on earth incorporates a profound spiritual meaning even where it concerns earthly issues …’ When for example, Jesus eats fish Or when He sits on a donkey Or when they wave with palm leaves There is no one Word without the spiritual meaning Which is important for our soul Our spiritual development, achieving of perfection Why we live on earth And why He also announces Himself ‘Every Word I said when I lived on earth incorporates a profound spiritual meaning even where it concerns earthly issues ..’ Listen to this now Here’s the guideline,
this is when we start with interpretation ‘You should strive to understand
this spiritual meaning and thus receive My Word with the desire to understand it spiritually …’ How does this concern my soul? I am here to save my soul To achieve perfection Therefore, guidelines,
since He knows why I am here Are focusing on that We’ll talk about it today
when explaining the parable of the wedding A king prepared for his son Here, listen to this ‘For what I said and did on earth happened for the sake of the souls who were supposed to achieve perfection while still on earth …’ I repeat, and you please note And it is easy to see when you read the Gospels That Jesus was always talking,
always teaching, and always pointing To the kingdom of heaven The first Words He spoke in Mark 1: 14, 15 Are related to the gospel of the kingdom of God And invite people to repent, and thus change Because the kingdom of God is near And the last Words He said He said in the Acts, verse 3, Chapter 1 Before ascending to heaven He was teaching His disciples He was truly teaching for 40 days,
about the kingdom of God And so when you pay attention, you can see That His teaching leads to the kingdom Or it makes sure that the kingdom
is established in people’s souls Therefore, we must look at
His entire revelation in the gospels We Love You Jesus Whit that on our mind And strive to understand this meaning Asking ourselves: how does this Word relate to me? And my development, and thus salvation,
deliverance, sanctification And perfecting of my soul Why I live on earth ‘Hence your thinking should be spiritually orientated in order for the soul to derive benefit …’ What is the benefit for you from washing in water? None None None, friend What is the benefit for you
from all the statements in the Holy scripture That mention water? – None None But when you understand
the meaning of that Word And when the scene transfers into you internally And when you understand that spiritual
processes and relationships are revealed in it To which your soul is susceptible With which it must comply
in order to achieve the goal Then this Word has
an entirely different value for you And it brings you a true blessing This is the spiritual meaning I repeat:
churches do not know about this meaning Their range is as follows, in a worldly fashion They think That images in the Word
are like images in the world For example, eats like a pig Fast as a rabbit Hungry as a wolf Did you understand this? However, this is not a spiritual meaning Which we will show and prove ‘Hence your thinking
should be spiritually orientated in order for the soul
to derive benefit from My Word …’ Listen to this now ‘Only then …’ Imagine this I asked yesterday… some of you weren’t there Tell me, friend, before this ‘only then…’ How many blessings so far did you draw out From Jesus’, and thus divine,
and thus the divine truth Spoken in Matthew 22: 1 -14 Where we read about a wedding
a king prepare for his son How many blessings
did you draw out for your life? Do you want me to tell you? 0.01% If This means that 99.99% We Love You Jesus 99.99% of this grace remained locked for you Because, for people, it is a book with seven seals Even though it has writing on both sides Aha For it says in Revelation 5:1 – 5 That this is a book with writing on both sides In the right hand of a Lamb… listen to this And sealed with seven seals Imagine this And now you read this book, sealed We all know this I encounter people they weep
because they do not understand it they read but do not understand,
they are having a hard time It has writings within and on the back ‘Only then …’ When your thinking is spiritually oriented It aspires spiritually, and is spiritually enlightened ‘.. will you recognize the immense value ..’ The immense value ‘.. of what I conveyed to you on earth …’ For example, in the parable about
the wedding a king prepared for his son Do people in church look like
they are aware of this immense value? That wherever they go, lunch, coffee, concert… They carry the Bible
and read to one another this parable With the correct interpretation,
thus transferring blessings to each other Does it look like that to you? Do you know what this isn’t so? Because it has no value for them,
even though it is a divine Word ‘.. and only then …’ He was talking
about the Word of the Holy Scripture And now He talks
about the revelation of the Pure Truth Which is, as we said yesterday As a dictionary in our language About the Words of the Book Written for us in a divine,
and therefore an incomprehensible language Thus, the revelation of the Pure Truth Is a dictionary in our language Or, the interpretation of the Bible Which is a divine Word,
in an incomprehensible language for us Because of the difference in quality
between the divine Which is proclaimed through the spiritual It comes down in the letter in a divine way Thank You Jesus And we do not understand it
because of our earthly state ‘Only then will you recognize the immense value
of what I conveyed to you on earth and only then
will you also be able to assess the immense gift of grace which is now conveyed to you
through the transmission of My Word which you receive from Me directly …’ These are the booklets
from a series of seminars ‘Jesus’ Words’ Why? God Himself is explaining it to us
in a clear, simple way The Words He spoke then Which are spiritual guidelines On understanding of which
depends the correct life And thus the success of our life on earth This is the Pure Truth And because the church
fails to understand this The Scripture remains
incomprehensible to them We continue ‘Try to understand the spirit of My Word and you will derive
the most abundant blessing from it …’ What if we do not understand the Spirit? Read Matthew 13:19 until you understand If we do not understand the Spirit,
the Word remains incomprehensible Unusable, and fruitless in our life The third revelation from yesterday Exceptionally important as well ‘Interpretation of Christ’s Words …. Delivery of pure Gospel…’ So delivery of pure Gospel Became necessary because
of the wrong interpretation of Jesus’ Words Which now the Father,
through the Pure Truth, is correcting To give the souls a chance to come out
of the darkness into the light And to achieve the goal of their earthly life And that is why, in revelation 5552 It says: ‘God Himself
gives explanations of His Word …’ For He says in John 14:26 I will remind you of what I said And I will teach you all things I will do this openly And no longer in parables
that are for you riddles Which you do not understand According to John 16:25 I will guide you into all truth According to John 16:13 ‘Now God Himself
gives explanations of His Word in the most gratifying and most loving way He tries to bring people into the Truth The same Word again He speaks to men and lights the Spirit to those who listen to Him ….’ We Love You Jesus Thank You Jesus Ok Interpretation of Christ’s Words
from the Holy Scriptures In his unpublished work,
Emmanuel Swedenborg says Called ‘De Verbo’ in Latin – The Word In Chapter 21 That for the opening of the Word of God Three things are needed,
on the side of the one who interprets And in time, almost 20 years I have decided it is true Number one: You need a true doctrine,
or the doctrine of the Pure Truth How does it show, or how can it be clearly seen? So that the Catholic preacher I have listened to this American bishop Who was interpreting this parable And, this man who came to the wedding
without wedding clothes He interprets in one way According to the Catholic doctrine What is his wedding clothes, he did not have The same situation, the Protestant preacher I also have listened Interprets in another way And they both are quoting the Scripture Did you understand this? Thus, the doctrine determines
the interpretation of the Scripture What you will also hear today When I explain something to you
from this parable we mentioned So, for a true interpretation, or to open a Word For the white horse to emerge
from the Revelation, we Love You Jesus Thank You Jesus Chapter 19, verses 13 – 21 The white horse represents
understanding of the Word of God In accordance with the divine truth We need a true doctrine,
or the doctrine of the Pure Truth Which neither the Catholic
nor the Protestant side has Did you understand? Number two: We must have the knowledge of
natural symbols or correspondences Thank You Jesus With which the letter of the Holy Scripture
was published, or written Thus, he who interprets must have
a knowledge of correspondences Between the spiritual and the natural Which are contained in the letter For example, as you’ve heard,
water has its exact meaning Fire has its exact meaning Wind has its exact meaning Bread has its exact meaning Wine has its exact meaning Blood has its exact meaning And so on These correspondences,
or this symbolic language Of the divine Word Which can not be interpreted every which way Because the divine Spirit
comes down into the spiritual And the spiritual into the natural According to the law of divine order This language was anew It was known to elders for they used it
and were writing in this way It was newly revealed to Swedenborg Here, I have a dictionary of those correspondences And it was also revealed And it concurs with Swedenborg Through Lorber, and through Bertha Dudde Through the Pure Truth Not in so many details But as far as the main correspondences go Thus, this is the second thing needed To open the letter of the Scripture,
sealed with seven seals And the white horse to come out Mentioned in Revelation 6: 1, 2 And of course, in Revelation 19: 13 -21 A horse in the Word of God They all think it’s a horse Represents understanding of the Word And depending on the horse’s color
and the circumstances It shows the human understanding of the Word In the church of that time,
of that historical moment And, number three What this proclamation is about,
that is why we read it We need the enlightenment from Jesus Christ By the Holy Spirit Without the enlightenment
you cannot connect the symbols You cannot extract true meaning from them You cannot connect it according to the doctrine And you cannot give a true message So, as the third thing, we need enlightenment For I see that people Even though then know
the truths of the letter of the Holy Scripture In the places where this letter
is to be understood literally That is, in the epistles They cannot, because of not being enlightened,
connect the letters Into a logical conclusion Thus, according to 2 Timothy 2:15 They do not divide rightly the Word of the Scripture Only Spirit can do it Thus, you can have a true doctrine You may have the knowledge
of the symbolic language But if you are not enlightened by the Spirit If the Spirit of God did not give light in your soul For enlightenment is the work of the Spirit You will draw the wrong conclusions, again We Love You Jesus And exactly this is happening Thank You Jesus Now, to confirm this we have revelation 5552 ‘The interpretation of the Gospel of the Word of Christ must be lead by the Spirit of God Himself …’ John 16:13 says that He guides into truth John 14:26 says that He teaches everything
and reminds us of what He said We cannot do this intellectually ‘.. then they respond to the Truth because the Word of God the teaching of Jesus Christ,
is the teaching of the Spirit it is a teaching about the spiritual kingdom only and should stimulate
the spiritual development of man …’ This is why Jesus always proclaimed
the gospel of the kingdom of God And all His teachings and parables
were focused on the kingdom Just as is this one Jesus spoke to them again in parables Saying… Matthew 22:1, 2 The kingdom of heaven….
it’s the same as ‘of God’… is like So it focuses on the spiritual ‘ Therefore, the secular reason itself can not encompass the Word of God in its profound spiritual meaning but the spirit must be active in man which then guides all thoughts spiritually and leads a man
to a true understanding of the Words of Jesus ….’ Did you understand this? So you may have the true doctrine Like we have it,
in the light of the Pure Truth It’s called the big picture We may have the knowledge of specific symbols Or the knowledge of correspondences
between the natural and the spiritual Thus, the water is the truth Now, there are a lot of
situations in the Word of God Where the water is mentioned,
but the interpretation is not always the same Since it depends on the context …
we’ll talk about it today And off you go… Did you understand? And the Holy Spirit of God must be awake Which can only be if you have a living Jesus If you surrendered your life to Him If you live in Love If He enlightens you from within We Love You Jesus According to John 14:15, 16, 17, 21, 23 Thank You Jesus And Chapter 15, verses 26 and 27 Only by the Holy Spirit For this living pure water of the Spirit Comes out from Him alone Who is sitting on the throne,
ruling the heaven and earth And therefore, they who do not acknowledge Him Do not surrender themselves to Him,
and do not follow Him They cannot receive the truth According to Revelation 22: 1 Furthermore, they must see their
ignorance, desire the truth Then He will give them a living water He will feed their souls for free, as a pure grace If their intentions are honorable According to Revelation,
we Love You Jesus, 21:6 And 22:17 Amen As Swedenborg says, If a man reads and interprets the Word
having worldly motives Or selfish motives Because of the profit
or the reputation among the people This wrong love blocks the activity of the Spirit And Satan influences him And all the interpretations he has are
under the influence of the enemy, and are false This is why people can neither interpret Nor they can see that
they are transferring the wrong knowledge Nor they can recognize the Pure Truth For if they humble themselves and live in Love It would be revealed in their heart
that this is the truth We Love You Jesus ‘If the Word is to be interpreted purely literally then the contradictions are often seen that immediately disappear
in spiritual interpretation …’ Thank You Jesus ‘But, in the wrong interpretation …’ Contradictions… ‘God is Love’ and ‘God kills, punishes’ This would be a contradiction This would be a contradiction How can God Who,
thank You Jesus, never changes He does not change like shifting shadows According to James 1:17 How can He says something
and then He feels remorse And then He gives up He is remorseful to have done something How is this compatible? There is a contradiction in the letter But when you understand it spiritually,
everything falls in place Thank You Jesus ‘If the Word is to be interpreted purely literally then the contradictions are often seen that immediately disappear
in spiritual interpretation But, in the wrong interpretation they endanger Christ’s teaching …’ For example, when the Words of the Scripture
are interpreted wrongly Then there is a false doctrine that only faith saves In which a good part of the Protestant world believes It then endangers the pure
Christ’s teaching of Love and faith And then Love is pushed aside Where, thank You Jesus, it is barely noticed And then people are perishing in non-Love While they think they are Christians,
and they believe Did you understand? But, in the wrong interpretation of the Words Literary, without knowing the spiritual meaning Then they endanger Christ’s teaching And that is the Devil’s activity Those are the blind leaders ‘.. i.e. quite often give an incentive for rejection since again only reason is being contemplated and by the contradiction
a repulsive will is created …’ And as we said yesterday,
atheists fall into this group Who understand,
since today’s people are rather aware They have enough knowledge And the literal interpretation of the Bible
by theologians Make no sense to them I know this… I witnessed it myself They think these are not in their right mind It’s against common sense and they reject it Others cannot explain it to them, in the true way To touch their soul So this is why the Pure Truth Did you understand this? Thank You Jesus We Love You Jesus ‘And this is the explanation that Christ’s teaching
has been repeatedly rejected because the teachers themselves could not be taught by the Spirit in them since they themselves accepted and transferred a wrong interpretation …’ He joins some church
and accepts its entire doctrine He has no maturity, no vigilance,
the relationship with Jesus To evaluate it, and to check it out He accepted it,
he defends it from the natural Spreading further the seed of evil ‘And this is the explanation that Christ’s teaching
has been repeatedly rejected because the teachers themselves
could not be taught by the Spirit in them since they themselves accepted
and transferred a wrong interpretation which, sooner or later, had to lead to rejection since only the Truth gives the Light and the falsehood always increases the darkness under which people are suffering …’ Listen to this now ‘Again, the whole of Christianity in danger …’ Why? The action of the Devil
through the wrong interpretations, untruths Which destroy the spiritual life According to John 8:44 And the Pure Truth is a
salvation for humanity through the Truth The war is lead by the sword of the Spirit –
the Word of God – the Truth Listen to this now ‘Again, the whole of Christianity in danger …’ ‘But where the teaching activity
is performed without the action of the Spirit there will be only untruths presented to people and the darkness can not deviate from them ….’ And the darkness can not deviate from them There’s no other way to save souls But through the inflow of the Pure Truth It is this mission, this assignment And this endeavor many do not understand Why doesn’t he talk about love? Why he constantly talk about truth? Friend, the fight for the souls
is led through the truth You wouldn’t know what Love is without the truth You would have your fantastic idea
about being good While you are full of evil Until the truth reveals you This is why Jesus came
and this is why He was born To testify to the truth According to John 18:37 Only the truth will set you free,
according to John 8:31, 32 Only the truth sanctifies, we Love You Jesus,
according to John 17: 17 -19 We’re moving onto Swedenborg, partially The same revelation: De Verbo,
Chapter 17, just a segment [5] ‘Since it has been foretold …’ In the Word of God This is the introduction of Swedenborg,
but in the Word of God ‘.. that in the end of this church…’ Meaning at the end of Christian church For this Word,
when the church reaches its end Darkness is the greatest And then, a new revelation comes Thus, the new revelation is the end of the old church For the revelation of the Pure Truth
cancels the old church It cannot survive And those from the old church It has always been like that,
when the Jewish church came to its end Christians came They transferred on this side… do you understand it? This is how it works And at the end of time,
when darkness is the greatest A new revelation is given And this new revelation is also
the spiritual end of the old Did you understand this? We Love You Jesus And this also coincides
with the end of time, all together ‘Since it has been foretold
that in the end of this church darkness would also arise as a result of its failure to know and acknowledge the Lord Jesus as the God of heaven and earth …’ They do not acknowledge this This means,
and this is what the spiritual meaning is about This means that Jesus is
the only one sitting on the throne Who is one with the Father In Whom the Father is in all fullness, in bodily form Colossians 1:19; 2:9,
John 14:8, 9 Thank You Jesus Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3 2 Corinthians 4:4 talks about this That Jesus is one with the Father, John 10:30 And the Father is in Him, in all fullness And that all adoration, all worshiping All praising goes to the Father God Almighty, in Christ Jesus Who is the Father we can see This is the First Commandment And the Church has failed And if it does not establish that connection There is no truth,
and there is no grace in the right way For it comes from Him alone He alone is worthy of receiving glory and power But also wisdom, according to Revelation 5:12 And number two So they have failed in the First Commandment And number two, they have failed
in the Second Commandment For, it says, as a result… And especially for the Protestant Church Most of it ‘.. from the separation of faith from charity whereby the genuine understanding
of the Word has perished …’ For it comes only through Love It’s the red horse in Revelation 6: 3, 4 So they have failed regarding the First
and the Second Commandment And this situation in the church is a dragon Who persecutes true followers, in Revelation 12 Who are represented with the church in Chapter 1 And Catholics interpret it as Mary Because they do not know what a woman
represents spiritually, in the Word of God It represents the church:
individually and collectively Which has the sun of Love around itself It radiates Love, has the moon underneath Walks in faith And has a twelve stars crown It has a true knowledge of truth and charity And this dragon persecutes them Who have a testimony
of Jesus being the God of heaven and earth Revelation 12:17 And who obey God’s commandments We Love You Jesus ‘.. therefore it has pleased the Lord now to reveal the spiritual sense of the Word and to show that the Word treats in that sense of the Lord …’ This is the innermost, only Jesus The yolk of the Word of God, is only about Jesus And everything in the letter relates to Him His descent and the process
of becoming one with the Father And the flesh He took in Mary Thank You Jesus Spiritualisation, deification Until He resuscitated with the whole body As, thank You, as the image of God Almighty Listen to this ‘.. and of the church …’ this is the spiritual meaning Meaning the souls of people ‘.. of them only …’ This is what the spiritual meaning is about ‘.. and to show many other things
by which the light may be restored almost extinguished …’ Revelation 5552 talks about this Showing exactly why the light is extinguished ‘That the light of truth at the end
of this church would be extinguished is meant by the Words of the Lord in Matthew Matthew 24:29, 30 ‘Immediately after the affliction of those days the sun shall be darkened ..’ Meaning there’s no divine Love ‘.. and the moon shall not give her light …’ There’s no faith among people, Matthew 24:12 And Luke 18:8, there’s no faith, there’s no Love ‘.. and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken …’ There will be no true knowledge Drawn from the Word of God,
but only deception ‘.. and then they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with great glory and power …’ In the Word of God, spiritually speaking The clouds represent the letter Which hides the sun of the divine Love And the light of the divine wisdom And when the clouds are spaced apart Then the divine Love and the divine light are shown In power and glory Like Jesus was shown in Matthew 17: 1, 2 When He took James, Peter
and John up a high mountain And He was transfigured before them,
His face shone like the sun And His clothes became as white as the light Then you can see Jesus as He Is Then the truth is shown in its proper form When the letter of the Word is spaced apart,
which are the clouds This was foretold at the end of time Now when all this was said Thank you for your attention Now we’ll move on to interpretation And we’ll say a prayer before that Jesus, thank You for this glorious moment For this historical moment Where we live in the last days When so much grace is flowing towards us Thank You Jesus And we can grow up quickly if we
open ourselves up for Your grace In humility and willingness to serve You Jesus, thank You for this mission of the Pure Truth A magnificent mission for the salvation of souls Thank You for having
considered us worthy, Jesus To know You and to serve You in this light I ask You, Jesus, for enlightenment I refer to Revelation 21:6 and 22:17 I ask You, Jesus, for a living pure water That what comes out of me is Your Word,
full of the Spirit and life According to John 6:63 And that, in the souls of those who listen According to John 4:14, becomes a spring of water Flowing into the eternal life Jesus, thank You.. and so it will be I bind every evil or impure spirit Which binds or oppresses anyone here,
to any extent Especially the rulers of darkness in this world I break their power and expel them from here And I forbid them to return and to
manifest themselves throughout the entire lecture So that the unobstructed flow may take place Of the Word of God And that this seed of life may fall
on a fertile ground of our souls And bring the magnificent crop of true knowledge And true devotion And a diligent, thank You Jesus, life in Your Love Which is the only one that leads to the goal Jesus, thank You for that I call on the angels, ministering spirits To come down among us
and to collaborate with me In this prayer and the presentation of the Word That the effects may be more powerful,
which they will be And that all those who receive this Word As the Word of God, not the word of men According to 1 Thessalonians 2:13,
may be blessed on the spot, which they will be Jesus, we thank You for that, infinitely Amen By the means of revelation 3735 We will strive to understand
the spiritual meaning of Jesus’ Words And thus receive His Words with the desire To understand it spiritually And thus our thinking
must be spiritually oriented Why these images serve us
in order to be able to focus our mind They serve as a basis for thinking Therefore… Matthew 22: 1 -14 The parable of the wedding banquet
a king prepared for his son When the Word of God is interpreted spiritually Therefore, certain segments of the Word And is also true for larger or
smaller groups of segments in the Word First, we must find out the main
or the leading idea in the letter What is the main thought Or, what is the central thought of the letter Of that segment in the Word of God When we discovered
the central thought, the idea The ruling idea Of that segment in the Word Then we must know
the spiritual meaning of this ruling idea This idea must constantly be before our eyes For it is the center, like a nucleus Of the entire system revealed in that segment The parable from the Holy Scripture For every other word, a sentence or a thought Then ties up directly to a main idea Receiving the life and interpretation from it Thus, the first task
when interpreting the Word of God And looking for the spiritual meaning To discover the leading, or the main idea So, let’s see Matthew 22: 1 -14 Jesus spoke to them again in parables The kingdom of heaven Is like a king who prepared
a wedding banquet for his son ‘Wedding’ – the first time He sent his servants To those who had been invited to the banquet
to tell them to come Wedding’ – the second time But they refused to come Then he sent some more servants and said Tell those who have been invited That I have prepared my dinner My oxen and fattened cattle
have been butchered And everything is ready.
Come to the wedding banquet The third time But they paid no attention and went their ways One to his own farm, another to his merchandise The rest seized his servants,
abused them and killed them This made the king so furious
that he sent an army To kill those murderers
and burn down their city Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding The fourth time Is ready But those who were invited were not worthy Go out to the street corners And tell everyone you meet
to come to the wedding banquet So the servants went out into the streets And gathered all the people they could find The bad as well as the good And the wedding hall was filled with guests The sixth time But when the king came in to see the guests He noticed a man there
who was not wearing wedding clothes The seventh time ‘wedding’ And he said, Friend How did you come in here
without putting on the wedding garment? And he was speechless Then the king told the attendants Tie him hand and foot And throw him outside, into the darkness Where there will be weeping
and gnashing of teeth For many are invited But few are chosen So if we pay attention
to this segment of the Word of God And the Word of God is composed
of many such segments And if we compare it to a body We can make it even easier to understand Because our body, although one Is also composed of many parts and components Isn’t that so? Therefore, when interpreting Which is not always made easy
for Biblical scholar and translators We must take a separate part And look at it like a whole It is inseparable from the
other segments in the Word of God Like a whole human body However, it is easier for us to understand And comprehend the message If we break it apart as a separate segment When we have broken it apart
as a separate segment We must find the main idea A nucleus Around which everything is revolves Or, what rules over this system Because as you see in the universe Which is also the image of the divine guidance There are systems everywhere And the atom indicates it exactly There is a nucleus
composed of protons and neutrons The electron spins around it Isn’t that so? So we must discover the nucleus Obviously, the main idea here, the leading idea The very center of the entire parable is a wedding This is in the letter of the Scripture However, to be able to
understand the spiritual meaning And to draw the spiritual benefit from it We must understand the
spiritual meaning of a wedding A wedding represents unity A wedding, in our nearest understandable,
thank You Jesus, example Represents an entrance into a life together Between a man and a woman Who are then striving to become one Both spiritually and physically Isn’t that so? This is at a level understandable to us At a little less obvious level It is a union between the will
and the understanding in a man Where one represents male
and another female principle In a fallen man Reason represents the male principle And will represents the female principle In a perfect man The will represents the male And a female represents a rational, wisdom principle We Love You Jesus And thus the male principle
always represents the leading principle Because in a fallen man,
understanding leads back into Love And in a perfect man,
Love leads and is using wisdom This would be on a somewhat less obvious level We Love You Jesus Then it also represents
unity between charity and truth Which is present in every segment of the Word And it should also be present in us,
as spiritual beings By accepting the truth into our reasoning And then doing the truth which teaches us goodness And so the truth and goodness unite in our life Where they become one The same applies for faith and charity, or mercy Which correspond to truth and goodness And the same is true for Love and wisdom Which are one in our God and Father From where charity comes Or charity and faith From where comes goodness and truth Whose are these lower Or for us more obvious and understandable, forms Thus the wedding we are invited to, on this level Represent the wedding
of the truth of the Word of God And the goodness of the Word of God In our understanding and our will In life, through the doctrine of the Word of God And that is Love When, in our life, are united
the truth of the revelation And the goodness of Love to which the truth leads Then we’re entering into
heavenly wedding, which is in God Himself And thus, we’re entering into unity with Him For we can unite with Him
only in things that are His And His is the truth that comes out of Him Which leads to Love that comes out of Him And when we accept the truth And we live the truth, and that is Love Then we enter into unity in us And through this unity, with Him And this unity forms the church in a man And this unity forms the heaven And the church and the heaven
should act, and are, as one When they are in this wedding,
according to Revelation 21:17 And according to the words in Matthew 6:10 .. on earth as it is in heaven … We Love You Jesus… thank You Jesus This would be a spiritual meaning But the meaning that interests us in particular And this meaning is, in fact, a real wedding A real wedding According to the doctrine
of the Pure Truth, it is the following It is a wedding and a complete union Between the Father’s Divine Spirit And a soul that emerged from Him, as a son The pattern of this union
was shown by Jesus Christ Whose life’s ending is such, that He declared The Father, divine Spirit, and I, divine soul, Which came out of the Father,
from the Father’s Love, are one A perfect one, at that This perfect oneness This wedding between the Father and sons To which Jesus preceded in His example Is a true and final wedding And a true meaning of those Words And everything is prepared and ensured
for that to take place Therefore, this truly talks
about the Father Who is the King As He is called in 1 Timothy 1:17 The King eternal, immortal, invisible And about Jesus, as His Son But Jesus has preceded us And thus it talks about all other sons, that’s us On a spiritual level, it is in us It is the union between the divine Spirit – the Father And our soul, which is the son Since it came out from the Father And this wedding, that the Pure Truth
is constantly talking about Constantly calling to,
and continually pointing out to Which also is the final goal Discussed in the book ‘God is Love’, Chapter 5 Or in the booklet 61 And this is how the revelations
we read these days are ending But you did not notice it Listen to our yesterday’s revelation ‘And he will be allowed to receive much Love and to unite with Me since he transformed himself into Love …’ Yesterday’s revelation Then the revelation from the other day This is how it ends, it is the final goal ‘A charity brings him the undivided Love of God which affects him and unites with him and this makes him
the most blessed being on earth and once in eternity …’ A wedding is a union And a wedding banquet is a celebration Which takes place during the union Because there is joy
due to the transmission of divine life Into the one who is reunited with the Father This is so called banquet of Love, in Judas 12 This is why He constantly talks about unity and bliss A wedding is a unity And a wedding banquet
is a bliss that comes out of it And the revelation from the following day Just so you know He always talks about this These are always
just the last sentences of the revelation ‘And therefore, the commandment of Love for God
and for the neighbor is a supreme commandment which must fulfilled on earth,
as well as in the beyond in order to unite with eternal Love and through it, to achieve eternal bliss …’ So, the final goal of our life And on what all the divine teachings are focusing Whether in the Holy Scriptures
of the Old and the New Testament Or in the revelations Is a complete union, or merging A spiritual marriage Between the Father A Divine Spirit of Love And the soul – a son Which emerged from the Father Whereby there is a complete fusion And this is where the spiritual being
becomes equal to the Father And a true child, and enjoys blessings To the highest possible extent And also it is a High Pries Prayer
of the Father through Jesus To become a perfect one with Him Like He become a perfect one
with the Father, through Love In John 17: 20- 26 So this was shown to us as an image/parable Why as an image? Here, in one of the revelations
from the booklet ‘Marital Union’ ‘Hereditary sin …’ This revelation is in the booklet nr. 40 Revelation 5967 Why in parables? There’re many reasons But why in parables? Revelation 5967 ‘And thus listen to the following: you can only receive explanations
in a descriptive manner …’ This is about the origin/Genesis,
and about Adam and Eve It is descriptive, it is not literally ‘.. you can only receive explanations
in a descriptive manner as long as you are not perfect You would never be able to understand
the infinite profundity of divine wisdom you would never understand
the reasons for My reign and activity …’ For they think that He is this king Who killed those
who did not come to the wedding ‘.. you would never understand
the reasons for My reign and activity since your imperfection also means
inadequate power of perception and thus you are unable to find
an explanation by virtue of your intelligence …’ ‘.. but you will be able
to receive it in a flash as soon as you are permeated by
the light of My love in the spiritual kingdom On earth you will need to
receive descriptive clarification that, in line with your ability
of comprehension describes the processes
that took place in My creation …’ And the parable gets more understandable Depending on how much
you matured in Love But there’s another reason People are not allowed,
in their state of impurity To understand the spiritual meaning in truth If they do not live in accordance with that For then they would understand
and live the opposite Desecrate it even more, and harm themselves Thank You Jesus And this is why in Matthew,
Chapter 13, verses 1 and 11 The disciples came to him and asked Why do you speak to them in parables? That is, to people He replied Because the knowledge of the secrets of
the kingdom of heaven has been given to you But not to them And if it is not given to them John 12: 38 – 40 They they, if they would know it And would not live in accordance with it They would live contrary to the knowledge Their condemnation would be bigger This is why the parable is given,
incomprehensible for them But for as much as you mature in Love That’s how much this parable
opens up to you And thus He protects you from yourself Did you understand this? Just so you know But if you knew this already Please ignore it ‘And thus the spiritual processes in the hearts of the first people can only be intelligibly explained to you
along the lines of earthly processes …’ The processes in the hearts …
these are the processes in the hearts The entire parable is in our heart This is the spiritual meaning ‘And thus the spiritual processes
in the hearts of the first people can only be intelligibly explained to you
along the lines of earthly processes which, however, are but a faint comparison simply because you are
still weak in spirit yourselves …’ And Jesus spoke again in parables Listen to this Matthew 13:34, 35 Jesus spoke all these things
to the crowd in parables He did not say anything to them
without using a parable So was fulfilled what was spoken
through the prophet It was said in Psalms 78:2 I will open my mouth in parables I will utter things hidden
since the creation of the world Why at the end of time
the truth is revealed openly? Because people have failed so much They will not accept it And so it will not harm them Why the Pure Truth is revealed
at the end of church? Or, the clear light Because people are conquered by evil,
they will not accept it And so it cannot harm them Did you understand this? Fine, thank You Jesus Matthew 22 And we will, we Love You Jesus Explain only first two verses today Not to overwhelm you This would be enough Just remember a ‘nucleus’,
and go home with the ‘wedding’ For this idea, Swedenborg says,
in ‘Heavenly Secrets’ 1041 Everything is subordinated, or is determined By an object that is discussed in spiritual meaning So everything directly ties up
to the idea of the wedding Which you must constantly have When looking at the letter of the Scripture Of course, with a prayer that the letter opens up And that the spiritual meaning
emphasize the idea He wants to convey to us In order for us to achieve the goal mentioned Then the parable opens up
and you can be blessed So everything in the spiritual meaning is
subordinated to an object that is discussed here, everything is subordinated
to a motive of a wedding Which is the idea And now we know the idea this is all about So, it is a complete union of our soul Which is a fallen being, or a son With the Father – Spirit Who is in His original perfection A wedding has been prepared for me That is the union Everything has been prepared For I am separated from Him I must do something In order to be a worthy guest So that I could unite with Him Jesus spoke to them again in parables And I just gave you
three reasons of why is that so Because of the imperfections of people We Love You Jesus In order to protect them And then, thank You Jesus He reveals this Pure Truth When the situation is completely darkened,
which they will not accept We Love You Jesus And since the parable allows for deeper interpretations This is how the spirit develops It depends on a man’s maturity How much the Word of God will open up to him For it is inexhaustible There’s no end to its depth What I am giving you now
is only a scratch on the surface Divine depths are behind every Word,
inaccessible to us So you know this is not the whole interpretation Did you understand? Ok Jesus spoke to them again in parables The kingdom of heaven …’ Now people usually look up into the heaven And the heaven is our inner man The earth is our natural/worldly man And when it says in Genesis 1 it says: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth It talks about the begging of the change When a man has an inner and an outer man And he doesn’t even know that he has an inner man The heaven is our inner man The scene is in us And the kingdom is how He establishes His reign How He establishes His Love kingdom in us This is what the kingdom means In this way He offers to establish
His kingdom of Love and wisdom In our soul, if we collaborate with Him And then He says Like a king who prepared
a wedding banquet for his son The wedding has been prepared Everything is ready and prepared on His side In order for us to enter a compete union with Him And become gods (lowercase) We are the son, a wedding has been prepared And Jesus preceded Is this clear? Jesus preceded And it truly refers to Jesus But the spiritually here Jesus is the divine We are the son, spiritually And the king is the Father – Spirit And the son is our soul For this is what emerged from the Father And so they are called the sons of God Did you understand? It’s not just one And for everyone, He prepared a wedding Because the same destiny has been prepared for all The child-ship of God Listen to this now He sent his servants to call those who had been
invited to the wedding feast The servants are therefore the truths
of the divine Word, or Love Through which He explains to us What are we to do To change, and be prepared for the wedding Meaning to purify ourselves Which are, especially, the Love Commandments We’ll talk about that here at the seminar Where we learn about main servants Which are: the Love of God and of neighbor The servants are, in a worldly sense The ones He sends to proclaim And in a spiritual sense, it is a revelation And the revelation is the truth about Love,
to the ones in non-Love So that, through the Love which was
revealed to them, they may become Love And thus cleanse themselves
through those revelations And by obeying the Commandments In order to be able to unite But they refused to come Earthly, opposed to God, self-loving, worldly man Does not want to give up his self-love Love for the world, and his lusts/desires His nature opposes What has been revealed to him And what is required of him To do In order to be able to, thank You Jesus,
unite with the Father And thus enter the spiritual marriage We Love You Jesus Let’s do this one part, too Then he sent some more servants and said Tell those who have been invited That I have prepared my dinner My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered And everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet One call goes to understanding The other goes to will There are always twofold meanings in the Word One goes to our part called will The other is understanding In one He explains And in another He encourages us and offers something In this case, a dinner is a union A dining of Himself A feeling of Love On a natural and spiritual level Represented by oxen and fattened cattle As is also in the Jewish church,
where they were sacrificed And this represents our feelings of Love Divine, in this case Which we receive, or they have been
made divine in Him, through unity with Him Represented by dinner and unity,
as is always in the Word Listen to this… Come to the wedding banquet ‘Come’ is a change of location But a change of location
does not exist in the spiritual It’s a change of state So, the instructions, which are servants Of Love, which are the Commandments Are given to us
so that by obeying those commandments We may change our state To cleanse ourselves, and thus to
come to the wedding and be united ‘Come to the wedding banquet’
would be a change of location But it does not exist in the spiritual It’s a change of state, a departure from self-love A rejection of selfishness So a man can cleanse his soul And enter the union Now, when all this was said We will leave the Scripture at this point We have a short revelation on this topic To confirm all this Remember… the doctrine of the Pure Truth And the knowledge of correspondences And the guidance of the Spirit Revelation 4316 Cameraman, are you ready?
I am about to jump up Ok… we Love You Jesus Revelation 4316 ‘Merging of the spirit with the soul …’ This is the wedding Merging of the spirit with the soul A wedding is a very important motive And the Scripture mentions it in several places We’ll analyze each one of them We will analyze The arrival of wedding guests
who picked the places of honor at the table In Luke 14: 7 -11 So, arrogance which cannot unite us And we’ll talk about the ten virgins,
the foolish ones Some did not enter the wedding Matthew 25: 1 -13 And then, ‘Blessed are those who are invited
to the wedding supper of the Lamb’ In Revelation, we Love You Jesus, Thank You Jesus In Revelation 19: 7 -9 And we’ll analyze the wedding at Cana in Galilee In John 2: 1 -11 So the wedding is merging of the spirit with the soul To become… the Father and I Are One Through Love As pointed out by the truths, or His servants For He announces the truth which serves Him He announces Himself through the truth He comes to meet us through the truth This is His servant In order to show the path leading to Him This is why it says: But they paid no attention And went their ways We’ll do this in the next Biblical teaching ‘Merging of the spirit with the soul through Love ….’ ‘In merging with Me
you will find the highest happiness The spiritual spark in you seeks to connect with the Father Spirit from eternity but it is prevented by the soul
and the body from this connection …’ It’s the resistance in us Opposing to God, Satanic … Arrogance, pretentious thinking … ‘.. as long as they are still worldly oriented meaning, as long as their pursuit
is contrary to spiritual striving …’ We will learn, through this parable That people who remain in this state
are causing damage to themselves And that their state of resistance
and rejecting of Divine Love Is shown in verse 7 By being spiritually dead For it says, thank You Jesus I think it is Psalms…, I wrote it down somewhere 34:21 It says, Evil shall slay the wicked Evil shall slay the wicked This evil desires that burn in them,
because they haven’t changed Are the reason for their fried minds This is how He’s calling them:
things taught by demons Thank You Jesus Things taught by demons Thank You Jesus The Spirit clearly says that in later times
some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits
and things taught by demons According to 1 Timothy,
we Love You Jesus, 4:1, 2 Giving heed to the hypocrisy of men that speak lies Branded in their own conscience as with a hot iron Greek texts says: seared consciences You know when some people took
too many drugs, they say their brain was fried That’s what it says So this fried brain, because of evil Is the city that was burned down A man does this to himself This is the spiritual meaning And not like some think, thank You Jesus ‘Quick as a rabbit’, ‘hungry like a wolf’… ‘Eating like a pig’… This is Matthew 22:7 He’s talking about the end of those… So the first call, the second call, they did not come They went off—one to his field, another to his business And others killed His servants To kill His servants in you Is when you’re acting smart And then you invalidate the truths And when, because of your evil,
you completely reject those truths And they became invalid to you You have killed them within And when you refuse this life
that comes to you through the truth It is then a destruction of your spiritual life Since according to Psalms 34:21 Evil shall slay the wicked And this evil scorches his brain For his entire system of thinking
is imbued with the wickedness of lusts And he cannot think straight/ sane This is what people do to themselves When they reject the invite to the wedding Come to the wedding banquet Transform yourselves Cleanse yourselves through the commandments In order to be able to enter the unity For if you remain disunited Separated from God and from divine life It’s a spiritual death Ok ‘Then the soul is stronger than the spirit …’ When? – When it is worldly oriented ‘.. in so far as the spirit does not act forcibly but lets the soul decide and it withdraws So, for the time being …’ He respects the free will They have rejected and will remain in this state It is ruin for them ‘So, for the time being,
the soul must be won for the same endeavor …’ This is the will and understanding of a man ‘.. it must join the spirit with its desires
in a completely free will only then can the spirit work in a man and only then will a man’s connection
with Me be established …’ ‘The union of the soul with the spirit,
however, is the result of Love …’ Thank You Jesus Listen to this now… we’ll skip a part ‘Always and again, I want people to understand why Love can never be eliminated in the development of the soul upward …’ He sends His servants over and over again ‘Always and again I would like to explain to them to what extent the acting in Love has an influence on the union of the soul with the spirit and thus with Me …’ For this part of the divine in us,
a divine spark, is a part of Him And when the soul unites with the spirit within It is like uniting with the Father For they are inseparably connected ‘.. and again and again I want to make it clear to them the importance of merging with Me a spiritual marriage and give them bliss already on earth which this unity entails …’ This is the main thought
and the main message of this parable He constantly sends them… ‘Always and again I want to make it clear to them
the importance of merging with Me …’ Come to the wedding banquet Transform yourselves ‘Come’ is a change of location Which is a spiritual change of state Transform from non-Love into Love So we may unite/merge ‘Always and again,
I want to make it clear to them the importance of merging with Me a spiritual marriage and give them bliss already on earth which this unity entails …’ Listen ‘A man, however, is too earthly-minded and values only the tangible
and attainable goods on earth …’ But they did not want to come They each went their ways Meaning his own way of life Those are the sheep that wonder Each of us has turned to our own way Thank You Jesus We all, like sheep, have gone astray Each of us has turned to our own way And the Lord has laid on Him
the iniquity of us all Isaiah 53:6 ‘A man, however, is too earthly-minded and values only the tangible
and attainable goods on earth but he leaves the spiritual goods unnoticed …’ They did not want to Imagine this… rejecting divine life ‘.. because he does not believe
in the survival of the soul after death and because only this faith makes him
consciously strive for spiritual goods …’ Listen to this ‘And yet I do not give up …’ He constantly sends His servants ‘And yet I do not give up and will speak again and again
in the Word to the people and always point out to them to strive for the unity with Me …’ Come to the wedding banquet ‘For in the stage as a human the spiritual in him
is capable of understanding but his will alone determines how far
he uses the ability to understand …’ But they did not want to… And then death of the spiritual life ‘And I do not force this will but I help it to decide ….’ Amen for today

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