Does Your Dentist Know If You Lie About Brushing and Flossing?

Yes I can tell if you’re lying when you
say that you are brushing and flossing and you’re really not. Why? Because when we
check your teeth we use our little instruments to go in there and if I find
plaque along the gum line that tells me that you’re not brushing properly. We
check also in between the teeth to make sure that there is no plaque and if
there is, that tells me that you’re not flossing. So you know we tell you
these things so that we can come up with ways so that you can do better at home so
that we can prevent cavities and gum disease and keep your mouth healthy, that’s
what it’s all about.

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  • This was really interesting but if you can tell if people brush/floss then why do dentists always ask if you brush and floss before they do anything?

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