Dr. Divya Srikumaran | Cornea and Cataract Specialist

>>Hello my name is Divya Srikumaran. I’m a cornea and cataract specialist at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. I serve as the medical director
of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Odenton, and in my role
there, I take care of patients with a variety of complex
corneal and cataract pathology. I do surgeries including
corneal transplants, complex and simple cataract surgery, with advanced technology. I also perform refractive surgery, otherwise know as Lasik and PRK. I take care of patients the way that I would want to take
care of my own family. I also serve as the vice chair of education for the Wilmer Eye Institute. In this role, I insure that
all of our programs are excellent for training our
future leaders in Ophthalmology. My research focuses on the
treatment of corneal disorders and cataract surgery, as
well as educational methods to improve learning for our students. I was fortunate to do my residency and corneal
fellowship here at Wilmer. Those experiences helped
me develop cutting edge skills so that I can continue
to take care of patients in our community as well as from abroad. (light music)

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