Dr. Douglas A. Callow on TMJ and Teeth Grinding Treatment

Many patients come to the dentist because
they’re experiencing problems with their jaw: painful jaw joints, painful muscles, clicking, grinding, popping noises can all trouble patients and fall under the category of what we often refer to as “TMJ” or “TMD”, which is temporomandibular joint dysfunction. We will treat those patients, usually, with
removable oral appliances: an appliance called a night guard or a bite splint—an occlusion guard, which, generally, is worn for patients who grind and clench their teeth at night and it’s used to treat the symptoms of grinding and clenching, what’s often referred to as bruxism. There’s also a newer appliance that we use
called a NTI-TSS, which is—TSS stands for tensions suppression system and this is a much smaller appliance which is worn, generally, fitted to be worn over the front teeth. Either of these, a night guard or a NTI-TSS
can be fitted to fit the upper teeth or the lower teeth, depending on what works best
for the patient and their dentition. But the NTI-TSS is the only FDA approved dental appliance, which is approved to prevent and treat migraine headaches. It’s very good at relieving the tension of
the musculature of the face and jaws and can prevent migraines and help to eliminate pain involved with grinding and clenching of the teeth.

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