Drs. Rx: Can Balsamic Vinegar Help You Tame Your Sweet Tooth?

(light clapping)
– What’s a simple spritz in your kitchen that could
tame your sweet tooth without added sugar? (audience lightly shouting) Balsamic vinegar. (audience gasping) – [Man On Right Of Table] Really? – What say you Dr. Travis? Well, cupboard staple right, a lot of us have this.
(laughing) It can help increase the
sweetness of your fruit by adding a contrast on your taste buds, so you just spritz a
little bit on your berries for instance. You can throw it on melons or anything, just to enhance that flavor. – So when you’re doing a salad, you have your greens and stuff and you throw in some fruit with it, blueberries, raspberries, or
strawberries in this case, you put your balsamic vinaigrette and then you eat your salad, the taste of that fruit in the salad, I like it better with a
little bit of the balsamic, so yeah. – [Travis] And that is why it is the doctor’s prescription today. (audience clapping)

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