ENT Institute Testimonial (Sleep Study)

My name is Jeff Barnes. I live in Marietta
Georgia I didn’t realize I was having sleeping problems to me I was going to sleep and i was feeling just like I thought I should and it was not until after I had gone trough a
sleep study and learned clinically the
difficulties that I was having and they could show me how I was
sleeping and how i was not going into deep sleeps and how i was not rested that it was great to understand that
what I thought was the norm was just not very good so I worked for the sleep study and they
determine that I didn’t need to CPAP machine And several of my friends have asked me about it And asked how i got comfortable with it with it and how i got used to it and I’ll tell you I was out apprehensive
about it I’m because I like to sleep on my stomach and I didn’t know how come try be with
this mask on my face but it after one night of sleeping with
the CPAP I couldn’t immediately see a benefits and
I did not missed sleeping on my stomach or I did not worry at all about a mask on
my face I was pretty much waking up in the same spot as I fell asleep and now wake up fully refreshed and ready to ready to go with my day and
I highly recommend anyone that has any discomfort or any concerns about their sleeping or if their
wife has concerns about the sleeping to go see if there’s something they can
be done for you I sleep exponentially better than I did before
and never would have known that had not gone and gotten tested and I look
back now and see how I’m sleeping so much better than I
ever was before and that’s why I recommend anyone it did
that having any difficulties all the snoring or not resting well please please go get
checked out

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