Exodus 33 – Bible Study

Exodus chapter 33 beginning in verse 17
and the Lord said to Moses this very thing that you have spoken I will do for
you have found favor in my sight and I know you by name Moses said please show
me your glory and he said I will make my goodness pass before you and will
proclaim before you my name the Lord and I will be gracious to whom I will be
gracious and I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy but he said you cannot
see my face for man shall not see me and live and the Lord said Behold there is a
place by me where you shall stand on the rock and while my glory passes by I will
put you in a cleft of the rock and I will cover you with my hand until I pass
by then I will take away my hand and you shall see my back but my face shall not
be seen father we come before you in light of your word and Lord there are
many people here tonight some visiting for the first time some may know you
personally some may know you traditionally some truly know you and
Lord we ask that you would do one thing for all these people from different
backgrounds and different walks and different levels of understanding show
us your glory this is our desire Lord in this room right here right now we’re
asking that you would do that very thing as we unpack your word assist us by the
Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus name Amen you may be seated if you’re here for the
first time we are going through a series in the book of Exodus chapter by chapter
verse by verse because we are hungry for the whole counsel of God we don’t want
to shy away from the Old Testament we don’t want to dismiss the fact that you
know we’re in the New Covenant and so the Old Testament has no relevance there
is great reverence in the Old Testament concerning the New Covenant believer and
if you were not here last week we’ve been discussing the reality of the
presence of God and how Moses was a man like you and me who had this craving to
know God more and up to this point the people of Israel even before the Ten
have come down the mountain broke the law and in sinning the same reality for
you and me they forfeited the nearness of their God and God offered them
everything else except his own presence and when the people heard this it was a
disastrous word and so Exodus 33 we’ve learned about what it means to know God
intimately what it costs what price it comes with and this whole chapter really
is about God in His grace restoring his presence to a people who have forfeit it
because of their sin and we learned about the glorious truth of our faith
that we serve a God that is knowable we serve a God that longs to have intimate
relationship with you and me and we come to realize that there is a pattern
throughout the Bible that the nearness of God is possible when a man chooses to
sever sin from his life and to embrace whatever it takes for this one cause to
know him and to make him known and that reality unfortunately is for so little
because so let are willing to pay the price of knowing God intimately and
Moses was one of those men and he pleaded with God he asked God please do
not let us go into the Promised Land without your presence how will we be
distinct how will people know that there’s a difference between us and the
others and when we we just read in verse 17 that the Lord answered that request
the Lord said okay my presence will go with you the awareness of my person will
be a reality for you and your people and really if this whole chapter was really
about that it should have ended there it would have made sense for Moses who was
pursuing God for the sake of the people of Israel and for his own sake that the
chapter would ended there and we were moved on in the wilderness journey Moses
should have got up and said thank you lord thank you for hearing your gracious
you’re a merciful so you’re coming with us yes I’m coming great and that they
should have packed their bags and move forward but something happens here we
see that God and Moses continued in their interaction and shockingly the
chapter doesn’t end here why because Moses asks for more
and more interaction was added to the relationship between Moses and God
because Moses knew how to ask God for more and you and I can continue our
story with God if we simply learn the simple truth of asking him for more this
that’s why so many people who have been in the faith for twenty years are still
in Chapter one of their faith because they don’t know how to seek and asked
but Moses knew how and Moses says this wonderful thing he says your presidents
coming with us wonderful and he reassures him yes it’s coming I’m coming
with you and he goes please he was requesting for the nation now he’s
requesting something personally please show me your glory now we use a lot of
Christianese don’t we we say a lot of things we sing a lot of things and we
don’t really know what it means sometimes if we really take our
terminology and put it on the table and really evaluate what we’re trying to say
we were honest with ourselves we would not really know the depth of what we’re
saying one of those words is the word right here
glory show me your glory you know you want to know how you get
answers from the Bible ask the Bible questions that’s the best way to get
revelation instead of just reading by and trying to get something that you
know you can it’s just a nice thought from the scripture that’s fine if you
really want to dig deep we know this rule ask the text questions you know
what my question is I see Moses heart here he wants more of God but what in
the world is glory I understand presence I understand that
God can manifest his presence and make himself known to us in such a real way
where he becomes the most real person in your life but what is Moses asking for
here when he’s saying please show me your glory
and this is Bible study this is not a sermon tonight and I know there’s quite
a few people here tonight so don’t be shy but I’m curious to know when you
hear the word glory what comes to mind what do you think of when you hear glory
his face so something to do with this person
absolutely glory the glory of God God’s character going public with who he is
and making himself known is his glory absolutely and we say it all the time we
sing it all the time do we really know what it means something glorious it’s
not easy to define glory try to define beauty try to define beauty in your mind
right now try to define glory it’s not an easy
task because the Bible has much to say about the glory of God and associates
much of different elements concerning his glory and so I’m gonna need some
participation here we’re going through a lot of Bible today but hopefully it’ll
give some answers I need three volunteers right now three volunteers
just lift up your hand brother back there can you open up to Isaiah chapter
six one two three don’t read it yet I need somebody else to read John 12:41
but you got to read aloud and lastly if you can read rather if you can read
Romans 3:23 so Isaiah’s to begin with us please the year that each has six wings
with two he covered his face with the two he covered his feet
and one call to another ones that holy holy holy Lord what did the angel say holy holy holy
the whole earth is filled with his glory so the angels are seeing him and they’re
saying holy holy holy who did Isaiah see did he see Jesus
according to John 12:41 can you read it for us but look
what it does is out of detail concerning John’s account of this scene when he saw
his Wyatt when he saw his glory but the angel said holy the angel said holy when
they saw him holy holy holy and through John’s account talking about Isaiah
seeing holy yes but glory Romans 3:23 who has it yeah they’re all
and on ball Jordan glory fall short of what the glory of God
Isaiah saw the angels and angels saw God and saw Christ’s holy holy holy John
tells us that they saw his glories Isaiah saw his glory Romans 3:23 we all
know it that we have all fallen short of the glory of God
so there is a great and strong connection between God’s glory and his
holiness God’s glory and his holiness is intricately woven but not just his
holiness Psalms 19 I need any three volunteers again different ones maybe
Psalms 19 verse 1 if you get up to Psalms 96 verse 3 and one more person
numbers 14 22 Psalms 19:1 Psalms 96 three numbers 14 22 Psalms 19:1
please help us yes the what glory of God Psalms 96 3 tell of all is glory among
the nations his wonderful deeds among all the people do you see the
parallelism there tell declare his glory among the nation’s his marvelous works
among all the peoples this is this is a linguistic a poet poetic linguistic tool
here there’s a parallel glory with marvelous works numbers 14 22 none of
the men have seen my glory none of them who’ve seen my what my
glory and my signs so you’re hearing all those things and what are you making a
connection concerning God’s glory with standard of excellence that’s a
beautiful way of putting it what else the heavens declare the glory
of God creation so not just creation but behind creation
his power his greatness his ability that is not limited so we can categorize it
with his greatness his greatness is strongly connected to his glory and
one more verse revelation 21:23 if somebody could read revelation 21:23 last book of the Bible revelation 21:23
if it’s on the screen already you can just read it need the Sun don’t need the
moon don’t need any light because his glory will be enough so this speaks of
his splendor this speaks of his brilliance this speaks of his dazzling
light so it’s not as easy as we would like it to be to define glory but if I
were to take all those things all that what scripture the Bible interprets the
Bible the Bible answers the Bible I take all those puzzle pieces I put it
together and this is what I would say the glory of God is it is glory is the
immeasurable unmatchable greatness splendor and holiness of God that is his
glory the immeasurable the unmatchable greatness splendor and holiness that
radiates from God and you know what Moses is asking for a greater degree of
Revelation of these men of full perfections of his being show me your
glory do you ask him for it is that ever a prayer request of yours Lord I long to
see your glory I long for you to show me yourself the heavens declare the glory
of God so God has to some measure reveal his glory to us
the heavens declare the glory of God and so you drive in the morning when you’re
going to work and you see that sky painted with pink and blue and that
streak of yellow and guess what shouting god is glorious you go up north a little
bit and you go see your friend out on the farm and you see all those stars you
know what they’re shouting god is glorious when you see that
sunset what goes on through your mind it should be god is glorious the heavens
declare the glory of God you know what it doesn’t stop there though the measure
of Revelation of the glory of God comes through someone you know his name I hope
Hebrews 1:3 he was 1:3 she being Jesus is the radiance of the glory of God and
the exact imprint of his nature do you pray for God to reveal his glory you
have every right to but do not be surprised if God answers it with greater
revelations of the person of Jesus Christ I want to see your glory do not
be surprised when the spirit of wisdom and revelation comes into your heart and
opens the eyes of your soul and you behold something of Christ that you did
not know before do not be shocked when God longs to reveal his glory through
the son who wants to show you his love his immeasurable greatness his power his
holiness his compassion is all these things God longs to reveal his glory to
his people through the radiance of the person of Jesus Christ he is the
radiance of the glory of God we have beheld him I have another
question because I’m reading this and something else popped mine okay I know
what glory is now I know what I’m saying when I sing songs now I know what I say
glory to God I know what I’m saying God is glorious I know but you know what I
have another question because there’s another element to glory concerning us
have you ever wondered what it means to glorify the glorious God we are called
to glorify God so I got a second question concerning glory what does it
mean for me to glorify this glorious one any idea acknowledge and give credit to
him yes absolutely yes to love him first to recognize him as priority yes to
reflect him yes reflect his character his attributes yes
reverence him absolutely to allow him to move in our lives through our trials yes
to yield to him sure what else how do we ascribe glory to God as mere mortals well Psalms 29 9 a lot of Scripture
today whoever can turn there and read it read it like you mean it Psalms 29 9 how do i glorify God holy mountain is that Psalms 2099 2099
it’s okay it’s still Scripture what’s the lore basis of the earth the voice of
the Lord makes the deer give birth that sounds something glorious that sounds
like power so when God says give birth the deer do it okay that sounds powerful
and because of his power because of the immeasurable unmatchable reality of this
power all of his people cry out glory how do we glorify God when we recognize
who he is and we ascribe worship we ascribe praise we ascribe Thanksgiving
when we give ourselves to acknowledging one or more of his attributes as the
people of God he receives glory when we choose to highlight who he is
so when you hold yourself back from worshiping him we hold ourselves back
from glorifying him and he deserves glory all the people that temple say
glory but it’s not just that there’s all there’s a there’s a there’s a harder and
more difficult task and certainly glorifying God the singing part isn’t
hard he deserves that he is worthy of it but it gets a little bit more
complicated this is what God is really after concerning us and Jesus said in
John 17 for Jesus himself the perfect one reveals what it means to glorify the
father what did he say in his prayer in the heist priestly prayer I have
glorified you in the earth how by doing what you have commanded me to do I’ve
glorified the glorious one by doing what He has called me to do now what did that
look like what did his life look like for for him to glorify God john 14:9
john 14:9 I know we’re bouncing around but that’s okay what happens jesus said
to him because philip has show us the father have I been with you so long and
you still do not know me Philip whoever I seen me has seen
the father how can you say show us the father how do we glorify God how do we
glorify the father imitate him live like him reflect him when people see you we
should be able to see say like Jesus now in boasts not imp ride not in
self-righteousness but that should be our ambition when people see me they see
the father and then as a result of that God receives glory let your light shine
before men let your good works seen before men that they may glorify your
father who is in heaven that’s how you and I get to glorify the glorious one oh
so we know what it means concerning glory and we know what it
means to glorify him but look how God answers the requests in verse 19 of
Exodus chapter 33 please show me your glory verse 18 and he said I will make
all my goodness pass before you and will proclaim before you mine name the Lord
and I will be gracious to my be gracious and will show mercy on whom I will show
mercy now look at this this is God’s answer to the request of show me your
glory and if you scroll down to verse 20 verse 21 excuse me and the Lord said
Behold there is a place by me where you shall stand on the rock verse 22 and
while my glory passes by well he just said my goodness will pass before you so
there’s another connection there that his goodness equates his glory and so as
the Lord is answering Moses what is he saying three things my glory my goodness
will pass before you my name will be said and His mercy I will show mercy to
emotional mercy his goodness his name his mercy includes his glory and this is
how it moves on in verse 20 he says but you can’t see my face because I’m gonna
do these things I’m gonna answer your request but there’s one thing I cannot
do in your request to see my glory and that is for you to see my face now why
is why is that because why because they say
love love yeah cuz you’re gonna die that’s why so there’s an element of the
glory of God that can be so noble it’s something that we can perceive but God
in His mercy holds that back that facet of his glory because we do not have the
capability to register that aspect of his glory because you and I would
literally disintegrate to find powder there is something of his glory that
splendor element that brilliant light that he he veils himself because you and
I in this frame jars of clay we cannot be able to receive such amount of glory
lest we be destroyed and so that part of God’s glory see how complex is glorious
that element of the glory of God is reserved for a future glory you realize
that right so he goes Moses right now in the state
that you’re in if you see my face you will be completely destroyed so the
Bible promises as though it goes through the scriptures telling us about a future
glory that we’re gonna we’re gonna be able to receive and walk into so he says
you shall not see my face but you know what revelation 22 says revelation 22
verse 3 tells us this this is concerning when the heavens the new heaven comes
and there’s a new earth and the end of all things has ushered in no longer will
to be any accursed but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it and his
servants will worship him they will see his face they will see his face and his
name will be on their foreheads so that’s that part of God’s glory is
reserved for a future glory and so you know what first Corinthians 13 tells us
that we see through a mirror dimly right now we see through a mirror that we only
get glimpse we only get samples we only get touches of his glory but one day
we’re gonna see a face to face when they gonna come in we’re gonna have the full
revelation of it there’s gonna be no hindrance we’re gonna have our new
bodies we’re gonna become like him as we see him and be able to for all eternity
bask in his glory so what do we do about that
well Romans 8:18 for I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not
worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us let me go through
let me enter tribulations let me enter through hell and high water I have a
glory that I’m entering into that’s why when you hear people say he’s entering
into glory here he entered into glory that’s exactly what we’re talking about
unhindered unreserved no limitation to knowing God intimately so what do we do
with this text what do I do with verse 19 verse 20 all these things about Moses
and asking for the glory of God this is what we do we pray the same prayer but
this is how we pray a please show me your glory to the maximum capacity with
which my mind and heart can contain bring me to the edge bring me to the
edge where I can almost smell eternity I want to know you as much as I can on
this side of heaven is that your prayer life or what are you chasing after
because I can tell you that this Moses was not just some random figure in the
Bible he was a prince in Egypt he had the policy of the education he had the
connections and it says that he considered the treasures of Egypt of no
worth compared to the sufferings with the people of God why because he was
looking to the reward Hebrews 11 24 so this man tastes it’s something that we
all need to taste he had it and he knew that there is more remember this
brothers and sisters as you grow in your knowledge of God you were realized in
your pursue that there is more of God that you did not know remember this the
more you seek God the more you will want God that’s the spiritual law I don’t
understand it but it’s true you’ve heard me say before but I’ll say it again for
those who have never heard it do you want
how you get hungry for God it’s the opposite of the physical if you’re
hungry you don’t eat if you want to know what hunger feels like don’t eat food
for a few days don’t eat food for you know a few hours and then you can feel
those pains you’re gonna feel now everything you know what men know what
more than anything right hangry you guys know that right where everything now
becomes about you and finding anything you just want to eat anything because
you’re hungry okay and the spiritual is the opposite in the spiritual if you
want to know how you can experience hunger and you want to know what it
means to pursue God and and and long for him you eat I don’t understand it but
the more you read the more you’re gonna want to read and some of you guys know
this when you just discipline yourself to do that your appetite begins to be
enlarged I don’t get it but when you pray you’re gonna want to pray more but
when you stop it takes forever to be reignited again some of you guys can
testify to this so this is a spiritual and this is what Moses is showing us
right here in a very practical way I want more of the glory of God he
promised you his presence here but there’s more this is convicting this is
this is encouraging and so God’s glory is about to be revealed now we come to
Exodus chapter 34 verse 5 what happens the Lord descended in the cloud and
stood with him there and proclaimed the name of the Lord hey guys guess what
we’re reading the glory of God is showing up and look how it is
manifesting before Moses the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious slow to
anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness keeping steadfast love
for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin but who will by no
means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the father’s on the children
and the children’s children to the third and the fourth generation this is the
glory of God you know what I was expecting when God was going to reveal
his glory I was expecting Exodus 19 times 10 I was expecting the mountains
to Trump I was expecting that mountain to go up greater smoke greater fire
greater trumpets that’s what I was expecting when Moses
was asking for the glory of God and that is true of the glory of God there is
that power and there is that that charge there is that revelation of the fact
that I can’t even stand here because I know that I will be swallowed up by this
but look how God is choosing to reveal his glory how the revelation of his
person they see it here that it’s less about what he’s seeing and more about
what he’s hearing this so God in the Old Testament shows II to reveal the glory
of himself before his servant describing his qualities a clearer perception of
his person is what it means to understand the glory of God according to
this text so then it teaches me something else about God’s glory that if
I’m pursuing it and I’m not asking for it
you know what God’s gonna do he’s gonna remove the layers in your heart that are
hindering you from understanding him and beholding him and comprehending him and
seeing him for who he is there is a great connection between the glory of
God and revelation of his person knowing his heart knowing his attributes knowing
his dealings with man and guess what it doesn’t do only it doesn’t touch your
intellect and not reach down to your heart we’re talking about a glory yes it
is knowledge of who he is but sinks so deep into you that it will cause you to
do what Moses did and look at Moses reaction to the very things the
qualities and the descriptions of God look what happened to Moses when he
receive that because it was a heart thing what happens verse a Moses quickly
bowed his head toward the earth and worshiped three things will happen if
you ask for God’s glory and you touch anything of his glory you better expect
these three things to happen and I doubt somebody’s experience the glory of God
if these things have not happened in their life the first thing will happen
when you understand the glory of God when he decides to manifest his glory in
a way that you’ve never known the first thing that will happen to he will humble
you any thought of self will be deflated any
thought about self exaltation and he thought about self pleasure self seeking
glory all of those things will be weighed down by the majesty of your
maker and you will find your head directed towards the earth and guess
what happened to Moses his vision he was humbled how so his eyes was directed
towards the earth and you know what he must have maybe even reminded up maybe
not but I like to think so that’s what I am I’m dust this is where I came from
this is all dust and ashes and that’s what the glory of God will do when I
manifest in your life you’ll realize how small you are you realize how he is
everything and you are nothing and anything that you are is by His grace if
you don’t believe me concerning God’s manifest glory all you need to do is
understand the glory of Psalms 19:1 the heavens declare the glory of God you
want to feel small study astronomy you want to feel tiny
you want to feel humbled you want to feel like this study the universe you
might go crazy if you do it too long though
so the heavens alone can Humble us how much more of God reveals who he is
concerning his person and his dealings and His Holiness the thing that happened
to Moses that he was humbled but not just humbled he worshiped says he bowed
his head but he also worshipped adoration is activated when God’s glory
is manifested true worship true worship I doubt that there was
music in the background to get his emotions going when he saw this glory there wasn’t some talent in the
background there to get him going to worship no no it was just a revelation
of his glory and that was enough for him to worship and raw form where he got
down to the ground and he began to adore the very one that he was beholding so if
you touched the glory of God or he reveals it to you you better expect him
to humble you in that moment you better know that you will worship you will
truly worship as a response but look at the last thing here verse 9 and he said
if now I have found favor in your sight O Lord please let the Lord go in the
midst of us for it is a stiff-necked people and pardon our iniquity and our
sin and take us for your inheritance do you see what if Moses is doing here the
third thing that will happen when you know something of the glory of God is
that you will separate yourself from sin and you will do anything to know him
deeply he is humbled he worshiped and lastly he
said were stiff necked people forgive us of our sin and come amongst us please
God no one as he didn’t say forgive them notice he didn’t say God thank you that
I am by your grace holier than everybody none of that
he included himself amongst these sinful people because when you know the glory
of God you will not dare elevate yourself you want to dare elevate
yourself before the majesty of this person when you get a glimpse of his
holiness even if you are a 2018 version of Moses you will say I am a sinner I am
wretched I don’t care if I’m the only person standing here it does not matter
who you are what your track record is what kind of things you’ve done for God
when you get a glimpse of his glory you will not dare put yourself above any
other sinner and what happens here God News the Covenant it begins to remind
him of the laws because as they’re renewing this covenant in the rest of
chapter 34 what God is trying to say is I haven’t changed with my standard we’re
still going for holiness here we’re still moving forward concerning what I
instituted for you people of Israel but something amazing happens when you come
down to verse 29 look at verse 29 of Exodus 34 when Moses came down from the
mount from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the testimony in his hand as
he came down from the mountain Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone
because he had been talking with God Aaron and all the people of Israel saw
Moses and behold the skin of his face shone and they were afraid to come near
him but Moses called to them and Aaron and all the leaders of the congregation
returned to him and Moses talked with them afterward all the people of Israel
came near and he commanded them all that the Lord had spoken with him in mount
sinai and when Moses had finished speaking with him he put a veil over his
face he put a veil over his face and it says and 34 down that he would go up he
would remove his veil he would come back down and was shining he would talk with
the people hide his face go back and just that was the pattern so there is a
manifestation of the glory got even on Moses and how long was he up there for
he was up there for a long time we see it early on we see in verse 28 40 days
40 nights he comes down does not know that his face is beaming with light and
it’s freaking everybody out and so they’re running away from and he
realizes all there’s light shining from my face and so he calls to them they
come near and then he finished thought and he hides it then he goes back up and
he removes his veil that he comes back and he does the same thing but here’s my
question why is Moses veiling his face yes he doesn’t want the people in
insulting because he’s in the presence of God and God shines through Moses so
he doesn’t want worship he doesn’t want them to come to a place in which they
begin to praise him because of this manifestation
that’s one understanding it’s not the final conclusion but we’re just
brainstorming here what other thoughts some of us have talked about this late
Wednesday night you guys know why did he hide his face scared that’s the common
conclusion people have that because he knew the reaction of the people he hid
his face so that he can actually commune with them and converse with them lest
they be afraid lest they be blinded by this light who knows but there is an
answer in Scripture does anybody know where the answer of Scripture is found
yes yes yes we need to turn there because the way the Apostle Paul and
this is what we’re ending interprets this passage is absolutely profound the
answer is in 2nd Corinthians 3 verse 12 2nd Corinthians 3 this is how the
Apostle Paul interprets the scene and he gives us insight and this is what makes
the Bible amazing you find answers in other parts of the book look at verse 12
since we have such a hope we are very bold not like Moses who would put a veil
over his face so that the Israelites might not gaze at the outcome of what
was being brought to an end why did he veil his face because that light was
diminishing and he did not want them to see that and so he would go back up into
the presence of God it was like he plugged it back in and the battery was
charged again he comes back down and the glory is revealed again but then it
begins to dwindle again and he didn’t want him to see that glory fading so he
hides his face so that they would not realize it goes back up to the mountain
and does the same thing over and over again so it wasn’t because of fear it
wasn’t because they you would get some worse note it was because he did not
want them to see this light leaving you know how Paul interprets this whole
scene it’s not for some mystical experiences
not if you spend time war with God you’re gonna have light shining from
your face it’s none of that this is this is the argument of Paul’s making here
concerning this scene here in Exodus he’s speaking about the Old Covenant and
the New Covenant and he’s saying that Moses represents the law he represents
the Old Covenant and he’s saying that this glory like the light shining from
his face is fading and the glory of the Old Covenant
is diminishing if you don’t see it look at verse 7 now the Ministry of death of
2nd Corinthians 3 carve and letters of stone came with such glory that the
Israelites could not gaze at Moses face because of his glory its glory which was
being brought to an end so he’s taking this actual light and he’s lining it up
with the reality of the Old Covenant and he’s speaking about Jews this is the
context and he’s saying that this light that was on Moses face the same way that
it was diminishing is the same way that the Old Covenant is diminishing and
there’s a greater glory a more permanent one in verse 11 for what was being
brought to an end came with glory how much more well what is permanent
have glory the Old Covenant like Moses his face shining is gone because it’s
been replaced with a greater glory which is permanent we’re not looking for
another covenant we’re not looking for extra we have it all and this is a
permanent glory it’s a never-ending glory it’s a glory to glory for us and
so we see here that he’s making this argument that Moses his face being
hidden as a picture of the law disappearing because of the New Covenant
but it goes on deeper than that he says that veil that was on Moses face is
actually on the hearts of the Jewish people what does he say here
at verse 14 but their minds were hardened for to this day when they read
the Old Covenant that same veil remains unlifted because only through Christ is
it taken away yes to this day whenever Moses has read a veil lies over their
hearts so the same way that the goal of that veil was to give the impression
that the glory has not faded pay attention it’s the same way that the
hearts of the people the Jews have this idea because their hearts are veiled
that there are still glory in the Old Covenant and so every time they look at
the Old Covenant they go there’s still glory in this every time they read Moses
like yes this is it there’s nothing greater than this
because there’s a veil over the hearts the same way in the Old Testament when
they saw Moses with that veil they perceive that the light has not left if
you know Jewish friends and you’ve been witnessing to them and they are not
getting it guess why because there’s a veil over their hearts and they look at
the Old Covenant and they see it and they said this is glory this is glorious
and the only way that can be removed as if they turn to Christ and when they
turn to Christ he will remove that veil and once that veil is removed oh then
they see true glory then they see true light then they see true brilliance then
they see true holiness true love but until then there’s a veil not just for
the Jews to some degree every person who is not in Christ the god of this age has
blinded the minds of unbelievers that they may not see the light of the glory
or the gospel of Christ 2nd Corinthians 4:4 if you’re in hearing you’re not a
believer in Jesus Christ and you’re not being moved you’re not being stirred
know this you have a veil over your heart and the reason why you don’t hear
this and you’re not moving you’re not touching you know it’s because you’re
blind you’re not deaf so you can hear me you’re blind let me say this if you just
give a glance tam and humility he’s willing to rip open that veil and for
you to perceive him in a way that you never thought you could but you need to
humble yourself my friend unless you walk out of here just as blind as you
came in turn to the Lord when you turn to the
Lord he’s willing to remove that veil you want to stay blind keep stumbling in
life maybe God by His grace will bring you into another Bible study so you
realize that you need him but let me say this this is why prayer is so important
in evangelism this is why before this Bible study we take the time to pray
lest people come in and leave the same way we want God and we need God because
only Christ can remove the veil doesn’t matter who’s behind the microphone only
God has the power to do that so we must be a people as long as we want to serve
God and make this gospel known we also must rely on the power of the Holy
Spirit Lord only you can remove that veil from my neighbor’s heart only you
can remove that veil from my co-workers heart only you can remove that veil from
my family’s heart do it lord please have mercy let me get a glimpse of it at
least we are totally dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit even in making
Christ known says there’s a veil there’s a veil and look what happens here when
that veil is removed there’s something amazing and verse 18 it tells us here
and we all and we all with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord
beholding the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image
from one degree of glory to another for this comes from the Lord who is the
spirit so this is the parallel that we can make between Moses and us Moses had
boldness to go before the Lord and remove his veil in the presence of God
but guess what and a new covenant is not just for one person who’s a mediator for
a nation and we all every single one of us has the confidence to come before God
with an unveiled face not just a leader not just Moses no no and we all have the
ability now with unveiled face come to God face to face
in Christ and behold his glory we all have access to that we all have the
ability to behold him and guess what the byproduct is as you behold him you
become like him listen this is the secret to the
Christian life if you’ve been falling asleep as entire time wake up right now
please let me tell you why you are so frustrated in your Christian walk
because you are spending more energy trying to behave for him than investing
and simply beholding him you are striving you are working you hear
commands he goes okay I’m gonna do this you know what God is saying do you
really want to become like me behold me and so many believers do not understand
this they don’t understand that it comes from that place when you become like him
it’s a result of beholding and what I mean by behold
exactly what Moses did do you want to know how to effortlessly strive in the
Christian walk and become like the one that you know saved your soul behold him
as one person said it so beautifully the Christian command is to behold not
behave you will behave when you first behold and you will see the ease that
comes with it because when you realize his beauty and you realize his grace and
his holiness and by the Holy Spirit he begins to teach you and show you and
illuminate things to you you as a response say Oh Lord make me like him
change my heart O God do you behold him and you say well how do I behold him
well Exodus 34 shows us if there’s anything we can take for the Christian
walk it’s to know how to behold him like Moses beheld him and so you come to
Exodus 34 again and this is what we’re ending I know I said that but what we’re
gonna hear one more time Exodus 34 verse 2
be ready by the morning and come up in the morning to Mount Sinai here’s a good
principle to the practice of beholding do it the first thing of your day make
it the priority of your day to sit at his feet and to behold who he is and
watch how your day will change I promise you not because it’s my word because the
scriptures you take the time to be hold them and watch how you will be more like
him throughout the day and some of you in here know what it’s like not to start
your day with Jesus and when you go through your day you’re not really
acting like Jesus you’re not reacting like Jesus you’re not taking that phone
call like Jesus you’re not responding to situations that you did not plan to go
your way that day like Jesus I can tell you why because you missed beholding him
that day verse 3 no one shall come up with you and let no one be seen
throughout all the mountain here’s another principle behold him alone this
is a corporate expression of beholding him and it’s wonderful but God wants to
reveal himself to you we know this do you see the consistency of Scripture
you’re like brother I’ve heard this you even we’ve been talking about it for the
past few weeks because the Bible wants to get it in our heads behold me come up
alone and see me and what else did with universe six the Lord passed before man
proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious slow to anger dig
deep into who he is dig deep into his characteristics dig deep into his
attributes stay there until you begin to see a rub off on you begin to realize
that it’s touching your heart I can tell you when you behold them and you behold
them and you beholding you will see things of him that you did not see
before it’s true it’s always true there’s always details of Jesus’s life
that I keep seeing that I’ve never seen before the way he answers the way he
responds to situations his boldness the fact that he’s in control of all things
his self-control knowing when to answer knowing when not to answer knowing how
to just continually humbled by him continually falling in love with him the
radiance of the glory of God Lord let me behold him and as you spend that time as
you do it the first thing in the morning as you do it alone as you open this word
just like Moses hearing the things of God see the things
of God in this word and lastly verse eight and Moses quickly
bowed his head toward the earth and worshiped I find it so true that so many
believers in their private lives can do the first three and not do the last part
they really don’t know how to worship God alone it changes everything
when you learn how to adore him and you find a way to do it watch how it would
change your life watch how it brings you in to the courts of God so it’s not just
even let me just get over my devotion real quick so I can start my day and I
know it’s so tempting to do that especially when you have a packed day
but it’s to see the things of God like Moses did to perceive it to understand
it to hear it and then as a response to take the time to worship Him in light of
it you are glorious you are wonderful and you can do it in every book of the
Bible I was just we were praying earlier and I was reading proverbs proverbs
chapter one concerning wisdom how she calls out and I was reading it earlier
today and how it says that if you turn at my reproof I will pour out my spirit
on you concerning wisdom wisdom is a spirit there’s a spirit of wisdom I
thought to myself Lord you want to pour out wisdom in my life you just begin to
engage with what you’re beholding and what happens as you do that over time
what happens you begin to melt you begin to melt and be molded and shaped into
the very thing that you are beholding this is what the Bible promises us and
you go from glory to glory the glory and you’re wondering how does this work that
sounds too good to be true he says this comes from the Lord who is the spirit so
when the Holy Spirit sees you in that place of humility and hunger of
beholding him he begins to as a response rewire you renew you fill you empower
you change you and you don’t have to tell people just like Moses didn’t need
to tell anybody else but you begin to reflect him do you begin to reflect him
I hope that that is liberating to your walk as a
so many are striving and are really frustrated because they are putting so
much energy in behaving for him when he invites us to simply behold him do it
and watch how it change your life do it and watch how you’re gonna actually
enjoy your Christian walk do it and watch how it will transform the way you
serve him it will literally it would literally alter the way you live there’s
some people here and I’ve never seen before so I’m closing with the gospel
you came here you don’t know what you’re hearing but I want to tell you something
this is God’s opportunity to you to receive eternal life you have come here
you were invited I don’t know you stumbled here somehow some way but I
want to tell you something that if you do not have the assurance of eternal
life know this that your life is short and
you know that and know this that you will one day stand before a holy God it
doesn’t matter if you believe in him or not it doesn’t matter if you have some
proof there is no proof there is more proof that God is real than there is
that he isn’t the Bible says in Psalms 14:1 that the fool says in his heart
there is no God and you know who professes to be wise those who say that
there is no God baba has a whole different commentary of
so many Christians that are so intimidated by those who say that there
is no God and prove some idea that he’s not there you know the Bible describes a
man a fool I want to tell you something this is not about a list of do’s and
don’ts it about doing the right things enough so that you can stand before God
and hopefully your good outweighs your bad you’re in the wrong idea
concerning Christianity but this is what the gospel is that you can’t do good
enough and you can’t do enough to get his approval for your life and God as
much as he is holy and glorious as much as his brilliance will disintegrate you
he’s also loved and God so loved the world that He sent His Son Jesus Christ
and this man whether you’re an atheist or agnostic you have to acknowledge this
that historically he actually lived historically there was a man named Jesus
Christ who walked on this earth but claimed to be more than a man he came on
a mission and that mission was to die on the cross for the sins of humanity
including yours he had you in mind when he died on the cross and when he was
nailed and when he was whipped it was greater than that the wrath of Almighty
God that deserves to be poured out on you my friend was poured out on God on
God himself and Christ received the wrath of God he took your sin and the
sin of the whole world upon himself and the greatest pain that he had in that
moment was not the whips the bruises his bare skin against that wooden cross Noah
was the moment in which the Lord his father separated himself and he felt
that cold isolation between him and the one that he was an eternal union with
and he was separated in that moment so that you can be with him for eternity but I want to tell you this about this
person Jesus because when he died and paid that price this is what happened
you had a debt you could not pay that debt he paid that debt for you you know
what he’s doing for you tonight you came because you thought you were just gonna
meet some people and God is here to offer a check for your debt and he wants
to make sure that your account is paid in full
didn’t want to make sure that you have no debt before God and you can’t pay
enough you can’t do enough no no he’s done at all and when you humbly
acknowledge that he transfers everything necessary for you to be debt-free before
God Almighty and you will stand before him debt-free and here’s the glorious
thing about this Jesus he died but he rose from the grave and so you know what
we were singing to earlier we’re not singing about a dead philosophy we’re
not singing about a dead God he heard us he’s in this room and he perhaps is
touching your heart right now and this Jesus who died rose from the
grave signifying what that his payment was approved by God and that those who
join themselves with him will also raise from the dead including you so you’re in
a room filled with people that are not afraid of death because they know that
in Christ death is just a transaction it’s just a transfer point into glory as
we’ve been talking about here’s the reality of this Jesus as I close here I
might say that two more times be patient with me
this Jesus that rose is coming back and this is Jesus who’s coming back is
coming to do what to receive those who have accepted this gospel and humble
themselves and say Jesus you are my Savior I cannot save myself and he’s
doing a second thing the first time he came to make peace the second time he
coming he’s making war and he will judge all those who heard this truth the truth
that you’re hearing tonight and he will hold it against him not for a moment but
for all eternity and there are people right now that wish that they could hear
a message like this again they are begging to hear the word repent again
they are begging to hear the words believe on him again the Bible says that
they are weeping and there is gnashing of teeth
this is your opportunity not to go to a place like that God wants to give you
salvation so what is the response to this good news repent and believe
realize that your sin put them on the cross realize that you can’t save
yourself you turn from sin as an inward change you say I don’t want this anymore
and I want to believe on him and in that moment even if you don’t make it home
tonight you will enter into glory I can’t do anything for you but there’s a
living God that’s by his spirit in this place and if you have anything within
yourself of any sense of conviction left and this depraved the wicked twisted
generation if you have any hint of conviction would you call upon him
tonight and all it looks like is saying lord I know that this is this is about
me and I don’t know all the answers but I know this one truth that I need to be
saved would you change my heart I’d give you my life would you bow your heads all of us
please believers would you pray in this moment show me your glory would you in
your own heart say Lord show me your glory and if you do not know Jesus
Christ tonight would you say please save my soul I realize I’m a sinner I
realized that I cannot attain eternal life I realized that Jesus paid it all
for me so I give him my life if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is
Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you shall be
saved God in heaven we are in awe of your
glory tonight but Lord we want more and so give us the ability to behold you in
a way that we’ve never known and Lord we just ask like Moses show us your glory
teach us to behold you day by day let our inner man know the attributes of
this glorious God and as a result may we become like the very one that we stare
at Lord if there’s anybody in this place tonight that has come and does not know
you would you reveal yourself to them only you can remove that veil from their
hearts we acknowledge that tonight so father we pray by the power of your Holy
Spirit remove that veil remove that veil and let them see their need of you would you stand with me please and we’re
gonna do what Psalms 2099 says that as a revelation as a response to the
revelation of the power of God the glory of God the majesty of God all the people
in God’s temple shout glory and we do that by song would you find it within
yourself to give him what he deserves to highlight to ascribe how glorious he

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