FAQ – How do you treat sleep apnea? | Florida Dental Sleep Disorders of Melbourne

Kenneth Mogell: The most popular and the most
effective means to manage your obstructive sleep apnea is with a device called a CPAP. CPAP standing for continuous positive air
pressure. Most people are familiar with it by the term
Mask. There are a variety of different type of Masks. These Masks are hooked up to basically an
air compressor that pushes air through your nose and mouth all night long. A CPAP is known as a pneumatic splint. The air pressure literally expands your throat,
sort of like if you put a balloon down your throat and blew air up the balloon, it would
expand your throat and open up your airway. The second most popular way of managing sleep
apnea is with a oral appliance, or what we call a mandibular advancement device. This is a muscular splint. When wearing a mandibular advancement device,
an oral appliance, the lower jaw is … We find a position where we can pull the lower
jaw forward, muscularly it pulls the tongue out of the back of your throat and it laterally
dilates the back of your throat so your airway is more open and thus it doesn’t collapse
and get obstructed while you sleep. Those are the two popular ways. There are surgical interventions for it too,
while as not as popular and have other risks, and not as effective.

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