FAQ – What are the types of sleep studies? | Tad Morgan, DDS | Bullard Dentist

Dr. Tad Morgan: There are two different types
of sleep studies. One, you go to the sleep clinic and they hook
you up to all these wires and you get to spend the night in the room there. They try to fix it up nicely, make it feel
as homey as can be, but then again it’s not your own bed, there’s somebody watching you
sleep at night, and a lot of people don’t like that. Well, the other option is a home sleep test. We actually have one here that we send home
with patients. It actually fits on your wrist, you have a
little piece that goes on your finger, have a microphone you put right here. You hit a button, you go to sleep. Bring it to us the next day, we upload it
to the computer, it’s read by a sleep physician and gives us a good reading on what’s going
on, and you get to stay in your own bed.

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