FAQ – What is the process of a tooth extraction? | Bonita Springs Dentist

Eric Heisser: In the case that a patient does
require a dental extraction, it’s on a case by case basis how it’s handled. We’re going to assess the patient’s overall
health, any risk factors they have that pertain just to them, any medications, et cetera to
make sure that the patient is healthy enough to have a dental extraction in our office. The second thing we’re gonna look at is the
complexities of the tooth. All teeth are not created equal, certain teeth
are harder to get out than others based on what’s left of them, based on the position
in the mouth. The combination of the patient’s overall health
and the difficulties or risks associated with the particular tooth extraction are going
to be weighed out and we’re gonna come up with a recommendation as to whether the tooth
should be pulled in our office, here at Pelican Landing Dental, or at one of our oral surgery
specialists that are usually nearby and are fantastic.

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