FAQ – What might be the cause of jaw pain? | Charlottesville Dentist | Crozet Dentist

Nick Minutella: One of the most difficult
things to diagnose and treat in all of dentistry is jaw pain. It can come from a lot of different sources
and a lot of different factors can cause the pain from each of those sources. So, it’s very difficult to narrow it down. We have to be detectives and figure out exactly
where that’s coming from. Charlottesville Blue Ridge Dental is a great
place to come for an initial screening for jaw pain because we have a broad picture of
the treatment modalities. And even if it’s not something we provide
here in office, it might not even have to be related to dentistry, something like physical
therapy, something like the Egoscue Technique which we refer patients to a lot. These are all things that can create a better
environment in the body to reduce the clenching, grinding habit without being local to the
mouth. And so, we try to view the patient as a whole
rather than just isolating on individual pain areas and prescribing medications. We like to come up with alternatives and figure
out the source and figure out how to really treat the condition.

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