Fireside Chat – Sensitive Teeth

Hi, everyone! Welcome to East Lake Dental! I’m Dr. DeSutter, and today’s fireside chat is about sensitivity. There are a lot of reasons that your teeth can be sensitive. but we’re going to focus on – today – the major one, which is root exposure A lot of people have recession whether it’s brushing too hard or grinding or a whole myriad of other things that cause it. If you get your gums to recede a little bit, you’ve exposed part of your root The root is covered by cementum, which flakes off real easy in your normal tooth brushing routine – exposing the inner layer of the tooth, called dentin. Dentin has these little holes in it that are filled with fluid and they connect all the way down to the nerve. So every time that fluid moves, you get this bright, sharp pain that we call sensitivity. It can be caused by a lot of things. Touch, hot, sweet, cold – if any of those come in contact with the root of the tooth and you’ll get this zinger which is not a great feeling. The good news is, it’s pretty benign and fairly straight forward a lot of times, sensitivity toothpaste will help with that. They all work a little differently, so if one doesn’t work for you, try another Another thing that I tell a lot of my patients – is to take some sensitivity toothpaste; put it on your finger, and rub it along the gumline in the area that is especially sensitive. That helps a lot. If you just rub it on there and leave it overnight you’ll find that after a few days of doing that, a lot of the sensitivity goes away. There are a lot of other reasons, like I said earlier, that can cause sensitivity. So we’ll talk more about those in future videos But if you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out to us at East Lake Dental.

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