Form 3B For Dental Labs

(calm music) – [Narrator] Dental laboratories represent one of the most demanding
segments of the dental industry. The Form 3B builds on
all the great features that made our Form 2 printer a hit with major dental labs all over the world, And adds a suite of powerful
new features and services that will enhance your workflow and make you proud of the
parts you are delivering. With dental labs in mind, we optimized the Form 3B’s ecosystem for ultimate scalability,
reliability, and quality. From one printer to many, the Form 3B is built to
grow with your business. – With a low upfront equipment cost, the Form 3B will allow
laboratories of all sizes to start with one or a few printers and add capacity as demand grows. Quickly growing a
sizeable fleet of printers and building in redundancy
for an incredibly scalable and reliable operation. – [Narrator] Remote print
allows you to initiate and monitor prints from anywhere. With user-friendly PreForm
print preparation software that integrates seamlessly
with existing imaging and CAD/CAM solutions and with
full independent control over settings and materials. The Form 3B’s large build platform and automatic resin
dispensing material cartridges allow for more parts per print job. Dental labs can expect to
see 55% less labor and costs compared to competitive 3D printers. We know your business
can’t afford to slow down. That’s why we designed the Form 3B to be our most reliable printer ever. New smart sensors constantly
monitor print progress and keep you informed and ready to promptly address potential issues. – We usually run smaller
batches of parts during the day and use remote printing
to monitor larger builds that run during the night. – [Narrator] We also
made it easier for users to replace many of the Form
3B’s major components themselves, minimizing the need to send
a printer in for repairs and increasing uptime. And whether you’re new
to dental 3D printing or a CAD/CAM expert,
the Formlabs Dental team is here to help. – Our new Dental Service Plan will help you get up and running, check in proactively to
see how things are going, and if anything goes wrong,
help is just a phone call away. We went to great lengths
to create a service that provides the best phone
support in the industry. – [Narrator] All the state
of the art technologies we added to the Form 3B were created to help you manufacture parts you can be proud to
deliver to your clients. – Our proprietary, industry first Low Force Stereolithography technology reduces the strain created
on a part when peeling it from the resin tank between layers, producing parts with incredible
surface quality and clarity. – [Narrator] Light-touch
supports make removing support structures easy and leaves virtually no
marks on the parts surfaces, delivering parts that are
more accurate than ever. Formlabs Dental product
development is backed by an industry leading engineering team, a state of the art facility for biocompatible materials development and a team of dental industry experts. And with our years of
experience as the leaders in desktop digital fabrication for dental laboratories
all over the world, you can trust that
Formlabs hardware, software, and materials, are tried and
tested from start to finish to deliver the best clinical outcomes.

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