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  • God chooses his people not people choose for him

  • every time you self exalt you must ask for forgiveness and you gotta know when you self exam

  • "Francis and Friends" is such a phony baloney program. I hate it when Francis tells the caller, "Do you have a quick question or comment?". Hell, the program is TWO HOURS long!!! They're just sitting there talking nonsense. I also hate it when she says, "We have to go to break." Break? Hell, they own the whole damn SBN Channel!!!  Instead of claiming to go to "break" , she should just be honest and say, "Now we're gonna try to sell you more of our crap."

  • I don't understand how whenever Donnie preaches, he tells the people to come forward if they need the Lord to heal them. Yet, he will go to the hospital for a surgery!!! Jimmy Swaggart claims GOD told him to start SBN, but, GOD failed to tell Jimmy that he and his fellow con artists must beg for money in a "Share-A-Thon" to keep it going!!  Then, they whine  about a "shortfall" when the suckers, er, I mean, the people don't give enough. So much for GOD seeing everything through all the time.

  • This is what's insane about Christianity:  A person can be evil, rape and kill babies, children, and women all their lives. They accept Jesus in prison, and goes to Heaven when he dies.  Another person who rejects Christianity because he sees the fiction and nonsense of it all, but is a very kind person, helps the poor and the needy all of his life, goes to Hell when he dies.  Sounds like pure Santa Claus/Grinch manipulation to me!

  • Sou do Brasil moro em são paulo faz pouco tempo que minha filha descobriu este canal da NET tem me edificado muito as mensagem me faz sentir o quanto eu preciso de jesus só falta uma coisa as músicas ter tradução alguns programa dublados ai vai ficar melhor ainda vou ajudar a programação tanto em oração como ajuda material bjs pra todos vcs i rosa

  • Praise the Lord for it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by the holy spirit we shall all be feed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for he died on the Cross for us all praise his name Aman

  • Christianity is not about humans being little God's who play God & "do good".  It's about "humanity in weakness" reaching for forgiveness, even if the light goes on at the end of a life-for Mercy is a lovely thing upon a human life. As I read these below I see what I had said for yrs B4 I finally saw my own frailty and need for my creator…I wanted to justify my own imperfections w/ a critical spirit against "religious orgs"-especially as I saw the hyocricies and theiveries (justifyably)that I felt were going on. Eventually, I realized it wasn't so much about "them"…or justifying myself,  as a "good person",  or being angry @ the falsehoods I saw in the name of 'christianity". It was about ME & my own rejection or acceptance of Jesus Christ & His love for me…as well as HIS will & for my life. The reality was one of submission & not "shows on TV"…it was my will over God's desire for my life for good. In due season, I did yield, humbley coming B4 God. It is a place of deep Peace…& no more strife.  Just my share regarding. the above "Fancis show"…as I sometimes agree w/them ..but not always. As far as $$'sss…it's expensive to have a non-advertising 24hr station (even w/Public TV which fundraises)…but it does bug me to have so many days for donations. I do like donating for Bibles to nations though…as I've come to Love God's Word after many yrs neglecting it' …for it gives any one willing—great Wisdom, JOY & Peace..but ONLY if one truly seeks truth with a tender, open and unembittered Heart. A high call.

  • Seria tão bom o programa da Francis fosse dublado os louveres que são lindo fosse legendado tenho orando pra jesus não tirar esta programação de nós sei que tem mais pessoas aqui no meu Brasil tão sofrido que assiste este programa e tem se sentido tão bem quanto eu

  • Christ died for our sins
    The Lord Jesus Christ says, 'Open the door, I will come into you.'
    Ask Him to come into your heart.
    [He comes in by His Spirit].
    He promises to never leave you.

  • I have very simple question to francine and donnier and any christians

    what is the real original name for Jesus peace be unto him
    when he was born
    his mother mary gave it to him in her mother tongue?

    I am muslim….I believe very strongly. …when poor baby little Jesus alive….while he was walking
    God almighty put words into his mouth….what he preached was gospel…elengalism…goodnews….

    what christians worlds have today foolishness stupendical nonsensical and trash

    gospels according to mathew mark luke john and authorised by white sweet boy king James

    no christians learned man and woman knows their last name
    in christians world…
    man dangling on the cross
    how he looks like…..
    white or black or indian or arab

    what rest of the christians worlds calling him… Jesus

    christians are good peoples but misguided by white western europeans….that's all

    Jesus didn't died for nobody s sin
    each individual responsible their own sin

    according to christians bible
    soul that sinnth it shall die
    son is not bear the iniquity of the father
    father is not bear the iniquity of the son
    rightness upon rightness unto him
    wickedness upon wickedness unto him
    wicked will turn
    repeant to god almighty
    creator forgive your sin
    these preachers are misguided

    seek knowledge of truth lightness and powerful of islaam

    read the quran it will bring you from darkness to lightness

  • according to christians bible

    Jesus said….I can't do myself nothing and all the power given to me from higher source

    Jesus 2nd coming
    mathew 7…22..23

    Jesus will tell the christians
    get fuck out of my face

    true its dam true

  • christians who watching this please don't get caught what they preaching is trash….asking money from poor christians peoples that's all
    seek knowledge of truth lightness and powerful in islaam

    Jesus Christ peace be unto him is prophet of islaam
    Jesus didn't do the foolishness what christians do now a days

    listen to…
    khalid yasin…..used to be christian
    siraj waajah….used to be christians
    ahmed deedat
    zakir naik
    yusuf estas…..he used to be preacher

  • read the holy quran
    chapter mary 19
    birth of prophet ishaa alaisalaam
    mariam alaisalaam
    accept islaam you will be saved

  • francine and donnie and jimmy
    accept the knowledge of truth lightness and powerful in islaam

    just think about your grave
    nobody to help

    watch the video…
    about the first day of the grave yard

    you american christians are very good charming people but you christians are misguided by deaf dumb and blind white western europeans that's all

    thank you peace

  • I don't talking about me still answer one question for you Frances friends Donnie I hate when people around

  • I hate you will not is sure I and Frances friends Donnie I program I are it me learn I thing is no longer I can I get I don't know and why is for me I know I and anything for me it was it she is me please I and it my way known stupidity for about family his me l crying make get stick me I had it talking about it back my is are it me like alone by it asking I don't skip stopped by it they are shut up connection no problem I will be hate you me I known I and it and board it probably program I by believing

  • keep up the good work frances and friends , you have a good program I think it will just keep getting better.

  • Botox and friends

  • I love the episode when Frances told Donnie to stop arguing with her. Then they took a call and the caller told Donnie to stop arguing with his mother! LOL!!! Donnie got told! Wish I could find that episode!

  • GOD only forgives us when we ask, so why do we have to forgive someone when they have not asked? Most TV preachers say GOD will bless you when you give them a certain amount of money. Seed gift so they can live like millionaires . That's not in the BIBLE!

  • Socialist in the 30s said we would be a socialist nation by now. Dem socialist are trying everything to make it happen! It might be when the Christians are taken to HEAVEN.

  • Great post my friend!

  • I want to find the episode where they discuss "Masons".

  • on abortion I watched a video on how a baby is conceived the heart is formed first the baby forms around it so would the heart beat start as soon as it is formed? it was very interesting.

  • if your salvation is with a god becoming a man, you have no salvation.. that is the doctrines from the Antichrist.. the true Jesus is the son of God.. not a god, they presented a false Jesus to deceive people into worshipping and supporting the Antichrist system.. 1John 2..1John [email protected]…11John 6-12…

  • I love Frances & Friends.

  • Omg she looks and sounds like a witch

  • I can't say what I would do to this lady except except she would be smouldering in love.

  • No, no, no…Salvation by Grace and Redemption by Faith: What does this me? If you confess Jesus Christ is the Son of God and believe He was crucified and died for your sins. He was resurrected and ascended into heaven. Now, ask the Lord to help you receive the Holy Spirit to make your path straight, then the Holy Spirit himself will teach you all things; to repent, live righteously, and obey according to His will. Only He can give you the hunger and thirst for the need of daily scripture! Faith cannot grow unless people read the gospel by consistency so Salvation cannot be by Faith since how can they believe if they have not heard!

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