Funko Jaws Skateboard – Unboxing & Review – Target Exclusive!

good mornin,g good evening, good afternoon,
good whenever the heck you’re watching this video today we’re gonna be taking a
look at just what’s inside this giant bomb no need to bury the lead let’s go
ahead and open this box because I’m super excited to see what is in this so
as you can tell this is a skateboard deck but this is a skateboard deck like
no other the reason I say that is because this is the Funko pop special
jaws edition skateboard so yeah there you have it it has the iconic jaws
artwork from the movie poster it looks absolutely beautiful did an amazing job
with paint in the artwork the only really change they have right here is
the Funko logo at the very bottom Bowl it’s pretty Funko brown which I am
perfectly okay with them adding that but this thing looks absolutely beautiful
very shiny very glossy and this is not a cheap you know run in the middle
knockoff skateboard this legitimately is a legit skate board so other than you
know that being a beautiful piece of artwork it also doubles as an actual
skateboard deck one thing I probably not talked about on this channel before is I
am an avid skateboard fan in fact I’ve been skateboarding for almost 20 years
now which is scary to think this thing absolutely beautiful this is
the second skateboard deck released from Funko previously before this they’ve
released a Golden Girls theme skateboard deck that came out this summer at the
San Diego comic-con and was exclusive to target this is also a target exclusive
so the only place you can buy this online right now is Target I will go
ahead and make sure I put the description links down below so you can
purchase one yourself but I personally as much as I love skateboard everything
I’m not going to escape this deck I think it’s beautiful work of art I’m
gonna treat it as such so what I’m going to do is I’m going to buy some links
I’ve got below for a wall hanging kit where you put skateboard decks and/or
skateboards on the wall and play them prominently ergo somewhat something like
that but yeah this thing is absolutely beautiful I mean truly is and the cost
is relatively the same price as a normal skateboard deck so whether if you’re
looking at that price on target online you’re thinking oh that sounds expensive
or I don’t know what a skateboard deck costs that’s right around the same
ballpark unless you’re just getting a plain Jane run-of-the-mill skateboard
deck from your local skate shop you may pay fifteen twenty dollars less but I
honestly think this is well worth the 50 $60 price tag that you’re gonna see
online and if you are for whatever reason wanting to actually skates this
skateboard deck let me tell you it is a you can get that it’s 8.25 size with on
it so you’re gonna need probably bigger feet if you really want to skate this
and do tricks on it and things like that otherwise this makes a nice little
cruiser board you know not a longboard by any means but with that with you’ve
got some definite control so you can ride down the street enjoy life anyways
that’s all I have for this video I just want to share this amazing release from
Funko I’m curious to know what your thoughts onto this would you like to see
them release more skateboard decks with the movie themed artwork or you know
some pop-culture references things like that like said so far they’ve only done
two Golden Girls and jaws so let me know in the comments down below what
skateboard deck you would like to see them release as far as the artwork
in the future and also if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing
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post a new video and as always thanks for watching guys you

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